Colour Trend: Blush Pink

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Blush pink has been one of the most popular colours in interiors last year, and it still seems to be going strong this following year. We simply can’t get enough!

Quickly emerging into the world of interior design, blush tones offer a more grown up take on pink for a sophisticated look. It can be an unexpected and quirky colour that can tie everything together in a unique way.

Here, some tips and tricks for pulling off the colour in your own home. Dare to think pink, and we promise it’ll pay off.

How To Decorate With Blush Pink

blush pink room with furniture accents

Go For A Statement Furniture

You don’t have to have an overly-pink home to pick a blush pink statement sofa for your living room. In fact, sometimes a blush pink sofa works best when it feels completely unexpected, like in a modern space.

Like these:

blush pink living room with a modern wall blush pink living room with a pink sofa

Think about this for a moment…

Infusing a hint of colour into a plain room with blush pink furnishing will make a huge impact, as colour in decor can affect the feeling of a room or even your mood!

For anyone looking to jump into the trend by revamping their furniture, the look of a pink coloured sofa can breathe new life into your space. Try contrasting white walls with a luxurious couch or armchair.

blush pink living room with creative wall art

In a living room décor that’s so harmoniously composed, a more vibrant shade of pink would have looked less beautiful than this light tone. It’s also a matter of texture. Everything seems to be in perfect sync, including the sofa, the wall art, the plants and the rest of the furniture and colours.

Accent Pillows Go A Long Way

Aren’t ready for a complete colour overhaul? Don’t worry because blush pink throw pillows offer just the right amount of colour, and feel fun and fresh on a living room sofa. Pairing accent pillows with soft grey tones is a brilliantly simple mix!

blush pink accents pillows on a grey sofa

If your dove grey sofa is craving a hint of colour, update any plain living room décor with a few strategically placed accent pillows in a blush pink hue. After all, the winning combination of natural grey shades and blush pinks can instantly refresh a tired décor statement.

Cushions in this feminine colour inject a bit of fun to an all-grey interior in this sophisticated style living room.

Create a homely living room that will soothe the soul by layering up tones that both contrast and complement.

blush pink living room with grey accents

Add a hint of pale colour on seating with cushions in blush pink. Keep the look relaxed by showcasing collectibles on open shelving and artwork in mismatched frames.

For a more subtle approach try textile highlights around your home like plain curtains, linen bed sheets or cushions.

Pink Flowers Add A Sense Of Spring

blush pink flowers on a kitchen counter

Pink flowers—especially roses or peonies—make a great accent, particularly in a neutral space. We particularly love the look of mixing them with burgundy or red flowers for the ultimate romantic bouquet.

Go vintage with the classic combination of fresh green and pink flowers. It doesn’t always have to be bold: These peonies are the epitome of romance and a way to nail the trend.

blush pink living room with floral accents placed around the room

Blush pink flowers can make for a very feminine, sweet arrangement, but they can also achieve a more modern, sophisticated look when paired with a copper or grey vase. In addition, the specific shade of pink can drastically alter the tone of the arrangement.

Decorate With Cool Pink Accessories

Don’t be afraid to get creative when decorating with the colour pink!

If you don’t want to go all out when using blush pink in your home décor, use accents like pillows, throw rugs, a vase, wall art, or a blanket with a scheme of blush pink textures and intensities.

Source cool objects in the colour, everything from mini figures to blush pink wall art. Place them on a coffee table, a nightstand, or if you are lucky enough to have one, a mantel.

blush pink bedroom with copper accents

Ceramics and small decorative details in soft shades of pink look great dotted around or clustered together.

Add shimmering candlelight to your home with beautiful candles. Enjoy the twinkles throughout your home and you can create the perfect room backdrop display.

blush pink candles on a wooden table

Blush pink candles and rose gold candlesticks are a simple, rosy alternative to flower arrangements.

For just the slightest hint of the colour, update an unadorned coffee table with a vase in the season’s dainty shade. Look for a ceramic or glass blush pink vase to fill with delicate white blooms and bring a feminine touch to your décor.

Make Pink Drapes The Focal Point

Got a neutral room that you’re looking to add some life to?

