A Playful Way to Decorate

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Introducing bright colours to a room by means of paint, wallpaper, furniture, soft furnishing or accessories is the perfect way to breathe new life into an interior.

No matter how dull or boring a room looks, adding some vibrant colour can do wonders and is a great way to inject a touch of fun. The idea of a playful interior is to be different and stylish, but at the same time, create a fun and different feel in every room.

Little details really make the difference, as you’ll see. So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s add some colour to our rooms and make them pop!

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Playful Living Rooms

Vibrant and Fun

You can opt for a bright colour for your furniture, such as with chairs that will immediately give another look to your living room. A colourful rug with some pattern is perfect to add that vibe in clean and neutral rooms.

The use of a bright colour like pink or yellow instantly gives another atmosphere. Even with the contrast of a dark colour. The excessive use of colour can sometimes be overwhelming, so be careful when mixing them. The picture below is an example of how good mixing works!

What we love: Groups of vibrant colour, such as the pink and yellow sofas below and the hot pink table, are a clever solution for filling large spaces. Styled together, the pieces read as one cohesive unit.

playful interiors bright and bold yellow and hot pink couches in a large room

Modern Comfort

Modern style doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort. To give your living room a playful interior edge, you could fit it with plenty of contemporary pieces, such as colourful sofas or a contemporary table. The addition of plush and colourful cushions ensure the space is warm and inviting.

What we love: The warm vibrant sofas and comfort of the cushions giving the room a welcoming vibe.

playful interiors colourful room accessories

Also, introduce colour by adding colourful accents like brightly coloured scatter cushions and fun looking rugs. Smaller items to consider include vases, clocks, lampshades, towels and other ornaments. Simply adding a few items to an existing room scheme has the power to spice up a room and add interest and zing to an interior.

Decorative Dining Rooms

Homely Feel

A colourful palette and mismatched furnishings give this dining room a welcoming and homely feel. The mismatched chairs complement each other thanks to their size and colour. The firewood opposite the dining table further emphasise the eclectic and relaxing aesthetic of the room.

What we love: Bold slogan pictures or pop art hung in the room is an alternative decor choice to usual living interiors. Colours featured in the vibrant, multi-coloured wallpaper find their way into accessories scattered throughout the room.

playful interiors multicoloured triangle dining room

Pleasing Palette

Having a vibrant palette including blue-grey, pinks and golden yellows mingled with soft whites look right on trend. Although many people shy away from using vibrant colours in dining spaces, this dining room proves that you can strike the right balance. The orange and green chairs help mellow the potentially overwhelming look of the vibrant pattern wall.

With multi-coloured wallpaper and a fabric-covered chair, this dining room offers a neutral backdrop for a mix of playful interior accessories in this chic room.

playful interiors multicoloured triangle wallpaper

What we love: Textures and patterns reign supreme in this dining room. Having a multi-coloured feature wall lends contrast to the dark dining table. Also, the triangle pattern wallpaper conveys personality and style.

Creative Bedrooms

Mixed and Matched

Solid neutrals mixed with patterned accents and shapely antiques make the perfect case for how wonderful mixing and matching can be. Plain bedding and a colourful headboard are purchases you buy once and love forever, and they can easily be mixed with accessories, accents, and colours.

What we love: This bedroom captures global and glamorous in a real-life setting. Simple window treatments mixed with gold accents and floral-inspired patterns for an overall look that’s stylish but laid-back.

playuful interiors floral bedroom with a colourful rug

Bedroom Makeover

Smart updates, splashes of colour and pattern, and cleverly working with what was already there, took this bedroom from basic to beautiful. A sleek, modern bed frame and antique finds make the most of this large master bedroom without weighing down the space. A complementary colour palette of aqua blue, grass green and pale pink forces the decor to remain simple, while various fabrics and patterns add punch.

playful interiors blue and green coloured bedroom

What we love: This bedroom makeover proves that even the most boring of bedrooms can become a stylish space with a few easy updates. Don’t be afraid to place your bed in front of a window, especially if it will create more room for other essentials, such as dressers or armoires.

