Young people relish the opportunity to stamp a bit of style authority on the first living spaces they call their own. Whether you’ve just bought your first place or you are renting on your own for the very first time, it’s nice to finally be able to decorate the house or flat in precisely the way you want without tempering your own design ideas with someone else’s.

The rugs you choose at this point say a lot about you. You can make a sudden impression with some great rugs that immediately demonstrate how good your taste is. Rugs are worth the investment for the effect they have, bringing about a complete overhaul of a given space and they help to set the theme straight away.

So what can you pick from? Well, there are modern rugs and traditional rugs, but these split into further categories like shaggy rugs, natural rugs, designer rugs and practical rugs. Within these categories it’s possible to search through a whole host of colours and designers in order to find the rugs that make an impression on you and that you can use to make an impression on others.