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Inside Mrs Hinch’s Home: How To Hinch Yourself Happy

Mrs Hinch’s Home: The Rundown

Mrs Hinch Home 2.5 Million Followers

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

Mrs Hinch, the cleaning influencer has gained over 2.5 million followers with her cleaning hacks, tips and tricks, as well as her loveable personality. She is very open when it comes to her home and has revealed to her followers where all of her homeware is from. In addition to knowing where she bought her bed, her sofa, we most definitely know where her rug is from! However, the 29-year-old ‘clean-fluencer’ has taken the time to show her followers exactly where everything is from. From her living room to her bathroom, here’s everything you need to know about her interior.

Who is Mrs Hinch?

Mrs Hinch Home on This Morning

photo credit: This Morning (@thismorning)

Sophie Hinchliffe is a self-proclaimed ‘cleaning obsessed’ woman from Essex, whose passion for cleaning has gained her an army of fans. Known as Mrs Hinch, 29-year-old Sophie’s top tips have gained her over 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Sophie refers to her followers as the Hinch Army, and her pictures of her immaculate home complete with gleaming kitchen work tops, crumb-free floors and perfectly presented home accessories gain thousands of likes and comments.

Mrs Hinch Home: 50 Shades of Grey

Mrs Hinch Home Living Room

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

Mrs Hinch’s home focuses on the colour theme ‘grey’ as this has been seen as a popular trend for many recent years. Certainly, you can’t beat crisp brilliant white and a mid-toned grey combination. It has a fresh appeal that oozes sophistication and can be teamed with pale blonde wood, with great results.

Perfect when mixed with cooler shades, as grey can sometimes be seen as a cooler colour, it can work well when mixed with warmer shades too like sand. In her living room, the plain and patterned cushions and the subtle but stylish rug link the colour scheme perfectly. Accents of white add a modern edge to the scheme and the footstool creates an extra tone of grey.

Inside Mrs Hinch’s Home

Mrs Hinch Home Inside The Home

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

Cleanfluencer Sophie is known for showing off her home as she is constantly updating her interior with new furniture pieces and accents. There is a running theme throughout her home which is uses a mass amount of silver a grey tones and it is always spotlessly clean thanks to her cleaning habit. Lets take a look inside the infamous home of Mrs Hinch Home, from the bedroom to the living room, discover some key pieces in Sophie’s home.

Mrs Hinch’s Bedroom

Mrs Hinch Home Bedroom

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

Unsurprisingly Mrs Hinch’s bedroom is so neat, we’re surprised sometimes that she finds things to clean daily! Keeping in theme with the rest of the house, she has a toned down white and grey theme in her bedding, furniture and accessories. As seen in her bedroom, the most important things are the cushions, curtains and of course, the bed itself.

Sophie bought her curtains from Kylie Minogue’s homeware range which can be found at Debenhams or House of Fraser. The cushions were a buy from Christy Home, again another buy available at Debenhams. These are brands a lot of influencers tend to work with. A home tour wouldn’t be complete without finding out where she brought her bed for her beauty sleep. Sophie’s bed is nice and comfy thanks to Christy Home again.

Mrs Hinch’s Bathroom

Mrs Hinch Home Bathroom

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

It’s not often that you’ll see a celeb’s toilet but Mrs Hinch keeps nothing from her followers and loves showing them her piney fresh loo! We are super jealous of her bath which has an adorable bath caddy covered in flowers, soaps and candles to make for a relaxing bath time. She’s also a big fan of bath bombs and has an enviable collection from Lush. As seen in her bathroom, the most important things are the mirror, bath mat and wash sign.

All Hinchers will recognise Sophie’s bathroom. While a lot of people like to keep their bathrooms clean, Mrs Hinch tends to keep small items out. From her Matalan ‘Wash’ sign, to her Plants. You can also see her rounded Mirror from William Wood Mirrors is a focal point in her gorgeous bathroom. On the floor she has a Primark Bath Mat. Discover more bath mats here.

Mrs Hinch’s Living Room

Mrs Hinch Home Living Room

photo credit: Sophie Hinchliffe (@mrshinchhome)

A palette of grey and white gives this living room a clean and contemporary feel. Meanwhile, cosy touches come in the form of a textured rug, chunky knit throw and a smattering of candles. Mrs Hinch’s living room is well polished and shiny, fans of her will know well how she loves to keep on top of her ornaments and upholstery. As seen in her living room, the most important things are the sofa, footstool and yes, definitely… the rug!

We all know Sophie’s lounge is very grey; her sofa is from DFS, her mirror is from Furniture Village, the blanket stored away in the corner of the room is a bargain buy from Pound Stretcher. Gifted items include the Plush rug in Silver from The Rug Seller.

