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When it comes to kids bedroom ideas, you should always go all out with creativity and style. A kids bedroom opens up a whole new world of exciting design opportunities. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. With ideas from your child’s favourite books, movies, animals, games etc.

Admit it.

These kids bedroom ideas are the best way to unleash your inner child. Let your imagination run wild and let your children’s personality shine through with a wonderfully unique bedroom that inspires fun.

From bunk beds to toy boxes, you’ll need to think about how the space can best work for your kids. Thus, creative thinking and a little elbow grease can transform your child’s room into a stimulating sanctuary.

We’ve found some amazing children’s bedroom ideas for you to recreate at home.

Let the fun begin!

A World of Film Themed Bedrooms

The easiest place to get inspiration for your kids bedroom ideas, is through their favourite films! There’s always that one film that they can numerously watch repeatedly and never get bored of. So, why not make their bedroom a tribute to their favourite characters?

Just imagine…

Shine and Sparkle with a Frozen Bedroom

An increasingly popular bedroom design is Frozen after everyone has fallen in love with Anna, Elsa and of course – Olaf. So, it is only normal for your little one to want a Disney Frozen themed bedroom.

As winter approaches, what better time to experiment and create an animated fortress for your little one.

Creative Kids Bedroom ideas Disneys Frozen Girls Room

This frozen bedroom is fabulously themed and quite easy to make.

Let’s get started…

Replicate Elsa’s icy powers & trap your child’s bedroom in an eternal winter. Create an icy colour scheme with silver, white and blues and don’t forget those important Elsa, Anna and Olaf components!

From bright and colourful wallpapers to picture perfect toy boxes! Have a look at some furniture and matching accessories customised for a perfect Frozen bedroom!

Also, we have the perfect component for this Disney theme as this fabulous rug is designed with the world-famous characters: Anna & Elsa and will be perfect addition to your Frozen Disney inspired bedroom! Your little one will love this high-quality rug in their bedroom!

The Lion King Bedroom – Adventure Across the Pridelands

If you’re not one for the colder side of the Disney films, opt for Disney classic the Lion King.

This classic Disney story provides a lot of wisdom for both children and adults. It’s still everyone’s favourite and is a great way to introduce a wild side to your kids’ bedroom ideas!

Creative Kids Bedroom ideas Disneys Lion King Safari Inspired Unisex Room

Picture this…

Let your children embark on a journey across the Pridelands in search of Simba, Nala, Timon & Pumbaa.

Additionally, we love the use of the walls to paint a mural using the film imagery of the African landscape. The canvas drapes give that safari feel for your kid’s imagination to run wild. There are tons of items related to the Lion King on the market, so choose wisely. You can find lots of bedroom accessories that are adorable and well worth the money.

Magical Harry Potter Bedroom for Aspiring Witches and Wizards

If your child is less of a Disney fan, how about the magical world of Harry Potter.

Since the books turned movie franchise, J.K Rowling’s classics took the world by a storm and cemented the world’s love. So naturally, Harry Potter/ Hogwarts inspired kids bedroom ideas have become very popular, and for a good reason.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Harry Potter Inspired Room

If your child’s normal muggle bedroom gets too dull & boring for them, there’s no need to pack their bags and send them off to Hogwarts. Thus, with the swish of your paintbrush, you can make a magical abode for your aspiring witches and wizards.

This look can be very dramatic, and although the painting may be a little ambitious – use your creative side and it can be done.

Check out our guide on how to paint a room to make sure you get every detail down!

The use of blue walls and silvery clouds will have a similar effect. Use accessories such as broomsticks and Gryffindor (or any other Hogwarts house) bedding to create a dorm-style bedroom fit for a witch or wizard!

Through the Wardrobe into a Narnia Bedroom

Have your kids ever wondered what it feels like to enter an antique wardrobe and find a magical world?

If so, then how about turning the entrance to your kids’ bedroom into the passageway to Narnia!

Creative Kids Bedrooms A Passage Way To Narnia Childrens Room

A wonderfully unique idea, and an interesting way to create a space for your child that’s hidden away. Make it a winter wonderland, with white and silver themes – and don’t forget Aslan!

Here’s all you have to do!

Pick up a cheap second-hand wardrobe and remove part of the back. Put it in place for that added special touch of secrecy and magic and you’ve got the entrance to Narnia! Just remember to make the entrance at the back large enough for you to fit through it as well. Otherwise you’ll just have to take your children’s word for it that their room is clean.

