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Between Pinterest and Instagram, there’s a huge amount of interior inspiration on social media channels.

Much like beauty and fashion, certain interior trends have become more popular than others and they’re changing all the time.

For 2017, a number of different styles have been HUGE!  Also, if you read any further, you’re very likely to want to revamp your home right now.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Tropical Theme

Tropical is by no means a new trend in interiors, but it’s certainly picking up pace this season. It is definitely one of the key looks for Summer and it is one of our favourites. It’s becoming a growing trend right now for Summer.

However, when some people hear the word ‘tropical’, they immediately think of loud, brash and over-the-top colours. But like all interior design styles, it’s all about getting it right.

summer hottest interior trends tropical theme

From lighting to cushions and wallpaper to duvets, fashionable tropical décor is only continuing to grow. It strikes the right balance between showcasing vibrant colours and nailing that relaxing holiday vibe.

Think lush tropical greenery and palm trees with colonial rattan and then add splashes of colour. Try using vibrant cockatoos and mix it with gold pineapples and insects for a real dazzle of sunshine.

A tropical interior design theme isn’t about making overly wild statements. Nor is it about making your house guests feel like they’re living in Rio in the middle of Mardi Gras. It is actually, a tropical feel is much more sophisticated than you may realise.

Safari Theme

It’s time to be brave and unleash your wild side, and let lions, tigers and even bears loose in your home.

Designers have gone ‘on safari’ for inspiration and the big beasts of the jungle are now stalking through decor (and you’ll just look tame if you ignore them).

Safari in the interior is the dynamics, the contrast, the mood of wild, unspoiled nature. This style will suit lovers of exotic and exclusive. If you prefer a more relaxed environment, but want to spice up the interior, you can use just a few accessories in safari style.

summer hottest interior trends safari theme

Safari style uses natural materials in combination with bright colours. Fiery red, deep yellow, chocolate, terracotta – these colours convey the atmosphere of African nature.

Animal print designs, particularly leopard and zebra prints and those stag heads are starting to give way to new style ‘trophies’, from lions to rhinos and zebras.

summer hottest interior trends safari theme

This is all part of a desire for maximalism in decor, and the animal trend is all about going over the top and demonstrating personality.

Whether it’s exotic, wild animals or perhaps something more familiar, such as foxes and deer, animal interiors are a fun, bold statement. Plus, with fashion, it’s perfectly possible to be chic and stylish with it.

Tribal Theme

Think about the colours of the African Plains. Earthy tones, sandy hues, muddy mixes.

You will find brighter colours in the shops but personally I prefer to save those for a different look entirely.

Woods are hard and dark with a rough texture. Patterns are geometric, asymmetrical and with a hand-drawn and hand-woven simplicity. Textures are from the natural world. Animal skins, rattan, metal, woven baskets and hand-thrown clay.

summer hottest interior trends tribal theme

Decorative objects often take their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the African continent. Hunting trophies provide drama, and portraits provide focal points.

As with most trends, a little goes a long way. You don’t want a home that resembles the set of The Lion King. This is why I like to keep the colour palette muted and natural.

Rely on the colours mentioned above to set the scene. Add one, two or three patterned items. A rug, a cushion or two, a painting.

Dark Colour Tones

Dark walls are becoming quite mainstream now so they have been really taking off this year.

In terms of interior style, you can partner anything with a dark palette (even Scandi) so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Dark colours also go well with every look; from interiors with a shabby, boho edge to luxurious ostentatious interiors. There’s no limit to what you can do when going to the dark side!

summer hottest interior trends dark colour trends

British company Dulux, announced that the go-to colour for 2017 would be Denim Drift. A beautifully soothing tone of blue that is “the colour of our every day”. It is as they put it, from the sky to the clothes we wear. Fresh and versatile, this is a colour that can be safely applied wall-to-ceiling and still please the eye – and the mind.

summer hottest interior trends dark colour trends

This home proves that feeling blue doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Intended to recall the colours of the ocean, the beachy shade used here highlights the home’s high ceilings.

To transform a plain white space, adorn walls with oversized, bold prints in deep, dark shades.

Yellow & Light Blue

Yes, painting your floor lemon yellow is a risk – but don’t you feel happier just looking at this room?

Bright and vivid colours such as Yellow and Light Blue are perfect for Summer as they convey a sense of earthiness. Yellow is such an invigorating and uplifting colour and is bound to warm the cockles of our heart, so sunny and joyful.

summer hottest interior trends yellow and blue colour trends

It is perfect to be grounded by neutral browns and greys, set off metallics and illuminate the more vibrant shades. This will bring warmth to any interiors all-year-round as you can see it work well with brights for summer.

Light Blue, the shade of refreshing aqua with its power to call to mind some tropical settings. This refreshing blue shade is likely to fully open up on some exquisite fabrics to create the illusion of aqua.

Green (Greenery)

Every year, the renowned colour institute Pantone selects a trend colour at the beginning of the year. This colour is also put in the picture all year long, providing an important source of inspiration for creators of decoration, fashion and so on. So colour code 15-0343 is one to remember this year!

summer hottest interior trends green colour trends

2017 is to be the year of Greenery if we are to believe the predictions from the experts at Pantone. Whether that means in colour, superfood ingredients such as Kale, Broccoli and Algae, or immersing ourselves more into nature, we can interpret it how we like to use it as a colour of hope and revitalisation.

summer hottest interior trends green colour trends

Not many people are likely to want a green sofa. We realise that, but of course there are more subtle ways of sneaking the colour into your living room to bring that trendy tint into your home and create the right atmosphere without overdoing it.

Bohemian Trend

In the world of interior design, the terms Bohemian, boho & boho chic are becoming more popular buzz words.

