When it comes to getting outside in the sunshine, it might be the case you aren’t quite lucky enough to have a garden. That means, it’s best to make the most of any space you do have – including a balcony.

It can be the case that balconies are often a bit disregarded, but with some small touches you can bring that balcony to life. And we’re here to show you how exactly you can make that happen!

Add Some Style


First things first, start by changing up the basics of your balcony. You can then begin to see what you can get from this small space.

When it comes to balcony flooring, you may think it’s far too much fuss to change what is already there. Which may be largely drab and unimaginative. However, there are flooring options which are fairly inexpensive and easy to install on top of the existing floor that can instantly change the space.

balcony in the sunshine full of plants with a mosaic style floor

Using interlocking deck tiles, you can simply click them together and lay them into the space to breathe new life into your balcony. You can opt for classic wooden tiles, or even opt for click on tiles for a patterned mosaic style like above.


If you want to add a bit of warmth and texture to your outdoor space, you can try to add a rug or runner.

Verdaccio Outdoor Runner with birghtly coloured floral patterns

A typical balcony shape is perfect for a runner, just be sure to choose one that is suitable for outdoor use. Like this Verdaccio Runner, made from 100% polypropylene to be durable and hard wearing. We love the splash of floral colours to add a touch of colour and comfort under your feet.

brighton modern flatweave rug on a decking with a chair, stool and lanterns

If you want to fill a bit more of your balcony space with rug than a runner would offer, try layering styles. A flatweave option like this Brighton modern style is perfect for doing just that. 


Adding in some lighting is a perfect way to ensure you can use your outdoor space well into the evening.

String lights are a simple and achievable way to add some instant style and decor to your balcony, while giving you a gentle glow of light.

a balcony in the evening lit by bulb string lights

If you want something that gives a bit more light to the space, opt for a wall light or even a standing light. Choose an industrial or sculptural style that can double as some interior interest!


Make It Comfortable

Comfortable Seating

It’s not uncommon to see balconies that are filled with small, hard seating. Furniture which does the job, but is hardly inviting. If you’re trying to make your balcony a space that you can spend time in, you need comfort and seating that doesn’t leave you missing the sofa.

A great option for a balcony set up is to use beanbags, floor cushions or even a hammock for relaxing. 

a covered balcony with a hammock, seating and cactus on a concrete floor

This method gives you ultimate options of enjoying the space comfortably, and makes it easier to store them away after a day sunbathing. Ideal for a smaller balcony space that you don’t want to get cluttered by furniture.


Depending on where your balcony faces, it can be the case that it’s lacking in privacy. Whether it’s right by a busy street, overlooked by neighbours or just feels a bit too public, not having privacy can mean you don’t want to use your balcony.

Installing simple separators can be an easy solution to help you feel more comfortable relaxing in your own balcony space. You can opt for more permanent bamboo dividers, or go for a solid fabric choice of a single colour or even a print, to add some interior style.

If you want something that’s a little less permanent, using a foldable room divider can give you the option to be in your own little world, or people watch from your balcony.


Turn It Green

Climbing Plants

When it comes to balconies, many people don’t view them as a space that can be turned into a mini garden alternative. 

When you’re in the city or high-rise spaces, green spaces can be few and far between. Which is why adding some greenery to your balcony can create a well needed garden alternative right outside your door.

a close up of a balcony with a table and chair, surrounded by potted plants and greenery

If you don’t want to have plant pots to take up what valuable space you have, you can use climbing plants instead. These can double up as a privacy screen, or as decoration – plus plants such as honeysuckle and rock rose will add a beautiful perfume in summertime.

Hanging Planters

Another way to add plants without taking up needed space is to use hanging planters. These planters can be hung from the ceiling, from the wall or even from the balcony railing. You can plant bulbs such as tulips, or even herbs for a practical use of green that will benefit your kitchen.

a balcony set up with a sofa next to a wall with hanging planter pots

Make It Practical

The best way to make your balcony come to life, is to add finishing touches that make it livable. Practicality really is important when decorating and building a space around what you’ll use it for. Think about what you’re likely to use your balcony for, and cater it to your needs.

For Exercise

If you’d love to do some yoga in the outdoor air, try out yoga mats to use on your balcony like our Studio Pro Exercise Mat. To give you fresh air and an extra bit of motivation for that exercise you might be putting off.

Make sure that furniture and plants you do get leave you with enough floor space to move about on the balcony without knocking anything or hurting yourself.

A Fire Pit

Once you decorate your balcony space, you might be thinking that you can only enjoy it if the weather permits it. Which is not often in the UK!

Think about investing in a fire pit, it’s a great way to be able to enjoy the outdoors even when the sun is reluctant to show itself. You can get varying sizes, and it can even double up as a BBQ. Just ensure you’re aware if you have children or pets around, and that it won’t scorch anything around it.

Outdoor Seating

If you want to make the most of your balcony space, invest in some nice outdoor furniture. Whether it’s for reading a book, dining al-fresco or just sunbathing.

a picture shooting the balcony from inside, showing a well lit space with seating and plants

You can opt for outdoor seating like sofas which can also double up as storage, using benches that sit against the wall to ensure you make the most of all the space available!


When summer is here, any outdoor space really counts – including your balcony. Bring your balcony to life and open the possibilities of what you can do in that space!

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