8 Exciting Trends for The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016



As the Chelsea Flower Show 2016 moves nearer, it’s almost time to breathe some excitement into garden design once again. Get the look by bringing botanical styles into your home with our rundown of the most mainstream plants, garden architects, and outside attire. Hoping to provide inspiration for city gardeners who’d like to green up their homes, the Chelsea Flower Show sparks the imagination and sets trends in planting, colour, and sculpture. What is seen and admired during the show might possibly have an impact on our own gardens in some form.

The RHS announced some of the plant trends and stand-out themes at the Chelsea Flower Show 2016 (24-28 May). Here are the freshest and most energizing developments debuting at this year’s show.

Summer Flowers


The exotic peony is rumoured to be the star of the show as this vibrant, lively plant is patterned with profound, bloom petals which emerge against delicate green leaves. This plant brings colour to gardens for most of the year.

Peony pink flower the RHS Chelsea flower show 2016

You can bring a touch of garden glamour to your home with one of our botanical rugs. This flawless wool pile floral rug would be perfect if you’re hoping to include a touch of the outside to your home. This rug is beautiful as well as functional; this has helped to make them some of the most popular rug designs. Costs begin from £330.00 with free delivery.

Diva Rugs 26302 in Peony by Scion for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show pink floral room


Ferns are known to be featured prominently in this year’s show as they are hot this season. They particularly add a remarkable composition to floral designs.

Fern plant the RHS Chelsea flower show

If you’re looking for a rug that most resembles an established garden, then this is the rug you require. Constructed with 80% Jute and 20% Cotton, this Designers Guild rug uses ferns to recreate a garden in vivid colour. Prices start from £1494.00 with free delivery accessible to UK homes.

Tulipani Graphite Rug by Designers Guild fern rug for the RHS Chelsea flower show Designers Guild Rug


The RHS have recently introduced Achillea flowers to be another popular flower for this year’s event. They come in an assortment of hues and are characterized by the bloom of the pollen surrounded by a compact cluster of tiny petals. They complement other florals well and are effortlessly stylish.

Achillea pink flower the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016

The stylish floral design of this rug would look extraordinary matched with other contemporary accessories. This handmade rug has a thick, delicate, 100% wool pile and the design is hand carved to add texture and definition, so it feels and looks great. Costs begin from £79.00, which includes free delivery.

Achillea Rugs in Cream and Fuschia Pink floral rug for the RHS Chelsea flower show 2016


The award-winning Irish designer will be back following a three-year non-appearance, and his show patio will more than likely be the most controversial. Inspired by British eccentricity, for example, William Heath Robinson’s amusingly entangled machines, the garden will have an indented lake, refined porches and topiary and additionally a wooden shed loaded with pinions, wheels, and garden gadgets.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016: Diarmuid Gavin's back with an eccentric turn


Award-winning designer Juliet Sargeant makes her Chelsea debut this year, with a greenery enclosure that intends to raise awareness of the undetectable slaves living in the UK. This battle will be spoken to by two differentiating environments: void, dead, and dark inside; brilliant and open on the outside.

JULIET SARGENT chelsea flower show 2016 garden design


You can soak up some Japanese Zen in Chihori Shibayama and Tea Yano’s garden, which mirrors the manicured moderate greenhouses of Japan while joining the thick, casual planting styles found in the UK. The Watahan East & West Garden is inspired by the encounters within Japan.

The Watahan East & West Garden The Chelsea Flower show 2016 garden design


For a truly feminine and graceful look to seasonal florals, whimsical pastel shades offer a seamless style for the more sophisticated of dressers. This will create a look for the epitome of chic.



Wear comfortable shoes. Yes, it’s decent to spruce up for flower shows but in the event that you are in anguish you won’t appreciate the flowers and the gardens nearly as much.

Find out more about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 here.