Rooms that exemplify this design theme utilise every square inch of space with casual, comfortable and colourful décor.  Also, they are equally whimsical and welcoming.

summer hottest interior trends bohemian trends

The bohemian style direction is for the free-spirited person who loves to sprinkle souvenirs from journeys past around a room.

The main influences are from different corners of the world, namely North Africa (including Morocco), Turkey, the Middle East, India, South America, China, and Japan.

summer hottest interior trends bohemian trends

Bringing a warm, global vibe to summer 2017, this vibrant look is all about bohemian colour and pattern. Think bold floral cushions and rugs, painted furniture and tribal prints were thrown in for good measure.

Turn up the temperature on this hot summer trend by peppering your space with a bit of greenery – cacti and succulents are perfect options!

Coastal Trend

Coastal Living is all about injecting a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere with the inspirational style that can be found by the sea.

Natural inspired hues are taken from classic seaside scenes, from calming blues to crisp whites, warm sand beiges to bright stick-of-rock reds.

summer hottest interior trends coastal trends

White is a great base shade to build upon for this look, providing the underlying calm and relaxing atmosphere. Wallpaper can also be a great way to set in a living area, with so many designs available there are plenty of coastal inspired styles to choose from.

The key to success with the Coastal Living trend is in the details; this interior style comes alive when attention is paid to the smaller details of a room’s decor scheme.

summer hottest interior trends coastal trends

Look for classic motifs, such as anchors and shells, on soft furnishings from cushions to throws. These will add instant character to any living space and quickly spruce up tired furniture.

Invest in coastal style decorative accessories to bring finishing touches to the room, from scented candles to trinket trays, there are a plethora of objects that can be used to help bring a coastal vibe into your space.

William Morris Style Trend

Interiors trends, like anything else in our fast paced modern society are liable to change in an instant, but there are some things that stand the test of test of time.

One of those constants, especially within the realm of British interior design, is floral!

You need only look at William Morris to realise that botanicals remain at the very root of our design consciousness. While their forms have altered, unwaveringly they remain a recurring feature in our interior design projects.

summer hottest interior trends william morris trends

Don’t disregard floral motifs as confined to the interiors of large country homes. If your minimalist contemporary interiors are in need of a touch of character, it’s time to reconsider this décor statement – instantly adding warmth to a room, they can also lift your mood with their sunny displays of colour.

Nothing creates an impact in a hallway or lounge quite like some flower-power artwork. If you are on the side of traditional, opt for one standout painting in pastel shades but for the bold, you can’t beat an assortment of framed artwork, arranged in different sizes and at different heights, for maximum style points.

Brass Trend

For Summer 2017 we see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold-tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-coloured hues continuing. Brass is back and trendy at present because it has a warm hue, with a vintage retro look.

Brass looks perfectly matched with all the dark and desaturated hues which are popular today in furniture and in decor, from petrol and dark blues to kale and forest green, as well as going with materials such as marble and terrazzo.

It’s great also together with raw materials such as concrete.

summer hottest interior trends brass trends

While 2016 was the year copper became ‘the metal of the moment’, 2017 has been the start of brass and gold taking over as our chosen metallics.

Golds and brass warm up a space and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room and using a few well-chosen pieces as accents create a glamorous and affluent look no matter what your individual style.

Consider bringing in a few gold metal trays, brushed gold hardware or a contemporary brass light fitting.

Marble Trend

You don’t need to be a home decor buff to know that white marble is trending—a simple scroll through your Instagram feed confirms that the look is every blogger’s background of choice right now.

On Insta and Pinterest and blogs as well as in lifestyle magazines, you’ll spot chic white marble coffee tables, desks, bowls, lamps, candle holders, and more. Even tissue-box covers are getting the marble treatment this summer.

summer hottest interior trends marble trends

Of course, marble is an inherently expensive material to decorate with, but budget-friendly home stores are using ceramics to give the same effect at a fraction of the cost. So whether you’re looking to invest in the real-deal version of this luxe decor look or searching for something cheap and chic to elevate your space, there are a bunch of marble homewares to match a range of budgets.

summer hottest interior trends marble trends

The marble trend is seen everywhere right now, and not just the stone material itself. There is a lot of marbling going on, in fabrics, wallpapers, rugs etc. The name Marble is derived from the Greek “Marmareos”, which means glistening.

Also, it was the favoured material for ancient Greek and Roman architects and sculptors. Marble was favoured for its durability, which is evident since fortunately lots of these ancient treasures have survived upto today.

Cactus Trend

Replacing the pineapples and palm trees of last summer, cacti are the mother-nature-derived motif of choice for 2017.

The cactus is one of the hottest trends for the home this summer and it’s inspiring designs from kitchenware to decorative ornaments and artwork. And of course, there’s the actual cactus plant itself.

summer hottest interior trends cactus trends

Adding some Mexicana-cool to our homes, the cactus trend has been huge the last few years, and this season is no exception.

Liven up monochrome spaces, pastel rooms or botanic-inspired living areas with a range of accessories, from cacti art to cute prints and the plants themselves.

summer hottest interior trends cactus trends

After this decade’s general obsession with succulents, decorating trends are zeroing in on the cactus. Since cacti can survive in tough conditions, they’re also a fitting symbol in these crazy times. We’re seeing cactus tattoos, cute cactus gifts, and a resurgence of nemadji pottery and other desert-inspired home decor.


With an abundance of exciting style trends to explore in 2017, discover which one ignites your imagination. Then simply unwind and enjoy every fleeting moment of British spring-summer time with the ones that matter most.

Which of these Summer trends will you be embracing this season? Leave a comment below, as we’d love to hear your thoughts!