When people think of skins and pelts in connection with home decorating they often picture the neutral tones of the animals that lend those skins and pelts to the industry. However, that is to ignore a whole host of possibilities. The fact is that skins and pelts come in a vast array of different colours thanks to the high quality dyeing processes they sometimes go through.

This means that you can marry up a desire for a more colourful form of interior design with a love for the texture and quality of skins and hides as well as the natural appeal they have for so many people.

Sheepskin is a good example of a material that people recognise as being incredibly soft and luxurious. It’s little wonder sheepskin is popular with homeowners who want comfortable surroundings at home. But designers know that people love a splash of colour at home, so they use their considerable experience with colour palettes to devise wonderfully colourful versions of their sheepskin collections, from warm reds and pinks to rich purples and greens that give homeowners the best of both worlds.