Going Geometric: The Trend You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere

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Like so many enduring designs, geometric patterns are once again trending in interiors this year.

When it comes to interior design, it’s always key to keep an eye on trends. Right now, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular. We’re starting to see them popping up everywhere from television shows to the pages of popular magazines.

We’ll show you why these patterns are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, we’ll tell you how to incorporate these patterns into your interiors in ways that you’ll love.

Geometric Trend & Why It’s Here to Stay

Geometric Patterns in a living room and office space

Geometric designs are being re-visited this year. Think back to the ’60s if you want a retro look or bring geometrics bang up to date with a contemporary pattern. From chequered floors to splash-backs and accessories there are many ways to introduce geometric patterns into your home.

There’s something deeply satisfying as well as beautiful about geometric patterns. The good news for lovers of patterns and colours is that bold geometrics are extremely trendy right now, giving you every excuse to cover your interiors in lovely mathematical puzzles.

One of the best and easiest ways to get some striking geometric patterns into your home is to change up your home decor. To inspire you, here are some of our favourites, perfect for turning your table lamps and floor lamps into eye-catching works of art…

Geometric Tiles

Perhaps one of the most common ways to include the geometric look in your home is in your tile choices. In this masterful shower design, a geometric mosaic tile wall creates a visual focal point next to an elegant wall of veined marble. This beautiful design is a great example of that. The bold bronze is sure to be popular for anyone going for a Moroccan-inspired theme.

Geometric Patterns Bathroom Wall Tiles in Brown/Copper

If you’re looking for something more subtle, these bathroom tiles are exactly what you need. The cooling colours help them blend in with the rest of the design while still adding geometric patterns to the room. Splashes of turquoise—such as the tiles lining the shower entry—keep the sunny bathroom from feeling scorched.

Geometric Patterns Bathroom Wall Tiles in a subtler tone

Of course, geometric tiles also look great in the kitchen. This white geometric tile used in a minimalistic kitchen is a wonderful alternative for subway tile. Plus, white is very popular among today’s home buyers. These geometric patterns help create an elegant kitchen area at the centre of the room.

Geometric Patterns in a minimalist Kitchen

Want something really unique? Try mixing materials. Try combining your polished hexagon tiles with hardwood flooring or complimenting colours to create this exceptional transition from an entrance to a bathroom/kitchen area.

Geometric Patterns floor tiles for the kitchen
Geometric Patterns floor tiles for the bathroom

Geometric Wallpaper

Another way to create a bold statement with geometric patterns is through wallpaper. This abstract geometric design is very classy looking with just a touch of shine to add some glam to the room. It’s understated enough to use on an accent wall or across the whole room, and this colour scheme has been very popular in bathrooms.

Geometric Patterns Silver Wallpaper in a living room

Not afraid of some colour? Looking for something funky? This multi-coloured triangle print wallpaper looks great as a statement wall and could be a fun option for a teen or tween bedroom. You could even recolour this design to get the perfect colour scheme at the scale you desire. However, these geometric patterns are a bold way to add some colour to a room of your choice.

Geometric Patterns Colourful Wallpaper in a dining room

Don’t forget, wallpaper isn’t just for walls. It can be a great choice for ceilings, as well. As home owners are getting braver with geometric patterns, on the wall and on the floor, it was just a matter of time before turning that idea towards the ceiling. This is demonstrated beautifully in this home office with a geometric print statement ceiling.

Geometric Patterns Ceiling Wallpaper in a living room

Geometric Rugs

If you fancy bringing some geometric style into your home, there are a fantastic range of options to choose from, such as rugs. One of the easiest, most effective ways to enhance your home with geometric patterns is to customise your flooring with decorative rugs.

So, the main thing to do with Geometric Patterns is to make sure they become a timeless piece within your home. With the perfect rug within your home, you’ll brighten up and add character to your room of choice.