In A Star Wars Bedroom, Far Far Away

If your child wants to be a Jedi, or just loves the movies, then a kids bedroom themed around Star Wars is the must for your little Finn, Rey, Luke or Leia.

Star Wars has been a classic for decades, and with the ‘re-awakening’ of the  franchise, a whole new generation is falling in love with the genre.

As a result, plenty of children are asking for Star Wars accessories and I’m sure there will be plenty of children out there desperate for a Star Wars themed room.

Creative Kids BEdrooms Star Wars Themed Teen Room

As a matter of fact, this kids room is a fun spin on a typical bedroom. Keep the force with your children all night long in their very own Star Wars themed room!

There are plenty of merchandise out there to help accessorise the look, from epic wallpapers to Anakin Skywalker’s light-saber torch!

For example:

Try a dark blue wall with stars and use a stencil for the famed ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’ sequence.

So, don’t wait anymore!

Start choosing all the matching furniture and accessories to make your little Jedi Knight’s dreams come true!

Dreaming of a Disney Princess Bedroom

Everyone loves a fairy-tale world, and what’s better than princesses?

These kids bedroom ideas are absolutely enchanting with the magical world of pink, crowns and canopy beds.

As a parent, you should support your kid’s imagination and contribute in building their dreams by creating an amazing princess themed bedroom.

Creative Kids Bedroom Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bed

For all the Cinderella’s out there, this is a purely magical look. Using bright, pastel colours it helps to create the scheme and lends to the similar drawing style of the Cinderella film.

The best part?

The bed here is the main event; we love the creativity of making a carriage style bed with the bed frame and luxurious netting draped with pretty voile. Transport your little princess into a fairytale fantasy with her very own Disney Princess carriage bed.

Enjoy Honey with a Winnie the Pooh Bedroom

Transform your child’s bedroom into the Hundred Acre Wood and invite the delightful world of Winnie the Pooh and his friends into your home.

There’s always time for fun with Pooh and Piglet hanging around also.

Now these lovable pals will swing into your home to brighten every moment with their special friendship.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Winnie The Pooh And Friends Inspired Bedroom Decor

Childrens bedrooms need that playfulness and charm, which Winnie the Pooh has bags of.

An idea for younger kids, it’s a whimsical look that can keep your child entertained for hours. The use of bright, primary colours is lovely, and the tree house look perfects the Winnie the Pooh universe.

This Winnie the Pooh bedroom has been specially designed to add a splash of colour and touch of fun to any room. The eye-catching room decor feature all your favourite characters from Hundred Acre Wood including Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Tigger.

In summary,  a vibrant colour palette, they will make a welcome addition to any child’s bedroom, playroom or nursery.

Cars Bedroom – Cross the Finish Line

Your children will feel as if they have stepped into Radiator Springs when they see their totally awesome Disney Cars themed bedroom!

Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater will welcome them into the deluxe bedroom that has been specially designed for Disney Cars fans of all ages. A Cars-inspired bedroom is a classic if you are stuck for kids bedroom ideas.

So how do you create this look?

Creative Kids Bedrooms Disneys Cars Themed Decor

The bright yellow walls are checked with muted colours along the racetrack to simulate the cheering fans and is offset with the darker border by the ceiling.

Lightning McQueen is victoriously crossing the finish line with his faithful companion Tow Mater at his side. The plain blue comforter balances the checked headboard that will have the little one in your life dreaming of winning his own races. Red throw pillows and toy cars from the movie bring the room together.

For an additional component for this themed bedroom; our Cars rugs offer fun and excitement for children’s rooms and play areas. Cars Rugs will bring joy and excitement to any room.

Start your engines and let the race begin!

Never Grow Old with a Peter Pan Bedroom

Are you ready to take Peter Pan’s hand and go past the clock tower, second star to the right, and straight on till morning (and Neverland)?

The Peter Pan room can be tailored to suit a boy or a girl.  Boys may favour Pirates, girls Tinkerbell.

It couldn’t be easier!

All you need is faith and trust, and a little bit of pixie dust, to put together a Peter Pan kids bedroom.

Creative Kids Bedroom Peter Pan Themed Large Bedroom

The whimsy and magic of Peter Pan can transform any space into a wonderland.

This Disney room features a large mural of the flying boy himself along with Wendy, John and Michael.

Maybe this is the key to staying forever young?

The eclectic furniture with its curved lines add to the allure of this room, and the spots of green and orange set everything off. Even the light, with a hot air balloon being its design inspiration, makes those who enter believe that they too could fly off into the sunset.

