The Stripes Interior Trend

stripes trend shades of grey coloured rug in a large interior

You must surely be wondering: how can the stripes trend still be a favourite?

Well, here is something you should know: Stripes have been big news in the fashion industry for years. And because of this, they’ve now moved into the home.

From rugs and pillows to wallpapers and bedding. Whether thick or thin, horizontal or vertical, stripes are one pattern that we can always rely on to produce outstanding results and striking spaces.

The simplicity of the stripes trend will give your interiors a style update that is timeless and chic without ever looking overdone. As stripes are a classic design that will never go out of fashion – there’s no denying the enduring appeal of the stripe.

There are lots of ways you can use them to create a look to suit your décor.

Here’s how you can work the trend in a functionally, stylish way:

Black and White Stripes

When choosing to go black and white, there is a lot to consider.

Let’s start with the thickness of your stripes – should you go thick or thin? As a rule of thumb, the thicker stripes will have a more modern look and the thinner a more classic style. However, you can mix it up – after all, rules in design are meant for breaking.

Black and white is a classic and timeless colour combination. But when put into a funky, eclectic print, like stripes, this traditional pair becomes edgy and fashion forward. On the walls, on the floors, themed or just accented – bold black and white stripes can do wonders for your home!

Imagine this…

stripes trend black and white horizontal striped rooms

The perfect combination of black and white strips will maximise the interior. There are also many advantages with black and white stripes such as the entire background will look very beautiful and secondly, this will also leave a neat and clean view to your room.

stripes trend black and white monochrome living room with green sofa

The more creative ideas you have in using black and white stripes, the better will be your interior giving lot of scope for perfection. Admit it, although this is quite an old trend, it continues to retain its demand because of the extremely perfect style it adds to the interior.

Deep down you know it’s true!

Horizontal vs Vertical

Should stripes be vertical or horizontal? Well let’s compare it to when women wear a striped dress, if your stripes are vertical they make you look longer, and if they are horizontal they make you look wider. Therefore, the same concept goes for rooms.

However, making your room look wider isn’t a bad thing! So, decide whether you want to accentuate the height or width of your room, then you will know which type of stripes you’d prefer.

Traditionally, vertical stripes have been the common way to go. They create the illusion of height thus making ceilings appear higher than they truly are.

Think I’m exaggerating?


stripes trend horizontal and vertical wallpaper striped interiors

Horizontal stripes are best used in hallways or connecting spaces, as they will draw the eye further into the room – particularly if the colours for the stripes are picked out from the existing decor. Horizontal stripes are a little edgier and modern than vertical stripes.

Why is this so?

Horizontal stripes are also often considered more playful – when used in a variety of colours and widths, they feel bold, fun, and fresh.

The stripes trend is popular for more than just being a subtle way of stretching your walls; they are also a stylish and timeless design that suit any season. In a variety of colours, sizes and styles. The stripes trend will bring personality to any interior design concept.

So, which will you choose, horizontal or vertical?

Thick vs Thin

Now you should decide, thick or thin stripes? There are benefits to both options. If you have a small space to work with, thin stripes are the easiest way to get a seamless and much bigger look. Thick stripes, however, are better fitted for larger rooms.

stripes trend black and white coloured bedroom with pinstripe wallpaper and a double bed

Choosing a stripe will depend on the room you want to focus on. Vertical stripes on the walls, bold or subtle, will draw the eye up and visually help add height to a space, whereas horizontal stripes will force a side-to-side gaze that will widen a smaller room. So, make sure you choose wisely.

Other things to consider are the width and colour of the stripe. A thick banded stripe is ideal for creating a bold graphic statement without being too heavy on the eye. Whereas, a simple two colour stripe using a bright and a neutral is recommended for a luxurious, timeless appeal.

For example:

stripes trend blastripes trend bold blue striped wallpaper with matching blue chair accentsck and white coloured bedroom with pinstripe wallpaper and a double bed

It’s important not to forget the smaller spaces in the home too. Cloakrooms are an ideal place for injecting pattern, particularly a stripe, as they can create a grand effect in a small space.

Decorating with stripes isn’t as difficult as you may think and you don’t have to make a big commitment to the stripes trend to still have an impact on a room.

Playing With Stripes


stripes trend multicoloured carpet in a large spacious room

Stripes don’t need to be restricted to the four walls of a room, use them in unexpected ways. For a truly unique and bold look, striped flooring is simply amazing. You can do it using carpet in any style and size you’d like.

The statement floor in the living room pictured below is bright and multi-coloured. Rather than the traditional monochrome style, these homeowners went modern with colourful stripes.


stripes trend a teal coloured living room with patterned and striped walls

If you’re looking for a bold way to incorporate this trend, then painting stripes on your walls is the choice for you. But don’t go overboard — chose one main focal wall to incorporate stripes, not the entire room. Wallpaper works too.

