Sometimes, a room needs a special something to give it a lift. A unique accessory that acts as a centrepiece or a talking point of the room. Using designer prints is a subtle way to bring in a touch of luxe, without overwhelming a space.

Use of iconic prints and styles can help to give a space that finishing touch. A premium lift, without gaudy statements working around the concept that less is always more.

We’ve put together a list of some of our most popular designers and our favourite pieces from them.

Orla Kiely

Orla Kiely is a firm favourite when it comes to design prints. She is an iconic Irish born designer based in London. Her designs are retro, harking back to 60s and 70s in both colour and shape. She uses graphic prints in bold, retro colours that are instantly recognisable in any space.

Despite the bright colours, the simple design of Kiely’s pieces mean they are easy to slip into many different interior styles. You can even use them to clash prints, and see how to best mix and match prints.

To add a point of interest in your bedroom, Kiely’s bedding prints are artistic and luxurious. For a more neutral take on Kiely’s iconic prints, opt for something like this trio stem set

orla kiely trio stem yellow and grey bedding set in a bedroom

The ochre yellow tones give a retro and vintage feel without being overpowering. As it’s set on a white base, you can add a pop of graphic print without needing to clash with your current colour palettes. 

If you want to go for something that is more obviously Orla, there are options you can bring in other than bedding. An often overlooked accessory can be the cushion. In a living space it’s an integral item that is easy to bring in new design elements. It can bring it accents of print, colour or texture and is easy to change around.

Using this as a design concept, you can use cushions to bring in one of Orla’s bolder print designs. The early bird cotton cushion is a perfect example of this.

orla kiely early bird print cushion with multicolour bird deisnger prints and pink reverse on a white background

With the reversible details, you can bring in new colourful hues as well as Kiely’s iconic graphic minimalism. This instantly recognisable piece is the perfect designer print to pair with a neutral sofa, or a room with complementary accent colours to the design.

Morris & Co

Morris & Co are another iconic design house that use print to bring interest to an interior. Unlike Kiely’s work, these prints are not as graphic, bright or modern. They are instead classic and heritage style pieces to add a touch of drama to a space.

The prints and designs of Morris & Co are using the art of renowned textile designer and artist, William Morris.

William Morris is a 19th century designer and poet. He was passionate about arts and crafts, and the use of handmade production in the face of the Victorian industrial age. While designing his home in 1860, he didn’t find anything he liked commercially. 

He instead used hand painted murals and embroidery to adorn his walls. The success of these efforts prompted him to set up his own interior company, Morris & Company.

This pride in quality and uniqueness sets the interior pieces by Morris & Co apart from others. The Strawberry Thief print is one of the most striking designer prints to incorporate into your home. It has a heritage feel, with a woodland theme in a tapestry style in rich colours.

Using this print with the Strawberry Thief bedding set is an easy way to create a feel of craft and quality in your interior.

william morris strawberry print designer print bedding in an old style bedroom on a wooden bedframe

Morris & Co offer designer prints of a similar style to be used across different spaces. Such as these Sunflower Bath towels in saffron yellow with tapestry style prints and a contrast royal blue hem. 

morris & co sunflower designer print towels in saffron yellow with blue hems in a grey bathroom

This style oozes luxury, and enables you to bring design elements into every corner of your home – even in the bathroom.

William Yeoward

Another iconic British designer is that of William Yeoward. Opening his first retail store in 1985, he has an interest in the heritage. Describing his interior style as ‘slicked-up comfort’, inspired by his grandparent’s interior styles from the 50s and 60s. 

The style takes inspiration from past trends, while adding a contemporary twist to reach a unique and pleasing final product. 

He is another iconic designer, with a simple eclectic detail that with add a certain something to your interior space.

William Yeoward is especially well known for his use of accessories, particularly cushions. His design principles are often centred around layering pieces. Working along the lines of the 50s interiors when an item would be added and never removed. New items would simply be added alongside it.

We love this Circus Day cushion by him, as a unique designer print that has a quirky and fun feel. With the early 20th century style figures, this cushion should be seen as an art piece to work to tie together a room.

william yeoward circus day designer print cushion with old style figures embroidered with a striped outer design on a sofa

A slightly less out there version by Yeoward would be something like this Perzina Cushion. Using statement shapes and adding texture to a room, it’s a perfect addition to add some luxe to a space.

william yeoward perzina cushion with embroidered diamond pattern in a blue and white design

Ted Baker

Ted Baker are a more modern brand, but one that has earned its place amongst the iconic designers on this list.

Known for its mix of opulent and traditional prints alongside their bright and eclectic designs. Both have a distinct Ted Baker feel and can be used as a focal point to a room.

For example, their Zodiac Star Sign Circle rugs. Below are the Aries, Taurus and Gemini version, with all twelve star signs boasting their own design.

These are striking and unique rugs that are almost grotesquely abstract. These rugs are a statement piece that can bring a room to life and can be viewed and displayed as an artwork in your interior.

three ted baker designer print rugs in star sign designs for aries, taurus and gemini

On the other side of Ted Baker’s design spectrum is the feminine and opulent florals that they are known for. 

A style making the most of the Ted Baker floral designer prints can give a room an instant feel of luxury. Try a style like the Porcelain Rose Floral bedding set.

ted baker porcelain rose bedding set with grey and pink rose designer prints in a bedroom

The mix of pinks and greys offers a soft and premium style.

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix is a designer who has his very own distinctive style. His interior take is eccentric, loud and very avante garde. A strong believer in abstract design, his interior style is one of disruptive extravagance.

He is a French designer who began working with fashion haute couture. He has an interest in folklore, designing historical costumes and taking this inspiration to his interior designs. Lacroix takes no heed to rules, and likes pieces full of opulence, eccentricity and extravagant detailing.

Lacroix pieces are ones to be used to make a statement. One of our favourite abstract pieces of his is the Premier Rendez Vous Marais Botanical Cushion

Christian Lacroix designer print rendez vous cushion with royal blue background and floral prints with black and white cut out eyes and mouth of a vintage style picture of a woman

The playful and abstract design is another piece to make a statement with. The uncanny use of eyes and lips cut out amongst the bold colours, fauna and striped hems creates an overall striking cushion. Reversible, this designer print is one that will bring an art house feel to your home.

A slightly more contemporary cushion by Lacroix is the Beetle Waves Oeillet Designer Cushion.

Christian Lacroix beetle wave cushion with brightly coloured embroidered stag beetle on top of a blue and white zig zag wave pattern going around the piece

This style has an embroidered multi-coloured beetle on top of a contrast blue and white geometric zig-zag pattern. With a vintage and luxury feel, this cushion is yet another eye-catching design. 


A small and subtle introduction of designer prints into your home interior is an easy way to bring luxury to a space. 

On top of that, it can be a way to see your room design as an art form, simply by introducing iconic design prints. Let us know how you’ll be bringing an iconic graphic print or heritage mural style into your home!