Updating Your Seasonal Decor

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The temperature is rising, plants are blooming, birds are singing, and the flesh versus clothing ratio is significantly changing…

You guessed it, summer is well and truly on its way!

This means now is the PERFECT time to update your home so you can embrace a summery look that will make you feel as if you are on holiday.

Keep reading, because we rounded up 9 easy-to-follow simple ideas to whip your place into a summer haven.

Transitioning Seasons

summer inspired pink living room

As spring turns to summer and temperatures start to rise, you’re probably itching to make your personal space reflect the changing seasons — we do it with our wardrobes, so why not our home décor right?

Summer invites us to crack open the windows, invite the warm weather in and take the time to make some upgrades to our homes. Maybe you want to open up your space, or experiment with colour–or maybe you’re just not sure where to start.

Let’s get started!

Simplify Your Colour Palette

Take your colour palette back to basics. Opt for two colours at max, and layer them very gently, keeping one as a main base, and the other as an accent.

Cool colours mixed with light neutrals immediately give a fresh, almost breezy feel to a home. Make sure to add texture to keep your room looking interesting.

summer inspired bright coloured home decor

However, if you don’t want a look that is too neutral and cool, why not go bold & inject a pop of colour?!

We know this is the complete opposite of what we have just said but there’s always more than one way that colour can replicate summer.

Cheerful tropical hues, such as canary yellow, tangerine orange and fuchsia pinks are hot hues this season and will totally revamp your space. You might want to balance them out with white or light grey/brown to avoid colour overload.

Add A Splash Of Greenery

We can’t all be blessed with a garden–or let’s be real, even a balcony–but you can bring the outdoors to you with indoor plants.

Indoor plants are very much on trend at the moment, and for all the right reasons. Although they are beneficial to your decor (and to the quality of your air) all year round, they are particularly appropriate to summer decoration.

summer inspired greenery and bright coloured room

Exotic-looking plants with large leaves or unique flowers, such as birds of paradise, banana trees, umbrella trees and palms, are all quintessentially summery and add lush greenery with minimal effort.

Choose types that don’t need too much sunlight and that are almost impossible to kill, like succulents, terrariums, or bamboo palms.

tropical inspired summer room

If you have pets that will like plants a little too much, you can still benefit from the beauty of greens through cushions, artwork or even wallpaper. Large, graphic leafy patterns are particularly recommended for a tropical flavour.

Incorporate White Fabrics

There is something magical about white. Not only does it adds instant crispness to an interior, it also seems to bounce light around and make any colour and texture come to life.

White is humble, simple, serene and timeless … just like our summers!

The quickest and most effective way to bring white into your decor, without painting, is to incorporate white fabrics. Aim for big pieces for a stronger impact, such as white home accessories.

long white draped curtains in a large open space summer room

Heavy, ornate curtains can have a warm, luxurious feel for the colder months, but it’s easy to swap them out for lighter versions once the weather warms up.

Long white curtains also bring light and softness, along with a sense of airiness to your living room. You already have a curtain rod, so look for airy, sheer fabrics like chiffon. Not only will these open up a room, but they’ll let in more sunlight.

They can be used as window treatments, of course, but also to create partitions in an open plan configuration or between indoors and outdoors areas.

Decorate With Flowers

Nothing says summer quite like flowers, whether, in fabric prints or real-life florals, it’s easy to integrate the timeless motif into your home decor with a wall hanging, rug or cushion.

Go more dramatic with a floral-upholstered furniture piece or pop to the flower shop for faux stems and arrangements that won’t wilt.

a bright coloured striped table cloth with a bright coloured bouquet summer of flowers

For less than your weekly coffee budget, you can hit up the florist on the corner, grab some flowers and change the whole look and feel of your home. Look for bright, fresh flowers, like peonies sunflowers, carnations, tulips, and hydrangeas to really create a summery feel.

a summer inspired plant terrarium with pink and green florals inside

Whether it’s on the catwalk or in the home, nothing says summer quite like florals. They are a beautiful and affordable way to bring the warmer seasons to life.

Best of all, bouquets don’t break the bank!

Add Seasonal Colour Using Home Accessories

Crisp whites and fresh neutrals are great go-tos for summer. We also love pale blues and greens, cheery yellows, oranges, coral, and, of course, marine blues and turquoise — all colours that transport you to the tropics even when you are stuck in the real world.

You can play it safe by picking furniture in neutral colours that work all year round–this gives you room to then have fun with soft furnishings and accent pieces in prints and bright hues.

a brightly coloured room with multiple summer inspired home decor accessories

Try freshening up a grey or white couch with cushions in pink, mint, and blue, or swap a glass vase for something in a primary colour.

Easily swap in these seasonal tones with affordable decor, such as bright throw pillows, tabletop trays, decorative boxes, and even lampshades. Changing scatter cushions on your sofa and chairs in another cost-effective ways to transform a living room or bedroom.

We think that the easiest way to adapt your house to the seasons is opt for neutral staple pieces (such as sofas, beds and tables) and accessorise with colours and styles to match the time of year. This makes it far easier to update your home.

Get Your Garden Ready

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to make the most of it!

Make it barbecue-friendly and set up a string of warm white fairy lights for cool evenings spent chatting with friends.

garden tree lights perfect for a summer night

Make the most of the warmer weather by bringing the indoors outside. Hang some jars in the trees with candles to light up the area for a dinner and bring some brightly coloured crockery to the patio table for a summery touch.

Have a lovely woven blanket to hand, too, so that if you get caught up staring at the stars you can keep warm, or have a go-to picnic blanket for weekends with loved ones.

What’s more, when you’re spending a lot of time outdoors, it’s always advisable to invest in some citronella candles – they smell fresh and will deter bugs and flies.

a green coloured garden filled with a huge amount of summer greenery ad a wheel barrow

Besides, nobody wants a wasp to hover around while they’re trying to eat freshly chargrilled ribs!

Bring The Beach Home

The quickest way to get your home into a summery mood? Bring summer in.

Seashell ornaments, a modern beach print, sand displayed in glass bottles and a nautical frame are all simple and stylish ways to bring the beach to you, even when your holiday plans have sailed off in the distance.

a beach or nautical inspired summer living room with patterned cushions

Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting literally filling your handbag with hundreds of shells that you’ve scavenged from the beach. Just a few simple sea-themed accessories will make your home feel like it’s set for summer.

As well as shells, try introducing faux coral and fossil ornaments for a chic and unique touch.

Rotate Your Art

Bright, summery prints are a fun way to freshen up your walls for spring and summer–plus, they can be every cost-effective, so you can easily rotate pieces every season.

a minimalist room with a black and blue chair, a pink abstract painting and a small green summer succulent

No matter your décor style, embracing art into your home is the perfect finishing touch in a room by blending harmoniously with seasonal décor, or standing out among contemporary styling.

Choose artwork with sentimental value, or choose a unique abstract piece for unexpected bold colours and brightness.

a wall gallery filled with summer inspired artwork

Small photographs and artworks can have a major design impact when hung together as a group. Here’s an example above that may inspire you in some shape, way or form.

Involve Your Kids

Who’s more happy-go-lucky than your child?

Tap that natural creativity and ask your kids to create one or two artistic pieces that reflect their outlook on summer.

summer hanging artwork in the home

Whether it’s a watercolour painting or a seashell montage, find a well-lit area to display their work.

They’ll love having the opportunity to contribute, and you’ll have a unique, and budget-friendly, piece of décor!

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