Fearless Decor

A palette of sophisticated greys are mixed with pops of saturated hues in this fresh bedroom. Painted panelling projects a fresh spin on vintage charm.

What we love: Several risks pay off in this dynamic bedroom. A vintage dresser is a risk, as is mixing patterns, but this bedroom makes no apologies for its eclectic approach to decor. Smart choices prove this bedroom’s design is no fool.

playful interiors airy spacious bedroom

Chic Bathrooms

Complementary and Chic

The use of towels and rugs layer on comfort in this open-space bathroom. Warm grey walls and wooden flooring cast a neutral backdrop for dynamic furniture accents.

What we love: Complementary colours such as blue and white can come off strong, but when used at a minimal level like the flooring in this space, the palette manages to be eye-catching but not overwhelming.

playful interiors chic bathroom with a chevron bath mat

Stylish Decor

Standout elements mix with neutrals in this stylish bathroom. Colours such as the dove white of the flooring paired with the hot pink shade and print on the walls and furniture appear in moments that add punch to the timeless appeal of the room’s classic look.

What we love: Restraint when necessary. Simple white floors show off unique pieces, such as the hot pink and golden yellow seating.

playful interiors hot pink bathroom

Easy style gives bathrooms’ real-life appeal. White floors, a flax rug, and matching towels promote relaxing, while patterned flooring in pink and white is casual and fun.

What we love: The simplicity of a spacious room with white walls adds a touch of sophistication easily.

Colourful Kitchens

Small Space Solutions

A sleek, modern counter and airy shelves make the most of small kitchens without weighing down the space. A complementary colour palette of dark green and fiery orange forces the decor to remain simple, while various fabrics and patterns add punch.

What we love: The kitchen counter’s placement in front of the window maximizes limited square footage. Don’t be afraid to place your counter space in front of a window, especially if it will create more room for other essentials, such as cupboards and kitchen utensils.

colourful kitchen playful interiors with wooden shelves and acccessories

Embodied Elegance

The large storage space draws the eye up, up, and away in this chic kitchen. The subtle use of pastel colours in the room also grabs attention and reflects light streaming in from the windows.

What we love: The room’s pastel colour scheme looks anything but dull thanks to a mixture of textures and subtle patterns. Accents of creamy white provide contrast and help the space feel more light and airy.

playful interiors colourful kitchens

Children’s Playrooms

One Colour, Endless Possibilites

Choosing a colour themed bedroom or playroom is anything but boring. An accent blue wall decorated with a handful of your child’s heart felt designs draw attention to the walls, while having a colourful inspired rug would add a touch of contrast underfoot.

If you are looking for something fun and different to add to your child’s room, why not look at our kids range? These playful interior rugs come in a variety of themes such as animals and castles to suit boys and girls of all ages. So create a playful interior with creative bedroom ideas! 

playful interiors glow in the dark blue rug

One option may be a glow in the dark rug from our Playful interior range. These make for a calming environment in the evening and a fun and bold one during the daytime. With this kind of versatility, we think you can really enjoy the numerous benefits from a cool glow in the dark rug.

What we love: Using colour schemes are unified and soothing, a perfect match for playrooms/bedrooms. This playroom avoids looking plain with a collection of complementary patterns and soothing textures.

Stylish Sanctuary

Soft furniture and accessories pop against the colour theme in this cheery bedroom. The soft, cushioned bed and floor art create a unique style contrast with the simple furniture accents and sleek, modern storage area.

playful interiors girl childrens bedroom pink

The right furniture can give your room instant character. It’s just about knowing which to go for and how it’s going to fit in well with the other features in that room. It can bring a plain room to life by adding personality, or it can enhance an already detailed room. Such a simple addition, yet it has the ability to change the entire way a room can look in an instant. Try experimenting and consider a few different options before committing to anything.

What we love: Colourful furniture create a fun and playful interior for a decorative children’s room. Mixing bold colours with solids, such as the pink and white furniture, creates balance.


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updated April 2021