Mrs Hinch’s Rug: Plush Rugs

Mrs Hinch Home: Mrs Hinch's Rug, Plush Rug in Silver

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)

Our infamous plush rug has been a customer favourite for a while. If you’ve ever wondered where Mrs Hinch’s rug is from, we’ve answered your prayers. Sophie has chosen the plush rug in silver, size 160x230cm which is priced at £529.00.

If comfort and quality is your number one priority you would be very hard pushed to find a rug that can come close to matching our ‘Plush’ rugs. By far the thickest and heaviest shaggy rug we sell! Made with sumptuously a soft 100% polyester pile which is super dense and has a pile length of over 7cm. We strongly recommend you view our product videos to get an idea of just how thick these rugs are. Not only that but they are easy to maintain and have the benefit of little pile shedding unlike a wool rug.

Add a touch of luxury to your home with the beautiful Plush rug range. Available in a range of 18 neutral and vibrant colour ways, with a contemporary shaggy finish, you can sink your feet into the super soft, deep pile of this rug.

  • Wide range of colours available
  • Rugs available in a range of sizes
  • Hand woven
  • 100% polyester

Mrs Hinch Newest Rug: Prismatic Rugs

Prismatic Modern Abstract Rugs in PRS12 Charcoal Grey by Nourison

photo credit: The Rug Seller (@therugseller)

Since the showcase in a sneak peek Instagram story, we have had so many questions about Mrs Hinch’s new rug. Though Sophie shared that she loved her plush rug in silver, she explained in the story she decided it was time for a change. Therefore, rehoming her old rug to her sister. The Prismatic Rug in size 168x226cm is the perfect upgrade as one of the stunning rugs from the designer collection by Nourison.

If you are looking for a high-quality piece for your home the Prismatic rug is the rug for you! Featuring an artistic design in elegant silver and grey tones inspired by brush strokes creating an eye-catching centrepiece. Hand-tufted with a combination of 50% Wool and 50% Luxcelle a silk-like propriety fibre obtained from cellulose in purified cotton fibres. These yarns have been developed and formulated by Nourison for use as a carpet yarn with excellent strength, silk-like sheen and colour retention.

Add a pure-decadence to your home with the beautiful Prismatic rug collection. Available in a range of neutral and colourful designs and vibrant, with a silky sheen finish, that is long-wearing and durable.

  • Wide range of colours available in this collection
  • Rugs available in a range of sizes
  • Hand-tufted
  • 50% Wool and 50% Luxcelle

Mrs Hinch Floor Cleaning Tips


Mrs Hinch is always giving a helping hand showing all of her favourite cleaning tips and tricks. When cleaning the dust and dirt from her entrance mat, her approach is with a shower squeegee! This unconventional method works a treat for scraping dust and pet hairs from the surface. After that, she then follows with a spray of her all-time favourite cleaning product Zoflora to disinfect and leave a welcoming scent, it’s as easy as that!

Looking for the perfect doormat for your home. be sure to check out our collection here.

Shaggy Rugs

The first step in Mrs Hinch’s rug cleaning routine is to gently hoover the rug. (avoid using rotary bristle attachments so not to damage the rug).

Mrs Hinch Rug Cleaning Products

If you are looking to revamp your shaggy rug, squeegee’s are the answer to all your prayers. Mrs Hinch shared a useful hack for bringing the fluffiness back to your rug by simply running the squeegee through the pile to create volume as good as the day you got it. Not only does this method work but it is also a great arm workout!

Following this, she sprays the rug with her favourite carpet freshener to leave the living room smelling beautiful.


FAQ title card

What rug does Mrs Hinch have?

Mrs Hinch has two of our gorgeous rugs. In the living room is the beautiful Plush Shaggy Rug in Silver in the size 160x230cm. One of our most popular designs this rug is available in a wide range of colours and sizes. As we move into the dining room, our stunning Reko Rug in French Grey in 160x230cm makes the perfect addition.

Where did Mrs Hinch’s get her rug?

We are super proud to say that Mrs Hinch got her rugs from us! You can also shop our wide range of rugs at or feel free to contact our friendly customer service team at We are more than happy to help with any queries and questions.

How does Mrs Hinch clean her rug?

When it comes to cleaning rugs, Mrs Hinch has three go to products…the hoover, carpet freshener and a squeegee.

Firstly she gently hoovers the rug with a non-rotary attachment. She then follows with a quick spray of carpet freshener, then using the squeegee she fluffs up the rug’s pile.


Which is your favourite spot in Mrs Hinch’s home? We hope that you’ve discovered all about the infamous social media star Mrs Hinch. Above all we hope you are just as obsessed with her interior style and cleaning tips as we are. Looking for more useful cleaning hacks? Check out our Top 12 Spring Cleaning Hacks

Instagram: @mrshinchhome

Happy Hinching!

Updated September 2021

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