This room is easily enough achieved – find an old chest, buy Jolly Roger bedding and design a treasure map.  Tinker Bell, like the Disney Princesses, can be achieved through artistic endeavour, or a little bit of decal shopping!

Monster’s University Bedrooms Rule

Look no further than Disney’s monsters Mike Wazowski and Sully for some bedroom inspiration!

The favourite university duo wanted to be ‘Scarers’ but ended up in the hearts of kids everywhere.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Disneys Monsters University Inspired Bedroom Accessories

Just like they overcame their differences to become the best of friends, you can overcome any design issue you come across with a little ingenuity with these kids bedroom ideas.

Bring Sully, Mike and the rest of the Monsters University crew into any bedroom with these giant wall decals. A Monsters University inspired bedroom will delight any fan of this fun Disney film. A great way to delight scarers in training.

Toy Story Bedroom

Is your child fond of Woody? Or perhaps even Buzz Lightyear? If so why not join the famous Disney Characters in a magic adventure – To infinity and beyond!

Most children would love nothing more than a bedroom that resembles Andy’s room from the Toy Story movie and sequels, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3.

Creative Kids Bedroom Toy Story Inspired Room

Waking up to Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Aliens, Jessie, Bullseye and of course Buzz and Woody and the rest of the gang from Toy Story will put a smile on any child’s face.

Creating a Toy Story bedroom is a very cute and very good choice that you can choose anyway, and if your little kids love the toy story movie franchise, off course providing this bedroom style for little kids both girl and boy will be such the very good option to have.

You should start at first to choose the best and appropriate wall art such as accessories and other centerpieces with toy story bedroom decor.

Both boys and girls of all ages love the Disney Pixar characters that have entertained us all over the years and a Toy Story bedroom theme is perfect for a child’s bedroom.

Fantastical Themed Bedrooms

It doesn’t always have to be about popular children’s movies, there are lots of things in the world that can inspire and help give your children the bedroom of their wildest dreams.

Transform your child’s bedroom into a spaceship so you can wave them off as they set off into the stars; or create a beautiful fairy tale castle complete with a play fort bed.

These kids bedroom ideas are for the more imaginative dreamers out there.

For instance:

Make a space that takes your child on a journey and encompasses their creative mind. Also, create a space that encourages their dreams and interests in a beautifully themed room.

Starry Night Bedroom

Who wouldn’t want to stare up at the stars and the moon each night with such a cute bedroom design?

Give a spark to kid’s bedroom walls with a magical design. You can use wall decals, or paint using stencils, or if you’re creative enough – some DIY patterns.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Starry Nights Inspired Room

This is a look that has a little more staying power…

Staying away from any franchise your child might fall out of love with.

As shown above, this cloud themed fairy-tale look is simplistically beautiful. Hang clouds and crescent moons from the ceiling or the wall to complete the look.

Remember, a themed bedroom is more effective if you just stick to a colour scheme that fits the creation!

Ecstatic Mermaid Themed Bedroom

Let me guess your little one is infatuated with mermaids?

It’s hard not to fall in love with the romance and whimsy of mermaids for these kids bedroom ideas.

Fortunately, enough, if you’re inspired by these beautiful legends, you can create inspiration for your home with their fairy-tale qualities.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Mermaids Inspired Room

We love the subtly of this piece and how artistic it is!

This is another simplistic design, sticking to a nautical theme with a simple mural on the wall that could be replicated with stencils.

The bedding is a unique touch – staying away from obvious mermaid designs and having a ‘seagrass’ look that breaks up the grey-blue with a literal sea-bed. Vamp this up a bit with added seashell accessories or a brightly coloured shoal of fish stencilled onto the wall.

Around The World In 80 Days Bedroom

Decorate explorer style with exotic touches and whimsical collections that show off your globe-hopping taste.

The eclectic world traveller look transposes brilliantly into children’s bedrooms and playrooms: not only does it allow for a bit of organised clutter, but it also evokes exploration, plays well with vintage furniture and helps them to get to grips with the world by making maps the backdrop to their play.

Creative Kids Bedrooms global expolorer Inspired Room

This is a wonderful bedroom idea, with a design that could work for a nursery right up to a ten-year-old.

This explorer style room is capturing, with the effective map wallpaper and the carefully chosen stuffed animals. Furthermore, add a globe to perfect the look.