Here at The Rug Seller, many of our decorative rugs feature attractive geometric prints, ideal for modern and period properties. Some of our favourites include Moorish (an intricate design inspired by a Moorish palace), Infinite Scope (a tribute to Geometric cubes), Matrix (a bold mix of modern designs) and Hong Kong (which embodies classic Chinese style).

Going geometric not only ensures that your home’s interior design scheme is on-trend but also that it captures the timeless appeal of smooth lines and sophisticated prints. With geometric rugs, you can increase your home’s style, enjoy more control over design and have a show-stopping focal piece, while also giving your rooms a new lease of life.

Geometric Wall Art

As quickly as home trends change, it can be hard to commit to something as permanent as tile or wallpaper. If you want to give the geometric look a try, we have a few décor examples that can be changed out in little time – like wall art.

Wall art is easy to replace and there are some great colourful options for you to choose from. For example, this pineapple canvas print.

Geometric Patterns Pineapple Wall Art

Or this geometric landscape, which has the lines required for a geometric motif. Even though it is monochrome, it also has an earthy theme.

Geometric Patterns Black and White Wall Art

Many stores are a great place to find geometric wall art in all prints and sizes, like this Wolf and Rabbit wall art, the perfect addition to a zoo-themed nursery or industrial look.

Geometric Patterns Wolf Wall Art
Geometric Patterns Rabbit Wall Art

Floating shelves are another example of geometric home décor that isn’t permanent. These geometric shelves look great together or alone. The unfinished wood look is popular today, but these types of floating shelves can be found in a wide range of materials, including wire.

Geometric Patterns Floating Shelves

Geometric Fabric

Fabric home décor is the perfect way to add a touch of geometric design to a room. There’s such a large market that you can find prints in practically every colour and pattern. If you’re really trendy, you could buy them in one of 2018’s predicted colour schemes.

If you want to give it a try, we suggest starting with your throw pillows. There are so many fun designs and the fact you’re supposed to replace your throw pillows every 18-36 months is reason enough to try something new. You can even add a little sparkle to your home if you choose something like these monochrome prints.

Geometric Patterns Monochrome Throw Pillows
Geometric Patterns Monochrome Throw Pillows

If you prefer a little more colour, these geometric throw pillow covers are also a great way to add colour to a room. Whether multi-coloured or colour themed, it’s hard not to look at them and feel happy.

Geometric Patterns Throw Pillows in Yellow, White and Blue

Bedding is another place to incorporate geometric patterns. This stunning contrast White and Ochre set by Harlequin is a showstopper. It brightens up the room but isn’t too busy. It adds just the right amount of colour and style to a plain room. Click here to shop.

Geometric patterns on curtains can be exactly what a room needs to liven it up. The key to making them work is keeping the walls and furniture solid colours. An excellent example of this is this picture of geometric bright orange curtains.

Geometric Patterns Bright Orange Curtains

Geometric Accent Pieces

For an alternative approach, accent pieces can also have geometric features. Use them instead of or along with other geometric elements. They look great on a shelf or coffee table.

For example, these geometric lanterns are perfect for the indoors or out. They’re edgy looking, but also provide a bit of light. They are attractive standing alone or clustered with other lanterns.

Geometric Patterns Funky lanterns on a pink sofa

Geometric glass planters have been all over the craft shops this year. These are excellent for terrariums. Including a succulent or two will warm up a room’s décor. They can also be used to display collectables or hold potpourri.

Geometric Patterns Glass Planters Terrariums
Geometric Patterns Glass Planters Terrariums

These white geometric ceramic vases are a bold statement. These vases have a large hexagon base for stability and a small opening just perfect for one bud (or a few small ones) like these elegant white daisies.

Geometric Patterns Ceramic Vases filled with white daisies

Thoughts on Geometric Patterns?

These are just a few examples of how geometric patterns can be included in your home décor. While they are a fun motif, geometric patterns should be used sparingly. Too many can create a visual cluster that’s too much for the eyes to take in.

Do you have a favourite geometric design idea? Share it in the comments!

Geometric Patterns: Trends to Watch Out For This Year
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Geometric Patterns: Trends to Watch Out For This Year
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