A Wendy house is a fantastic addition to the garden in summertime because it gives your kids a little base when they are spending lots of time playing outdoors. However, it’s important that you make your kids’ Wendy house as comfortable and as safe as possible, otherwise it won’t be used as much as it should be.

One way of creating a safe and comfortable environment in a Wendy house is to shop for nice rugs that provide the perfect amount of cushioning for exposed wooden floors and that also add a dash of colour. There are plenty of rugs that fit the bill for Wendy houses, including special kids’ rugs that are designed to appeal to youngsters.

These rugs are often shaped and patterned with recognisable motifs like road maps, animals and other images that kids connect with easily. However, if you’d prefer to shop for something a little plainer then you could always get hold of a washable rug finished in one solid block of colour. These rugs are a touch more versatile and the fact that you can machine wash them means you can maintain a clean and healthy environment for your kids to play in.