Decorate Your Home With Game Of Thrones Style

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We’re mad for epic fantasy, and it doesn’t get more impressive than Game of Thrones. With season seven approaching, we’re channelling our inner Westeros style.

With season seven approaching, we’ve been enamoured by the Game of Thrones epic adventure. We’ve sat on the edge of our seats, we’ve covered our eyes in disgust, and we’ve yelled at our TVs, laptops or tablets.

The impact of this series has been huge. But how does this pop culture influence our interior design? How do we bring a touch of fantasy into our lives (preferably without the maiming)?

So here are our tips for bringing Game of Thrones style to your home, channelling your favourite houses of Westeros (and beyond).

House Stark

“Winter is coming”

Winterfell: The Starks are honourable and fair, and because they’re one of the most established houses in Westeros they have great love and regard for the family. Regardless of their disastrous run in Game of Thrones, they’ve got a pretty big fan club.

The general stylistic layout of the Starks’ home in the North, takes inspiration from raw elements, for example, stone and raw wood. However, the appearance of the entire house is still very rich. This decorating style makes a home appear both appear rich and authentic at the same time.

sansa stark from game of thrones


Wallpaper can work magic by instantly creating a wood or stone-like look to any space, perfect for a statement wall in a bedroom, kitchen or living room. Go bold with easy-to-apply wallpaper for maximum impact and introduce harsh textures, like exposed brick and stone, for a masculine edge.

exposed brick in a game of thrones style kitchen


White and grey in the North, interiors tend to focus on warmth from layered textures to roaring fires and flickering candlelight. Highlight with charcoal or deep shades of colour to round out your look. Keep the living room cosy and go dark for a dramatic modern scheme.

grey and white rug from the rug seller in a vintage looking game of thrones room


For fans of the North and the homely location of Winterfell faux fur accessories are a must-have. How could we ever forget Ned Stark’s glorious fur cape as he strode across Westeros? Battle the winter chill and style your home with plush throws, rugs and cushions.

House Lannister

“A Lannister always pays his debts”

King’s Landing: To be a Lannister is to have plenty of gold, but also a silver tongue. They hail from Casterly Rock and are an old and noble house with a love for the finer things in life (like a good wine, and can we blame them?).

Home to the coveted Iron Throne, the throne itself is a fascinating centrepiece in the Lannister house. Be inspired by this, and create a focal point in your living area. Why not add a feature chair or a visually interesting accessory in your home to create that great focus for the entire room?

cercei lannister from game of thrones


Does it get more royal than decorating in rich gold? We don’t think so. Take inspiration from the flowing gowns seen throughout King’s Landing as well as the draping curtains and abundance of silks. Bring fabric to your living space to give a classical look to your décor.

games of thrones style red and gold bedroom


Embrace the power of the Lannister lion symbol with a palette of luxurious red and gold – it doesn’t get richer than that! Go for deep, dark shades of red for a demure look full of palatial beauty. Take inspiration from the royal court look for bold contrasting shades such as deep red and golden details.

games of thrones style red and gold living room rug from the rug seller


Damask is the go-to pattern to get a touch of Lannister style in your home. Look to wallpaper as one of the easiest ways to bring this pattern to your living space. The Lannisters are also big fans of anything featuring brocade so add this where possible to get the full appeal of the Lannister look.

games of thrones style red and gold living room furniture

House Baratheon

“Ours is the fury”

Dragonstone: Baratheons are a boisterous and rather blokey lot. Born from the Stormlands, their house is young and ambitious. King Robert was a hedonist and may have over-indulged a bit, but Stannis is set on reconquering the crown.

A place that is extremely gloomy and dark. There is a lot of stone and wood used in the interiors. However, the elements are darker and more mysterious than both Winterfell and Kings Landing. Within your home, these elements are good for a darker coloured room, such as a bathroom or living room.

stannis baratheon from game of thrones


Embrace the Baratheon theme with a stag motif. Nordic-inspired wall art is full of stags and deers, while an Antler Chandelier would bring statement style to any dining space. Wood panelling also features heavily throughout scenes shot, and ostentatious furniture is always present.

games of thrones style bedroom with a stag motif painting


Take inspiration from the Baratheon symbol with a black and gold palette. Classic black in a bold block shade gives dramatic impact to your space while adding luxurious metallic accents brings warmth. Also, you could preferably incorporate metallic details too for that hint of royal style.

games of thrones style black and gold living room with a faux fur throw


Bringing a focal point to a room can help with any restyle, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a mirror. Use textures like stone and slate for a masculine appeal. You can tone it down with timber tones while keeping with the natural beauty of the materials.

games of thrones style black and gold living room

House Targaryen

“Fire and blood”

Qarth City: With their roots in ancient Valyria, the Targaryen’s have a reputation for beauty and madness. And dragons. Daenerys definitely brings a powerful kick of badass-ness to the bloodline.