Contrasting your living room décor with blush pink coloured curtains will do the trick, and then some.

As we settle into spring, try sweet, blush pink coloured curtains to maintain an airy, casual look inside your home.

blush pink dressing room with long drapes curtains blush pink living room with long drapes curtains

Adding romantic flowing sheers to your windows offer privacy while still allowing the light and breeze in. Or simply add these colours to a room with blush peonies.  If these colours are a little too sweet for you, make it modern and ground them with touches of black.

An artistic touch, these curtains bring the colour palette of pink up onto the wall and add all the extra colour that’s needed in this cosy space. In both these rooms, the blush pink curtains add life and a warm glow to the white walls.

Dare To Paint Your Walls Pink

Pink walls can make a statement or they can be super-calming, depending on the shade.

To make a dining room or hallway pop, try a deeper hue, while blush pink looks lovely in a bedroom, an office, or a bathroom.

blush pink sophisticated office space blush pink bedroom with marble and silk sheets

This can be a delicate home decorating choice and should be given very careful consideration before taking the plunge.

Nevertheless, it can work!

For a modern bedroom style that won’t date, choose pale pink shades like this delicate blush colour, which will always look restful. Combine it with white and cream bed linen and pink cushions in a bolder shade.

blush pink bedroom with a copper lighting accessory

In this gentle bedroom scheme above, the half-coloured wall provides a strong contrast and creates a focal point.

If you have a family and don’t want your home to look like a pink palace, a bathroom or kitchen wall is a good place to start. Most people would be able to deal with this shade in a bathroom or kitchen wall, more so than a living room or bedroom.

If you’re really bold, go for stripes!

Mix With Metallics

Put the pedal to the metal and mix some magnificent metallics to your home!

Metallics are so popular and they blend so nicely with blush pink. The trendy pairing of shiny copper and demure, understated blush pink is a gorgeous look for any space.

The metallic trend links in with industrial style interiors, which are based around unpretentious yet visually-appealing spaces. So, if you have a blush pink interior add some exposed metal or accessories to accentuate your home.

blush pink living room with a pink cushion and copper accessories

Experiment mixing blush pink and metallics to come up with a totally uniquely styled room. In the space above, you can see metallic accessories complementing these accents.

blush pink cosy living room with copper metallic furniture accents blush pink dining room with copper lighting accents

Add a metallic copper lamp, vase or photo frame to offset the delicate shade. You don’t have to stick to just one shade!

Blush Pink Flooring

Blush pink rugs can take on a more elegant, chic look if you keep the rest of the room neutral – the design works especially well for a living room or dining room, but a younger girl or teen may enjoy the look for her bedroom as well.

White, cream or ivory walls are always a safe bet, but use deeper neutral tones to help balance out the eye-catching blush pink tones in the rug.

blush pink floral rug in a sophisticated style dining room

If you’re a fan of blush pink, you don’t have to play down your eye-catching rug. Pair your rug with brighter shades of pink for a room that’s bold. However, it’s a good idea to incorporate some white accents to break up all the bold colour.

blush pink plain rug in a plain style living room blush pink shaggy rug in a plain style living room

Brown and blush pink is a striking combination, so incorporate chocolate accessories like curtains, throws and pillows to give the room a more sophisticated vibe. Find patterns that mix brown and pink shades to help tie the room’s look together and give it a more polished feel.

The design works especially well for a living room or dining room, but a younger girl or teen may enjoy the look for her bedroom as well.

blush pink butterfly rug in a plain style bedroom

In a little girl’s or teenager’s room, you can actually use the rug as inspiration for a bold, bright design. Why not match the rug with bright shades of green and purple for a room that’s fit for a princess?

blush pink shaggy rug in a plain style bedroom

For an older girl, complement the pink rug with orange, magenta and yellow shades to give the room a fun, vibrant look.

However, you use this colour in your home, it’s sure to bring a stylish and sophisticated edge to your interior.

Need more inspiration? Our Blush Pink Interiors Pinterest board has some more ideas for decorating with blush.

Would you incorporate blush pink into your home? If so, where? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Updated June 2021