These past couple of years have been long and draining for most of us. With stressful lockdown days, financial worries, home-schooling, isolation from our social life and a hectic Christmas, our sleep has taken a huge hit. It’s no surprise everyone’s drained! So we deserve a good old long nap…

World Sleep Day is coming up and it’s time we celebrate it the right way, the sleep way. 

So put your feet up and relax whilst we tell you the best tips and tricks to celebrate this wonderful day properly on the 18th of March.


Adopt a Routine

Yes, to have the perfect night’s sleep, you have to have the perfect routine. 

Ultimately, your routine influences your quality of rest and energy levels.  Adopting a regular routine encourages healthier sleeping habits and allows you to maximise your time to your advantage.

However, we all know how much fun it is to stay out all night partying or going on late-night drives. Just make sure you catch up on those hours. A quick nap will always help you to re-charge. Try meditating, creating a skincare routine or even start reading a new book. Anything relaxing will massively improve your sleep.

The Right Bedding

Without a doubt, bedding can have a huge impact on your sleep cycle. Having poor quality bedding doesn’t give you the ultimate comfort you need. 

Have you ever stayed at a friend’s house and their bedding was so uncomfy that you craved your own bed back? That’s how much bedding can change your comfort experience! 

Bedding is worth the spend. Having high quality, luxury bedding means you’ll have the best experience at night you possibly can. Our gorgeous Hibiscus Bedding by Ted Baker has a 220 thread count of 100% cotton, giving it that super soft touch.

Keep Out Light

We have all experienced waking up to the sun glaring at us before. We welcome blackout curtains, the best way to enjoy your sleep without getting woken up by the sun. 

Our gorgeous Escala lined curtains by Helena Springfield help to reduce that amount of natural light entering the room in style. Made from thick and soft polyester material, you won’t have any unwanted light during those lazy lie-ins.

Not only do they keep the light out, they insulate your room for those cold winter nights, especially in the UK, we all know how cold it can get here! Available in many colours and patterns, you can match these gorgeous curtains to your own aesthetic.


Staying Healthy

Your health is an easy way to improve your sleep. By eating healthy and staying fit, it allows the body to absorb the right nutrients for a restful night’s sleep.

In effect, these nutrients provide the brain with the chemicals it needs to produce the neurotransmitters that it craves, improving our sleep overall.

See the NHS website for more information and guidance regarding keeping healthy.



Cushions may not have the same effect as bedding does on our sleep, however, they certainly are a good start to try and get that relaxing feel in your bedroom.

We won’t lie, majority of the time our cushions are on the floor or at the end of the bed during our nighttime sleep, but walking into your room at night with a cosy relaxing feel is perfect for anyone trying to settle down, they also give off such a good look as they make any room less “ bland”.

Try out our beautiful Mongolian Shaggy cushion By Tess Daly in Midnight Blue to give your room that extra fluffy, cosy feel to it.


Donate/ Get help

Insomnia is a sleep disorder where people find it extremely difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep for long. It is a common problem thought to affect around one in every three people in the UK and needs more specialized treatment. The Sleep Charity is an organization that helps those that struggle with sleep by offering donations, sleep courses and help too.

If you’re worried about your own sleeping pattern, click here for more expert information. 

Call the national sleep helpline at 03303 530 541



Watch out for the 18th of March for more National sleep day content. See our Instagram for more bedroom inspiration and don’t hesitate to get in touch! We hope this helps and we wish you a happy national sleep day!