We think the red theme running through this room looks fabulous. Even add in a model plane hanging from the ceiling or a hot air balloon for that true ‘explorer’ feel.

Walk with Dinosaurs Bedroom

Not all dinosaur kids bedroom ideas have to be covered in dirt, fossils and lots of mossy greens.

This take on the dinosaur look is creative and imaginative! The t-rex head piece and bed combination make for a lively room that’s quite impressive.

Altogether, this look is easy to alter, should your little one outgrow their love for palaeontology.

Creative Kids Bedroom Dinosaurs Inspired Room

This imaginative look is one that is quite effective for a small child’s bedroom.

Adding in themed accessories that don’t take a huge deal of redecorating can be ideal for a room on a budget or for a style that might not be the child’s favourite for a long time.


Pairing the bedding with the wall painting, handles and toys is an effective look.

Add a large plush dinosaur in the corner of the room to stretch this concept a bit further.

Explore The Outer Space Bedroom

Let your children’s imagination soar as they fly through the solar system over the volcano-scarred landscape of Venus and journey to the Grand Canyon of Mars or travel to the frozen outer worlds of Neptune.

Create an outer space themed room filled with novelty décor for your future astronaut that dream of flying their own spaceship.

Or even a fun alien themed bedroom filled with flying saucers, rocket ships, celestial moon and stars.

Creative Kids Bedroom Outer Space Inspired Room

It’s important to remember that the ceiling is a blank canvas that can offer a lot when it comes to effective kids bedroom ideas.

Why does this matter?

Having the ceiling as a blank canvas enables you to create anything from scratch.

For example:

This room has wonderful depth with hand-painted stars on the ceiling and walls and some planets suspended as decorations.

Just make sure your Solar System inspired bedroom is filled with hand-painted planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and other exciting objects.

Creative Kids Bedroom Space Planets Rug

This Matrix Planets rug is both functional and educational. Similarly, it encourages children to play with this activity mat. This space theme design is a popular choice for bedrooms, play areas, schools and nurserys.

Expedition Into The Jungle Bedroom

Every kid wants to go on an adventure, that’s why the jungle is so appealing.

Even if just in the mind, imagination around travelling is great for kids, as it encourages creativity.

The Jungle as a theme for your kid’s bedroom is a beneficial and right choice, because this is one theme that is not a gender exclusive and it can be applied both in girls and boys bedroom.

Thus, it’s a great way to motivate and encourage the adventurous spirit of your kid.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Jungle Inspired Room

Nature lovers and explorers alike will find plenty of adventure in this jungle-inspired bedroom scheme.

Bursting with vitality and lush greens, this scheme is sure to help them grow and discover their full potential through play.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to wake up in an Amazonian rainforest every morning?

Using the blues and greens it creates a dark, jungle theme and the big leaves creates a wonderful atmosphere. The exotic and colourful nature of the jungle is always fun and interesting for kids, because kids enjoy bright and lively places with a lot of colours and pictures of animals.

To go the extra mile, try and find a leafy or grass print carpet to lift this look. Also, the fading greens used create a feeling of looking out over distant landscapes, which cannot fail but inspire your child.

Enchanted Forest Bedroom

Create a magical fairy-tale hideaway and bring fantasies of the forest, right to your children’s bedroom and create an enchanted woodland themed layout.

Forest themed kids bedroom ideas can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding bedroom designs for a true retreat and haven.

It can be sophisticated and elegant, or more rustic in design using the latest textiles, treatments and accessories.

Creative Kids Bedroom Forest Inspired Room

The deliberate layering of textures and colours will give your child’s bedroom design the kind of depth often found in a forest of moss, pine, trees, streams and blue sky peeping through the forest.

This magical idea is another simplistic design that can be done with some clever paint work.

Start your child’s fairy-tale adventure with a floor to ceiling flowery Enchanted Tree wall graphic. Transport them to any magical land where all their dreams can come true with this large wall decal! This beautifully illustrated wall art is perfect for a nursery, playroom, classroom or library.

But wait – there’s more!

Try anything you can get your hands-on stencil wise (if you’re not sure on your artistry) hedgehogs, foxes, birds! Look for stick on fairies or butterflies if you can, the 3D effect of the wings makes this theme pop.

Perfect for a child who’s a fan of fairies or butterflies.

Climb Aboard, Two by Two – Noah’s Ark Bedroom

If you want to bring the safari to your little one’s bedroom, there’s no better place to start than with a Noah’s Ark nursery theme.

