Mid century modern design isn’t a new interior style, but it’s having a big resurgence this season. 

The design style was initially seen in the 1940s. When architecture, textiles and art were being heavily influenced by the cultural shifts of a world post-war. Even though this trend was evident, the interior style of mid century modern wasn’t coined until the mid-80s.

Although this style is big right now, it isn’t just a passing trend. The mid century modern design style is minimal, sleek and timeless – and we’re here to show you how to get the look in your home.

What Is Mid Century Modern Design?

The style is one of duality, born from the post-war era in the 1940s. Art, textiles and designs were coloured with a mood of optimism throughout the 1950s. Influenced by the shift to the modern after years of wartime rationing and hardship.

a mid century modern home with wooden furniture and wall brackets

It also borrows earthy tones and rounded shapes from the 60s and 70s. As well as representing the space-age modernism of the 80s – interpreted within a style that embodies Scandinavian simplicity.

Homes were being designed to be open plan and ergonomic, with clean lines and industrial materials such as wood and iron. 

This was contrasted with aspects of futuristic shapes and kitsch colours of the new consumerist age. Furnishings were not just there as the practical, but used as sculptural art and expression.

The age of innovation and the modern appliance is paired with utilitarian simplicity to create this instantly recognisable interior style.

How To Recreate The Style In Your Home

You may want to redesign your whole interior to match that of a mid century modern style, or just include some feature pieces from the era. Once you have an eye for the interior concept, it’s an achievable look to replicate. 

It may be the case that you already have an armchair, light or furniture that sits within the mid century modern style.

Mid Century Modern Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you need to find items that are both sculpturally interesting, yet still rooted in the practical.

A lot of furniture in Mid Century Modern style is wooden, for pieces that have interest but aren’t overly gaudy. This interior style doesn’t use much pattern, but instead uses shape and texture to add interest.

a mid century modern style room with sheepskin rug and vintage furniture

Opt for a sculptural chair such as an egg chair, or low and flat vintage styles. Scandinavian design of the 50s and 60s are often pieces that are used within this decor style, as livable pieces that have a unique modern style.

Colour In Mid Century Modern Homes 

When it comes to colour schemes in a Mid Century Modern home, it tends to stick to quite neutral and earthy tones, with an industrial edge. Beige, whites and browns are key with flashes of gold and metal.

However, having a statement piece such as a rug, curtains or a chair with a splash of colour is common. Mustard yellows and teal blues are popular colours to use. They have a vintage feel so stay within the interior rules of Mid Century Modern.

A blue teal arris rug in a living room with table and chairs set on top of it

Something like this Arris Geometric rug offers comfort within this interior style with a vintage teal shade, while ticking the boxes of the style with the geometric shapes and design.

If teal isn’t quite the look you’re wanting in your Mid Century Modern space, there are a lot of traditional style rugs that complement this interior style wonderfully, with their subtle colour palette and timeless, vintage feel.

Accessories In A Mid Century Modern Interior

As with everything in this design style, accessories all need to be carefully considered to fit into the Mid Century Modern look. From wall art to vases and light fixtures – they all need to be thought of as statement and sculptural pieces.

a juno abstract cushion in teal and silver as a cut out image on a white background

Texture is a key element to keep in mind, where print isn’t leant on so much for this interior. Using accents that stand out through material such as this Juno Abstract cushion can be ways to add a modern touch that veers away from being too neutral.

When it comes to Mid Century Modern design, wall art is a key accessory to consider. Statement wall to floor pieces are common in this style, think artwork that is abstract and simple. This can be simple line drawings, or something monochromatic and geometric.

Mid Century Modern Style By Room

Kitchen Interior

The kitchen can be a difficult room to design when it comes to the interiors, as it often needs appliances that fit within a certain style. 

a wooden mid century modern kitchen with hanging lights and designer bar stools

Opting for wooden work surfaces such as teak can instantly offer your kitchen space to that of the mid century modern. We also love hanging light fixtures that show off exposed statement bulbs.

If you’re not looking to do a total kitchen refit, you can add smaller vintage appliances such as a toaster or kettle. Swapping out kitchen chairs for ones that are more in line with the style works well, such as an ergonomic design in sunshine yellows or teal.

Bedroom Interior

As mid century modern takes a lot of inspiration from the practical and durable. So, the bedroom can be an easy room to add a touch of this style to.

Wood is a key feature, and finding vintage bed frames, bedside tables and wardrobes in this style is relatively easy. Opt for a darker shade of wood and pieces that are simple with clean lines and a modern touch.

Lighting is also a good way to bring this style into your bedroom. Standing arched lamps or lever floor lamps add a feature to a room while being incredibly practical. Which is what this style is all about.

Dining Room Interior

As with all the rooms within this interior style, it’s all about practicality and minimal fuss. This concept lends itself well to a dining room. Long wooden tables matched with scandinavian style chairs with a statement hanging light fixture as a central piece.

a mid century modern style dining room with a long wooden table surrounded by black chairs and hanging lighting

Work with a statement wall art piece to complete the look.


Are you ready to overhaul your living space into a mid century modern dream? Let us know in the comments how you’ll be incorporating this look into your home.

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