For all those out there who just don’t want the commitment of real turf, artificial grass is the perfect alternative.

The weather is getting warmer and we’re all looking to spend a bit more time outside in your garden, the only issue? The grass upkeep. Introducing the solution you’ve been looking for, artificial grass – and you’ll be surprised at just how real astroturf can look…

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

  • It’s a low fuss alternative to real grass with all the rewards, you can have a pristine lawn without the need to weed, mow and water to maintain it.
  • It’s much more durable than real grass, making it perfect for lawns that have a lot of activity from sports or kids playing.
  • It won’t fade, with UV resistance it’ll stay greener than green through all those heatwaves and hosepipe bans.
  • Say goodbye to the dead grass patches from your dog with an artificial lawn, and it’s easy to clean – just rinse with water.

Why Colour Options Matter

When it comes to buying the right artificial grass for your space, a key element to consider is the colouration of the grass.

Opting for a turf that has different shades of green throughout gives the grass a softer and much more natural look to it. All of the artificial grass that we offer has four shades dispersed throughout the individual blades to give a realistic look. 

the valeria green artificial grass image in a garden with a tree, stairs and water feature

We particularly love the Valeria artificial grass for its realistic shades. The Valeria has shades of beige incorporated into the roots of the astroturf in a style that is called ‘thatched’ or a ‘brown root zone’. This filters the green shades with sandy and brown tones to give a realistic edge to the green lushness of the artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Pile Height

As with carpets and rugs, the pile height of artificial grass is an essential part to look into when buying. What you’re looking for depends on what you want to get out of the space where you are laying astroturf.

the camellia green artificial grass close up image

Shorter pile resembles a well kept and maintained lawn, but does look less realistic and natural. However, the shorter pile is best in terms of durability, so is ideal for playing sports such as golf. Try the Camellia turf if this is what your after, it has a pile height of 20mm so is perfect for a regular kick about.

A pile length that sits between 30-40mm is the ideal height for a natural looking grass, one that is being used as a more traditional lawn. The longer pile feels springy underfoot and has a more natural look that closely resembles the real thing.

an image of the rosemary green artificial grass in a garden where someone relaxes in a hammock hanging from a tree

The Rosemary artificial turf has a pile height of 40mm, so offers a really lush and full feeling underfoot.

Artificial Grass Weight

As well as considering the pile of the product, weight is something that should be looked into when buying astroturf. Weight is a good indicator of the quality of the artificial grass you’re purchasing. 

an image of two people playing football on a grassed garden

The higher the weight means the higher the density and stitch rate of grass blades.  The higher the density means that there will be more grass blades per m2 and therefore a more premium, lush and realistic feel.

Anywhere between 2-3kg per square metre is the ideal weight for a good quality astroturf.

Grass Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to artificial grass, it’s very low-maintenance meaning; no mowing, watering, weeding or fertilizing needed. However, to ensure it keeps looking it best and has a longer life, it still needs some maintaining.

Don’t let that put you off – it is still very minimal upkeep. Simply remove any debris such as dead leaves and sweep the grass with a stiff broom. This is to ensure that any debris on your grass doesn’t decompose, leading to soil matter and the potential for weeds to grow. You can also give your grass a quick rinse using a hosepipe to give it a quick rinse to get rid of any dust build up. 

a close up image of grass with leafs and debris littering it

If you have dogs that tend to use the turf as a toilet, you may want a slightly deeper clean every now and again, especially if you have children who also use the grass. You can do this by using a mild detergent mixed with a lot of warm water or using white vinegar and water. You can also get specific cleaners purely for use on artificial grass.

Pile Backing

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing what artificial grass is right for you, is the backing of the pile. This often consists of synthetic materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene or a mix.

Polypropylene is a polymer plastic that is strong and resilient, which is good for high traffic lawns. However, it can be susceptible to UV and heat exposure.

Polyethylene is a softer plastic to polypropylene, which means it has a more natural feel but this does mean it is slightly less resilient. It is also inert, meaning it won’t attract mould or mildew and has a lower static rate so attract less dust.

We suggest choosing artificial grass with a mix of both polyethylene and polypropylene to give a higher quality end product that holds benefits from both materials.

You should also ensure that the backing of the artificial grass you opt for has adequate drainage holes, ensuring that the turf you choose doesn’t become waterlogged.


Are you ready to transform your garden into the envy of the road with some artificial grass? Let us know in the comments.

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