Home to Daenerys Targaryen, her space is more inspired by Middle-Eastern style decor. Qarth City is a bit more colourful and ethnic with tribal art and accessories and colourful rugs. The overall space is much warmer and more visually appealing, the decor can greatly inspire your own style.

Daenerys Targaryen from game of thrones


To truly embrace the power of the dragon, surround yourself with candlelight. For a hint of the luxury, Targeryan style look for candles that will grab attention, and place these above mid height to draw the eye up the wall to create an illusion.

games of thrones style candles burning on a wooden table


Styled from their symbol, a colour scheme of dark red and coal black brings a fiery feel to your décor. Go bold with this palette, and don’t hold back (Daeny certainly wouldn’t!). Complement statement pieces with smaller decorative accessories, these will add interest and bring the room’s style together.

games of thrones style red and black patchwork rug in a modern living room


An atmosphere is everything in Westeros and when it comes to interiors furniture is key. Introduce golden metallics in statement décor to contrast a deep base palette with warm and glamorous looks. Luxury fit for the Mother of Dragons! (Or, you know, regular people also.)

games of thrones style golden metallics in a hallway
games of thrones style golden metallics in a living room

House Greyjoy

“We do not sow”

Pyke: The Greyjoys of the Iron Born are hard and steely types. You probably don’t identify with their cold and brutal kinsmen, like Theon in his post-Robb Stark (but pre-Ramsay Bolton) days. But if you’re keen on their broody, sea-inspired look, we won’t hold it against you.

The interior of this castle is typically wood and stone with some dark black and grey undertones. The only source of light in this castle include clustered candles, giving the space a creepy atmosphere. This kind of theme is ideal for a smaller space, rather than a larger one.

Yara Greyjoy from game of thrones


For a true Iron Born, life is lived on the sea. Style tables or shelves with a selection of coastal decor for that extra added nautical or seaside feel for a room. With simple nautical decor, you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away.

games of thrones style nautical inspired decor
games of thrones style nautical inspired decor


Dark colours are favoured by the Greyjoys like the deep and dark background of their symbol. Go for a dramatic look with a moody palette of black, graphite, and navy blue. Layer with light coloured neutrals to bring contrasts and texture to your interiors for a softer touch.

games of thrones style moody grey living room


Enjoy the smooth, textural feel of leather accents. If you’re not keen on a leather upholstered sofa, try the material out in smaller doses with woven leather rugs. This helps add atmosphere to any space and that ever-present old world feel that Game of Thrones evokes at every turn.

games of thrones style leather rug from the rug seller

House Martell

“Unbowed, unbent, unbroken”

Dorne: Although the Martell’s won’t be in Season 7, they undoubtedly had one of the more stylish houses. Martell is the owner of the largest (unused) army in Westeros. Natural fighters, the fierce Martells can also be wonderfully flamboyant (we’re looking at you, Oberyn).

Taking inspiration from Greek architecture, the castle is quite spectacular. The openness of this castle is what makes it unique, bringing in both natural light and fresh air at the same time. Get inspired and incorporate windows for great natural lighting within your home.

Oberyn Martell from game of thrones


With their home in the warm and luxurious Dorne, the Martells remind us of all things Marrakesh. Channel eastern style with wild colours, rich textures, and handmade décor details.  Statement decor can make a great focal point for any room in your home, from unique chairs to lighting fixtures.

games of thrones style Marrakesh inspired lighting arrangements


You can’t do Martell without metallics (swords and style included). Contrast pieces of gold and silver or copper and bronze for a clash of metallics that make a statement. Whichever style you choose, if you get the colour right and the rest will follow.

games of thrones style gold and silver bedroom
games of thrones style gold and silver living room


Capture attention with opulent patterns in exquisite scrolling motifs or busy geometrics for an audacious impact that Oberyn would be proud of. Layer rugs under tables, think about your choice of materials and textures that will work best. Add contrasts too to complete the look.

games of thrones style busy geometric table in a modern living room

Whatever interior style you favour from the Seven Kingdom’s remember it is all in the details.

For more inspiration browse through our Pinterest boards, ideal for finding everything you need for a style overhaul in every space in your home.

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Would you like to bring a flavour of the hit show into your own home? Which Game of Thrones house do you belong in?

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Season 7 starts on Monday 17 July 2017.