The Latest Flamingo Interior Design Ideas & Trends

Summer is finally here and whilst many of us enjoy spending time outdoors, it’s also the time when interiors are influenced by the simplicity of nature. Animals and birds are proving to capture everyone’s attention this Summer – and the bird to watch out for is definitely the Flamingo! They are beautiful, fun and certainly capture our imagination when it comes to home interior. Did you know all flamingos are born with grey feathers? They develop their distinctive coral pink colouring thanks to a diet of shrimp and algae high in pigments called carotenoids. So take inspiration from the flamingo this 2016 for your home, and transform to pink. It’s no surprise that they have influenced home interiors for 2016 – from funky wallpaper to fluffy cushions, you cannot miss the flamingo trend this season!



Lighting is an easy change to make in your home. Not only can lights help to achieve the right atmosphere in a room, but they can also be integrated to incorporate a new theme. If you like statement pieces, you will LOVE this unique lamp by Anan Jacobs. Called ‘Breaking Dawn’, it’s one of Jacob’s signature designs and depicts a beautiful flamingo as it starts its morning flight. It is a striking, beautiful and highly decorative lamp. The handmade crystal glass base encases a length of raspberry flex. Both the base and lampshades are made in England at specialist workshops.




Pretty and pink, Flamingos are the perfect choice for a girl’s bedroom – and seamlessly flow with other design choices. This eye-catching wallpaper is made by Scion, and teamed with some ivory furniture and a soft, fluffy rug, it would certainly create a stylish and cosy feel for any child’s room.


FELICITY FLAMINGO 111277 Pink flamingo ideas



The flamingo theme does not have to stop at home furnishings! We think this collection by Lou Rota is simply exquisite. Add style and freshness to your dining table with one or two (or the whole lot!) from the Lou Rota collection. They are all handmade from indulgent fine bone china, featuring a pink flamingo and an accompanying floral arrangement to add the finishing touch.Flamingo Round mug from amara Flamingo Round Platter from Amara


Part of the flamingo’s charm – as well as their elegance and beauty – is their approach to true love, having only one partner that they tend to stay with for life. What better symbolic message for your bedspread? We are huge fans of this particular bedding set by Olechka, with the two flamingos affectionately facing one another resulting in a sweet heart shape formed by the beaks. They are hand sewn and meticulously crafted – we can’t wait to see other designs!

Pink flamingo DUVET COVER / QUEEN: 88" X 88"



Cushions are a great place to start when trying to introduce new trends without the hefty price tags. They can be easily integrated into current themes, and the best part about cushions is that they can be moved around to easily diversify your home’s style. This stunning pair of flamingos are displayed beautifully on a cushion made by Chloe Croft. The cushions are available in two sizes and are made using luxurious SBS silk. These lovely additions to any home are filled with 100% duck feather inner cushion.



With lots of ways and styles to add a touch of ‘Flamingo’ into your home, it’s easy to see why they have become such a popular bird in 2016.

Have flamingos won you over yet?