A Noah’s Ark nursery is perfect for a boy or a girl and it’s fun and easy to create.

Dip into our Noah’s ark nursery decorating idea bucket and pull out some great inspiration to help you create a floating wonderland in your nursery room.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Noah's Ark Inspired Room

Choose your decor carefully and it’s a great way for your little one to begin to learn the names of all the animals without having to make too many trips to the local zoo.

Bring the nursery to life for baby with wall decorations, mobiles, friendly characters and fun furniture. Try and put some leaves in as decoration to add an extra little bit.

From trumpeting elephants to thundering rhinos, there are plenty of imaginative ways to bring this floating miracle into your little one’s nursery!

Pirate Ship Bedroom – “Shiver Me Timbers!”

When it comes to nautical kids bedroom ideas, don’t get lost as sea! Set sail into a world filled with nautical decor for kids.

Shiver ‘me timbers — Pirates have been around since as long as there have been ships to carry them, and that’s a long time.

Treasure Island, Captain Hook and the Pirates of the Caribbean are all great sources of inspiration and the iconic ‘skull and cross-bones’ symbol is one which you can implement to good effect.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Pirate Ship Inspired Room

Your little sailor will have dreams of adventures on the high seas with clear blue skies and seagulls circling overhead when you create their room in a nautical theme. You will be so amazed with the nautical and sailor decor that they may never want to go back to dry land!

This is a much more extravagant design, but we loved it so much we couldn’t miss it out!

If you don’t have the space for a boat like bed platform, make a boat shaped bed that sits on the floor – but don’t forget the captain’s stern! Theme it with nautical themes and blues.

Creative Kids Beds

Your children’s bedroom should be their haven for imaginative pretend play, giggles and bedtime stories.

As kids spend most their time in their room day dreaming and playing, or sleeping in peaceful slumber, so with your kids bedroom ideas you should always consider the bed.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a bed that reflects your kids dreams and the stories you read them?

Pass The Checkered Flag – Race Car Bedroom

Every child deserves a modern room with a lovely, comfy bed with a design of their favourite cars.

So, how about treating your little one with a shiny, red racing car bed to inspire those dreams of crossing the finish line!

Decorating a boys room can be out-of-the-box fun since it allows you to use decorative pieces that wouldn’t work in most other rooms of your home. For instance – car tires made into a bed side table work in this kids room.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Race Car Inspired Room

Car beds are a fun alternative to standard single bed frames for your kids. These novelty designs help capture your child’s imagination and help to inspire creative kids bedroom ideas.

This is a classic look, but one that is still a favourite with kids so why not try it out!

With the space above the bed, it can act as storage or as a quiet spot for your little one like this example. You can even miss out the structure and paint a starting line and flag on the wall to recreate the look with less furniture if you’re short on space.

Under the Sea Bedroom

Create a fun watery world with bright and colourful coral reefs, and an array of beautiful marine life.

One of the more popular modern choices when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom is the undersea or ocean theme.

And the best part?

This type of neutral decor works for both boys and girls rooms!

Creative Kids Bedrooms Under The Sea Inspired Room

Children inherently love the beach, the ocean, and all the colourful sea animals within. This gives you nearly unlimited options when it comes to decorating this type of theme room, because there’s virtually no end to the colourful sea creatures and beautiful beach decor available for you to decorate with.

Let your children dive into their own deep blue sea and swim with the fish in an ocean themed bedroom.

This tranquil paradise setting is sure to entice a sea of dreams. Put all this together creatively in one room, and you have the ultimate under the sea fantasy adventure.

Check this out:

This ‘shipwrecked’ boat works with the gap needed to allow the child to get in. The border of the walls used to show the top of the water and the sky is particularly effective. Give the space a bit more character by using some fish fairy lights or add in a lost ‘treasure chest’.

Basketball Bedroom (The Next Michael Jordan)

If you’ve got a basketball fan in your family, score big with your child by creating a basketball bedroom.

Help decorate a room that reflects your child’s love of the game. Design a fun playing field in the kids bedrooms.

Bring the outdoor sports indoors. Decorate with lifesize stickups of scoreboards and sports players.

Creative Kids Bedrooms Basketball Inspired Room

Using the top level of the bunk bed as a relaxing space means more floor space for playing. The basketball hoop is a great idea, and the court markings on the floor set the scheme off. The bedside trophy cabinet is a lovely touch!

The youngsters like to sleep with a view of their favourite hero, so be sure to obtain the decorative pillows.