When it comes to design, the stripes trend doesn’t have to be plain. This inspiring idea below uses a mixture of patterned wallpaper and striped to create varying sized rows. If you wanted to avoid pattern, you could achieve a similar design with different-coloured wallpaper using a colour scheme.


stripes trend a blue coloured striped bathroom

If you want a black and white bathroom, consider getting the graphic look with the tile in your shower. Of course, black and white tile is always a popular choice in the bathroom. But for a more unique look, make it striped.

However, don’t neglect your kitchen and dining room, these too can benefit from a touch of striped style. Striped linen in the kitchen and striped placemats or crockery on your dining table can be all it takes to make sure your interior is right on trend. The stripes trend is the first of many major interior trends to watch out for this year – earning your stripes has never been so fun!


stripes trend a purple coloured striped bedroom

When you’re decorating, don’t forget the fifth wall of the room: the ceiling! In more angular rooms, consider taking the stripes trend beyond the walls to the ceiling to add more interest and amplify the room’s angles.

A striped ceiling is a fun way to use this pattern. It’s playful and would work in almost any room, especially a bathroom or a child’s bedroom. In the bedroom below, the neutral colour scheme is livened up by the stripes on the ceiling. If you want to go for something even bolder, opt for contrasting colours instead.

Bright Coloured Stripes

When it comes to colour, an easy way to get a bold look with lots of varying shades is to bring a pattern like stripes into your home. With a timeless appeal in so many variations, the possibilities for using the simple stripe are endless.

Want to add drama to a room? Bold contrasting colours will instantly provide an impressive backdrop.

Going for a playful vibe? Multi-coloured thin stripes can add excitement and fun.

Even though the stripes trend is popular in monochrome, it doesn’t have to be black and white, however, they are graphic enough on their own to create impact.

Now consider it this way, it’s also important to use colours that contrast! Just try to avoid using colours that clash.

stripes trend multicoloured rug in a large spacious room

Stripes add bright shades of colour to a bedroom and enhance the appeal of the accent colour in the room. A black and white bedroom can be turned into a very sophisticated design set just by adding a striped rug.

Also, as colour is a very important factor to consider, as this represents your own personal style. For example, monochrome stripes work well with contemporary interiors, brown and cream shades complement softer surroundings, while colourful stripes allow you to be a bit more creative.

Striped Curtains

When painting or wallpapering isn’t an option, adding striped curtains may be all the stripe you need. Aim for rich colours and a floor-to-ceiling length that creates the illusion of taller ceilings.

And remember:

Stripes on your curtains do not to be for a children’s room or a circus-themed room. The stripes trend can be stylish, elegant, and a fun fit for any room or décor. They are a whimsical way of using colour in your window coverings and your rooms design.

stripes trend black and white curtains and cushions in a living room

Decorative accessories will add a hint of colour and pattern to any room. Striped curtains can uplift in the bedroom, just make sure to coordinate with existing colours. Also, creating a seamless trend transition will be easy.

To add some colour to a room without it looking too solid, consider hanging some blinds with broad horizontal stripes. These white and mustard blinds are a striking feature, and draw the eye up to emphasise the room. For a subtler look, you could opt for thinner stripes instead.

stripes trend yellow and white blinds in a large kitchen and dining room area

Using bright colours, showing how the stripes trend can be regal, and putting them in your own bedroom are all different ways to put this style trend to work in your designs.

Striped Furnishings

For a high fashion design choice, add a striped furniture piece to your space. 

For a subtler style, a striped sofa makes a sophisticated addition to your living space.  With wide natural and caramel stripes, this luxurious sofa has comfort and style to spare.

Or for something with a bit more opulence, armchairs offer a classic and elegant taste.

stripes trend armchair in a botanical room

If your current furnishings feature block colours, then try accessorising with striped scatter cushions.  Stay within the colour scheme and choose simple pieces to accent the look.

When it comes to your bed, multicoloured stripes are a fabulous way to achieve style in your bedroom.

Striped Accents/Accessories

Many people love to go bold inside the home, however many others prefer to live in a more tranquil space. If that’s the case for you, you can always use stripes in a subtler manner, as an accent. You can bring in the stripes trend in your curtains, pillows, rugs, or a vase.

Carpet and wallpaper are the obvious place to start if you’re looking to embody the trend. However, you can always come up with original decorating ideas by choosing striped upholstery pieces and accessories.

If you’re adventurous with design, then a rug is a great place to start. A bold, striped rug is a great way to incorporate this trend. Opt for rugs with high contrast tones and colours that pop.

It sounds simple. And it is.

stripes trend multicoloured griot rug by kathy ireland in a large living room with grey sofas

We recommend the Griot Rug by Kathy Ireland. Made from a 95% Wool / 5% Polyester pile, its vibrant array of colours will be admired now and for years to come.

Striped rugs add a great graphic element. If you don’t want a large area covered, try a runner, a doormat, or layer a small rug instead.

If you’re nervous about decorating with stripes, start small. Including a striped pillow, or other accessories can be a subtle way to introduce the pattern into a room.

The stripes trend is  timeless, classic and trendy – all at the same time. Very few patterns have the staying power of stripes; don’t be afraid to bring this trend into your home!


The question is, how do you plan to incorporate the stripes trend into your home décor? Share your comments below!