Father’s Day Gift Ideas: What To Get Your Dad

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With Father’s Day approaching on Sunday 18th June, we have picked out our favourite gifts to give you some ideas on what to treat your Dad to this year.

This is the one day of the year that the man of the house can really relax, so why not make it unforgettable with a present that he will remember for the rest of his life?

Make Dad’s big day extra special this year – whether your dad is the outdoorsy type, fancies himself as the next Liam Gallagher, or is just plain sports crazy, we have the best selection of Father’s Day gift ideas, so there’s no need to worry.

What type of Dad is he?

The Groomer?

Does your Dad love keeping himself groomed and looking sharp? If you haven’t already noticed him stealing your grooming products, keep an eye out!

A Beard Bib

white Beard bib with man shaving into it

Beards… Your dad either has one or wants one!

Shaving or trimming facial hair can be a really messy and time-consuming task. Well, fear no more, as the Beard Bib makes grooming and cleaning up so much easier! When it comes time to get him a present, look no further than the one you’ll know he’ll love.

Now you won’t have to hear everyone complain about finding beard hairs in the sink, again.

A Watch

silver casio wrist watch
golden casio wrist watch

Watches are simple, stylish and extremely functional.

Since the creation of the modern wristwatch, watches have always been used to better an outfit and the watch above would be a great addition to any outfit!

With a stylish update of a Casio design, this timepiece is not only a retro spin on a classic, but it is still extremely sophisticated and functional. So why not get your Dad a new one this Father’s Day?

Comfy Socks

black father's day dad socks

You can never have too many socks, making this a no-fail gift.

It is a fact of life that everyone needs socks. These Me to You Father’s Day socks are the perfect gift for your dad & they’re very cost effective! Plus somehow, socks always disappear into the void and we end up with single socks or socks with holes in.

Do your dad a favour. Get him some socks.

The Funny Guy?

Does your dad love to make the family laugh with funny gags and practical jokes? Give him a little taste of his own medicine with a Father’s Day present that’ll tickle his funny bone.

Dad Dictionary Definition Mug

emergency dad definition fathers day
dad mug with father's day definition

Define your dad with this Personalised Dictionary Definition Mug. It contains both the real definition of Dad and in addition contains the additional humorous roles a Dad may take on including, Taxi Driver, Bank Manager, Handy Man and general dogs body.

The mug is perfect for that morning brew he has everyday and makes for a wonderful personalised gift for a dad. The reverse of the mug is personalised with a message of your choice of up to 50 characters. So make sure you get him this wonderful dad mug that we’re sure he will love!

Bike Balls Lights

Red bike light in the shape of balls

Does your dad ride his bike to and from work or even just ride for fitness?

With all the cars on the road today, it’s safe to say that bike riding requires some serious balls… By balls, we, of course, mean  Bike Balls,  the light up balls that hang from the back of a bike to make sure you can be spotted by other drivers.

Not only would this make him seen, but it’d give other drivers a laugh on their commute. The mornings are crying out for a little humour to diffuse the tension of early morning traffic.

The Gift Of Nothing

the gift of nothing

So, maybe you have been organised and you’ve been asking your Dad what he wants, but instead of just telling you, he just says “nothing”.

Well here you go, now you can get him nothing! This fantastic ball of nothingness is a hilarious gift for someone who has everything.

The best thing about this gift? There’s no chance of him hating you for it because there’s nothing to hate! Perfect.

A Football Dad?

Is he completely tuned into nothing else at the weekends apart from the football? Why not give him something he will really love this year and never forget with one of these football gifts?

Favourite Football Club Kit

Manchester United classic 1990-1992 away kit

Football. The beautiful game. Eric Cantona once said: You can change your wife, your politics, your religion, but never, never can you change your favourite football team.”

No matter how old your dad gets, he will always support his favourite team. So, what’s better than to get him his favourite team’s home football kit for Father’s Day?

As a perfect gift, make your dad feel like the number one striker with this retro shirt! This Manchester United timeless cult classic from 1990-1992 and is still worn by many fans today as a retro jersey. There is a new kit every season, but there are also classic retro shirts that serve the same purpose (and may even be more cost effective in some cases).

Football Match Tickets

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer celebrates scoring the second goal for Manchester United during the European Champions League Final against Bayern Munich in the Nou Camp Stadium, Barcelona, Spain. Manchester United won 2 - 1 with both United goals scored during injury time, to secure the treble of League, FA Cup and European Cup.

“and Solskjær has won it!

So now your dad has the shirt, why not give him a reason to wear it? Yes, that’s right… buy him tickets for a game!

Football is one of the greatest sports to see live as the atmosphere is incredible and the passion surrounding the sport is unmatched! Let’s face it, there’s not much better than getting wrapped up warm with a pie and a beer and watching your (dads) team play some quality football.

Also, there is always the alternative to take him on a tour of the stadium – if your dad has ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes.

A Music Fanatic?

Does your dad have any obsessive hobbies? How about a passion for music? If your dad is a man who enjoys his tunes we definitely have what he needs.

