8 Decor Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine's Day Home Decor Ideas for your Home

Every year on Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the special relationships we share with friends, family and significant others. In the weeks leading up to the most romantic day of the year, we shower loved ones with greeting cards, boxes of chocolates and dozens of red, pink and white roses.

It’s a wonderful time of year, and it’s that much better when your home is decorated for the holiday! From a flower arrangement in your master bathroom that you can enjoy privately, to a wreath on the front door that will welcome guests into your home, Valentine’s Day décor adds a pop of colour to the grey days of winter.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party for friends, cooking an intimate meal for two or just relaxing at home in your pyjamas, here are a few of our favourite ways to give your home a little love.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day xo banner garland for your home mantle

In the past, you might have considered your box of chocolates, a shower of gifts and scattered rose petals noteworthy Valentine’s Day decorations, but this year, we encourage you to get in the way of Cupid’s bow and arrow.

Love is in the air! Give your home a dose of playful romance with these fun furnishings and decor picks. Many of these items, such as the picture frames and wall art, can be used year-round. Try something new, look for lovebirds, roses, and (of course!) hearts. A vibrant red wreath will brighten your door, while a floral accent pillow can be tossed onto a chair or sofa for added sweetness.

From pretty flower arrangements to romantic candle displays, our heartfelt homemade Valentine’s Day decorations will help create an affectionate atmosphere for your loved ones. To help inspire you this February, here are some Valentine’s Day decoration ideas and projects sure to spread the love inside your home.

Create a Unique Flower Arrangement

Valentine's Day romantic flower arrangement

In the middle of February, we can all use a dose of spring. Bypass the expensive (and admittedly cliché) dozen roses in lieu of a soft pink arrangement from your local florist.

Pick up a mix of your favourite flowers; we love carnations, peonies and gardenias for a billowy, delicate-looking arrangement. Bits of greenery add to the organic, simple look of a bouquet.

Used as a centrepiece for a dinner party or to add a pop of pink to the kitchen counter, a rosy bouquet adds Valentine’s Day charm and then some. And once your arrangement’s better days are behind them, bind the flowers together and hang them upside down. In a couple weeks, you’ll have a beautiful dried bouquet.

String Sentimental Garland

Valentine's Day creative sentimental garlands

The mantle is the focal point of most living rooms, so why not dress it up for the most romantic day of the year? Add whimsy to your home with a string of paper garland. Hearts, sweet sayings and tassels adorning an entryway or empty wall are popular ways to use garland for Valentine’s Day.

There are an infinite number of ways to craft the perfect strand of garland; use your imagination. Make your own strand of garland from scratch for homemade flair.

String together the decoration as a garland for your mantle, Valentine’s Day tree, bedroom headboard or a significant doorway in your home. If you own a collection of Valentine’s Day cards from years past, attach them to a long piece of ribbon. Which will create a strand of garland that serves as a reminder of all the people in your life who love you.

Hang Valentines on a Tree

Valentine's Day decorative heart loved up trees

There’s no rule of decorating that says trees are to be used only at Christmastime. Break out your favourite artificial tree, and decorate it to the nines with Valentines; sweet ornaments; or red, pink, silver and white hearts or flowers. If you don’t own a faux tree, use any other tree you like.

Whatever kind of tree you choose to display in your home, decorate it to your individual style. Clip Valentine’s Day cards to your tree, or hang photos of loved ones from limbs as a tribute to friends and family members.

Gather the family together for an afternoon of crafts, and make handmade ornaments using decorative papers, lace and feathers. Wrapped sweets can also serve as tree décor; if your tree is large, tuck small boxes of chocolates in thick branches and give them away as presents as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Add Flair to Plain Candles

Valentine's Day pink and red candles and candle holders

Candles are popular décor for Valentine’s Day celebrations; they lend a soft light to a room or dinner table, creating a romantic atmosphere. Plain white candles can be a bore, so this year, get creative with your candle displays.

For even prettier candles to display on tables and countertops, craft your own! Visit an art supply shop and search for items that will enhance your everyday candles, giving them some pizzazz. Tie bright ribbons around candles in a neat bow, and seal each with a cupid charm or heart.

Arrange tealights and small candles on the dining room table, and fill the space around them with a lovely romantic candle holder. Sit candles of various sizes in the centre of each vase for a bright, colourful display

Spruce Up a Simple Wreath

Valentine's Day decorative door wreaths for your home

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is all about flowers and chocolate, and a flowery wreath certainly fits with that kind of theme! Hanging a wreath is one of the first ideas that come to mind when you’re planning to decorate for any holiday throughout the year.

Dress up your front door with a Valentine’s Day wreath made of lollipops, wrapped sweets, or flowers. Collect Valentines, cupid figurines or even a collection of old, mismatched buttons, and attach them to your wreath.

If a subtler wreath is more your style, scour craft stores or online for pink, red and white twigs. Spend less and do more this coming Valentine’s Day. There is no better way of doing this than to invent and decorate an XO wreath.

Display Chocolates and Sweets in Jars as Art

Valentine's Day sweets in jars for table decoration

We’re surrounded by enormous displays of candy at the local supermarkets in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, but have you ever thought about decorating with it? Chocolate hearts, tasty fudge, and red, pink and white sweets can lend the colours of the season to your décor scheme.

Buy festively coloured chocolates and sweets, and collect several sizes of jars with lids at your local craft shop or discount department store. Fill each jar with wrapped chocolates, red liquorice or jelly beans for a stunning windowsill or kitchen counter display that the whole family will enjoy.

While having sweets in artful jars are nice to look at, we know it’s hard to resist the lure to devour it all! Why not throw a Valentine’s Day celebration for all your friends and family and ask guests to help you finish the treats?

Decorate with Romantic Wall Art

Valentine's Day wall art with hearts and flowers and kisses

For art aficionados giving frames a refresh or for simply adding some long-overdue décor to bare walls, there are plenty of love-themed pieces to style your home for the season. The best present for your loved ones are the present made by you.

Find a little time of your day to make something creative, something that will make your loved ones happy. For example, wall art ideas are always a present that you can’t be wrong with. Buy a simple picture frame and start to create art in it. Hearts in many different sizes can look awesome on the wall.

Graphic art prints are as popular as ever and easy to obtain thanks to online shops. Hearts and loving phrases are our go-to; they can either stand alone or create a festive gallery wall. The best part? Keeping your prints simple means, you can leave them up long after the 14th.

Add Throw Pillows to Your Living Room

Valentine's Day comfy pillows

Pillows can be a very adorable present, and it is more fun because you can do them by yourself. Pillows for Valentine’s Day must be made with love. Also, you can create the decorations on them, hearts or beautiful Valentine’s Day quotes.

A few red or pink throw pillows give your living space a punch of colour and decorate without looking too attached to the holiday. Aside from hearts, look for fun patterns such as stripes, polka dots and chevron prints. You can even find your own fabric and DIY a few pillows cover.

Valentine’s Day pillows can be made from different fabrics. Burlap can be very interesting material to work with. Also colours like red, pink, golden are colours that are suitable for Valentine’s day. If you make this present, you can’t go wrong.


Valentine's Day thoughts and red balloons

On Valentine’s Day, everything should be perfect for your date or the person you already love.

For some more home décor ideas, click here. Or nervous about taking someone out for a first date, click here for some advice.

Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for even more modern Valentine’s Day decorating ideas. We hope we’ve inspired you to decorate your home for the holiday and beyond. Tell us your favourite ideas in the comments below!

Decorating for Valentine’s Day: 8 Ideas for Your Home
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