To complete your kid’s basketball themed room, hang up a poster of your kid’s favourite basketball player.

Alternatively, why not frame one of their old basketball jerseys?

American Football Bedroom – Play Until You Drop

Get your kids’ sleep space suited up for game day.

Create a Football stadium in the bedroom. Paint cheering fans on the walls, have some fun in the room and embellish your spectators with craft materials. This room has tons of appeal for kids who can’t get enough of sports.

Creative Kids Bedrooms American Football Inspired Room

The carpeting here is fabulous, and the stadium wallpaper makes your child feel like the MVP always.

The slide is a lovely added touch, and maybe even a creative bed idea that could be changed for future kids bedroom ideas. A space that echoes their favourite hobbies and games might be the extra mile when it comes to their goals.

Lets not forget:

It could teach them that whether they win or lose, it’s the taking part that counts.

Study in Subtlety

For the kids bedroom ideas that are a little bit more practicality over creativity – but still equally as beautiful.

We’ve got a few ideas for shared bedrooms or those a little short on space!

Turning Mountains Into Molehills

Bunk beds are a great space-saver in shared bedrooms.

Sports room, study, and den – this versatile teen bedroom has it all.

How can you beat that?

Creative Kids Bedroom Activity Bedroom

This boxed-in design gives each child an element of privacy, along with their own reading light. So, there’s no arguments about who turns the light off at bedtime. The simple white and black colour scheme keeps the look fresh.

Opt for blocks of strong colour, such as a low-level chair and a sporty unit for physical exercise. Sturdy climbing walls are ideal for a fun activity that doesn’t take up any floor space.

Bedtop Hideaways

Creative Kids Bedroom Ceiling Fun

Kids bedroom ideas that appeals to the natural explorer in them will make them just fall in love with it!

This is a wonderful use of space, offering an area for your child to play and store their toys.


The ceiling space in rooms are often neglected – especially for houses that don’t have a huge floor plan.

Candystripe Bunkbeds

If you have small children, you know that is not easy to accommodate them in the same room.

The impression is that, no matter how you arrange, nothing seems to be organised.

Creative Kids Bedroom Bunkbed Shared bedroom

This is a great idea for any homes that are short on space.

If your children have a shared bedroom – but you still want to be creative, look no further!

More aesthetically pleasing than traditional bunk beds, and prevents the lower bed from seeming closed off when sleeping. There’s also a great amount of storage space with this structure which can only be a good thing!

Rustically Adventurous

As well as making bedtime more fun, rustic does not mean old and worn out.

In the case of kids bedroom ideas, you sure could do with some colour as well to spice up the setting.

Bedding and pillows offer an easy way of adding colour to the rustic look without altering the overall appeal.

Creative Kids Bedroom Rustic BunkBed Setup

If you don’t have enough room for a structure like the one above, try and get a bit more creative. The unique bunk bed set gives the room a fun little twist with a nice space at the end. Perfect for your child to use as a relaxing space with books nearby to read.

Compact Hideaway

Is your children’s bedroom looking over-cluttered and unloved?

Try adding an organised bed set, which would provide useful storage as well as a fun place to play.

Creative Kids BEdroom Yellow Organised Bunked Sets

Invest in a raised bed, so that you can maximise the use of space. This creates a nook underneath which kids can use for clothing or books.

For a funky use of space, a structure for storage can be used as a platform for the desk. It has a neat structure that offers all the needs for your child’s room while not being too claustrophobic.

Who Says Practical Can’t Be Fun?

Incorporating workspace to kids bedroom ideas can be a tricky affair when trying to be creative.

Some parents prefer to keep any electronic distractions away from their children’s bedrooms. Others, may tell you that the bedroom is probably the best place in the house to build a creative workspace.

As it is private and free from any other distractions.

Creative Kids Bedroom Organised Brown Small Kids Bedroom

A similar design to the bedroom above that works just as well, and offers bed space for a shared room. Revolutionising the age-old method of bedsits of storing the bed away in a pull-down area. Put a bed on runners so it can easily be pushed away in the day to give more floor space.

When it comes to kid’s bedroom ideas, the world really is your oyster.

If you never put a limit to the imagination of your child’s space, then there will be no limit to theirs. Use their fantastic creativity to help create a world of their own.

Now it’s your turn!

Are you going to let you child’s imagination run free and create a children’s bedroom like no other?

If you’ve got any wonderful kids bedroom ideas, tell us in the comments or share @therugseller!