Concert Tickets

black and white image of Oasis

Maybe your dad isn’t into football but instead, prefers music.

If your father is a concert maniac or if you’re looking to spend some quality time with him, you’re in luck. Why not get him tickets to see his favourite musician or band live?

Take a look at some of the best concerts in your home area scheduled for the weekend of Father’s Day. He’ll have the time of his life jammin’ out to his favourite tunes while you stand there awkwardly, wondering why you even bothered.

Personalised Gold Disc

gold fathers day record gift for dad

While your dad might not have gone platinum yet, YOU might think that he deserves a gold album record!

He may not have produced a record but you can pretend he has with this personalised gold disc! Mounted in a frame with your customised words on the engraved plaque, it’s a fun keepsake for your rock star dad.

All the discs are presented in high-quality aluminium frames, with a selection of mount colours. the opportunity to add your own personal message for the dedication plate to make your disc a… (Like your Dad)… a very special limited edition of one!

A Musical Instrument

guitar being played

Maybe your dad is always talking about how he’s always wanted to play the guitar, or how he used to be an excellent guitar player.

Buy him a guitar so he has to put his money where his mouth is!

A guitar is a brilliant gift as the joy of making music is something you come to treasure as well as being a tremendous source of personal satisfaction and recreational relaxation.

Guitar Chopping Board

personalised guitar chopping board father's day chopping board

So your dad likes to listen to music when making food in the kitchen? Give your superstar chef the celebrity treatment when you gift them with this guitar-shaped chopping board.

Whether his inner rocker comes out in his food, as he shreds some serious carrot or creating the ultimate super group salad, make his day by getting him this chopping board. You’ll ultimately benifit from this, especially if his inner rocker comes out in his food!

The Food Lover?

Are you planning on grabbing some food and maybe a  drink with your Dad this Father’s Day?

It may be fair to say that most of us enjoy our food and drink, but does your dad love his food a little bit more than everyone else in the family? Luckily, we have some ideas on how to make your Dad happy with our Food & Drink related ideas!

Take Him Out For A Meal

JD Wetherspoons burger

None of our gifts caught your attention so far? Why not take your dad out for a meal?

You could splash out and take him to an expensive restaurant near you, or you could go a bit cheaper and take him to your local Wetherspoons. Wetherspoons is a brilliant place for a cheap but tasty meal and they even have a variety of different foods throughout the week ranging from Mexican Mondays to Sunday Brunch

They even have an app that you can order food and drinks on so the only time you need to leave your seat is to nip to the loo!

Beer Making Kit

brew dog beer making kit

Alcohol was once described by Homer Simpson as “The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”

Help your dad solve his problems by enabling him to make his own beer! This make your own beer kit is both different and original and would be a cool gift for your dad to share with his friends (or you, if you’re old enough!).

Unspillable Pint Glass

mighty pint glass filled with beer

So, your dad is halfway through his homemade beer and he keeps spilling it on the table. You’d usually be pretty glad because your dad is enjoying his gift, but you have to keep running into the kitchen every two minutes to fetch kitchen roll.

Surely there must be a way to solve this problem that has plagued mankind ever since the first pint was poured? Well, there is.

The Mighty Pint glass is the solution your dad needs. It has ‘Smartgrip Technology’ which knows when to grip and when to let you pick it up, helping to avoid spilling!

The Tech Savvy Guy?

Our smart world is full of interesting and useful cutting-edge gadgets that dads can benefit from. There is light at the end of the tunnel is bright for those with tech-savvy dads. So go ahead and spoil your dad with a gift down below!

Rocket Pen With Case

dad father's dad gift pen and pencil case

The perfect Father’s Day for any dad with a passion for the written word or deals with lots of paperwork in his job, this fabulous Dad’s Personalised Rocket Pen with Case can make even the most boring work document an absolute joy.

A truly stylish and high-quality pen and case set that your dad will want to keep with him at all time. That engraving, after all, boasts an elegant ‘Dad’ motif which can then be followed by a message of love or personal dedication of your choice to make the set just right for its lucky owner.

Sonar Fish Finder

sonar fish finder dad father's day gift

If your dad is more of an outdoors type, this could be just the right gift for him.This sonar fish finder will make his fishing trips more successful, but due to his success his friends might call him a cheater!

This excellent gadget sends sonar waves into the water and relays them to your phone via the free app telling you where fish are and at what depth meaning you can cast your rod out strategically.

Mystery Gift Box

mystery box

The Mystery Gift Box has answered your prayers! No more last minute shopping for hours on end only to come away with colognes and chocolates.

The Mystery Gift Box offers a great range of manly gifts, from tools of the trade to quirky gadgets. With five treats worth over £50 packaged and delivered to your door ready to be unboxed, this is your best bet if you don’t know what to get your dad!


baby fist bumping his dad

Fathers day isn’t just about the gifts and presents! It’s about showing your dad that you appreciate him and everything he does for you, so make sure that you shower your Dad with love all day long!

Remember: Father’s Day UK falls on Sunday 18th June 2017, so make sure you don’t disappoint your dads and get the date in your calendars!

Happy Fathers Day!