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Tactile, soft, and luxurious… Crushed Velvet is the top choice for interiors fabric this year. The trend represents a seismic shift in taste over the past few years. As now it’s on every rug seeker’s wish list.

Interiors are all about texture, and crushed velvet is riding high as one of our favourite finishes for the new season. Featuring prominently in floorings, crushed velvet brings a touch of opulence and luxurious comfort to both classic and contemporary interiors.

This season crushed velvet has had a contemporary makeover and is appearing in a whole host of shades from bold jewel tones such as emerald and ruby to pastel tones of blush and duck egg blue.

How to Bring Crushed Velvet Rugs into Your Home

crushed velvet plush rugs

At the beginning of every new season, there’s always one thing on our minds: décor trends. Last season, we saw earthy palettes, fringed textures, and geometric patterns leave their mark on the interiors sphere. This season, we can expect crushed velvet to be the texture you’ll see everywhere!

We’ve seen lots of crushed velvet making its way onto the runways during Fashion Week, so its almost tradition for it to make its way into our home interiors.

We can’t wait for this opulent addition—especially because it’s a trend we’ve predicted for a while now. Whether you’re looking for a subtle nod to the trend, or have long waited to go all out for this Gatsby-inspired movement…keep scrolling for some of our favourite crushed velvet rugs for your home.

Serenity Rugs

Designed with a crushed velvet material in sophisticated tones, this exuberant Serenity Collection has a soft, luxury feel and is complete with a shaggy textured look. The key to making crushed velvet work is to not overdo it!

crushed velvet serenity rugs

If you’re looking to add luxury to your décor, the Serenity Collection will bring a touch of luxury to your bedroom, living room or dining room. This super-soft rug features a crushed velvet effect finish with a soft shimmer to add opulence. The shaggy texture base ensures better underfoot support, and a thick, soft pile.

crushed velvet serenity rugs

Perfect for any room in your home, the Serenity rugs have been power loomed from a luxuriously soft 100% polyester yarn which benefits from being easy to clean, hard wearing and anti-shed.

It is truly heaven to sink your toes into, as well as being wonderfully durable. This stunning collection is available in three standard sizes and colours that you can buy online here at The Rug Seller.

Plush Rugs

The crushed velvet effect Plush Rugs are a real favourite, as they will give your home an instantly luxurious feel. The plush feel and rich textured style allow you to really relax comfortably. These rugs are available in a range of great colours to help you easily find the best match for the decor of your home.

crushed velvet plush rugs

Created with a glamorous crushed velvet velour finish for an ultra-soft touch, the Plush Collection is designed with a thick pile to complete a modern style interior.

If a new carpet is not on the cards, crushed velvet rugs are a great way to go. The heavy texture is perfect for warming your floors and creating a wonderful focal piece.

Sink your toes into the luxurious textures from one of the finest shaggy ranges for your home. Choose from a large selection of contemporary colours and sizes available to buy online with huge savings against high street prices.

Dolce Rugs

Create a room that’s en vogue with the crushed velvet look with the Dolce Rugs. Shimmering and perfectly soft underfoot, this spectacular rug has a great balance that won’t overpower your interior.

If you’re after a rug that inspired feelings of true opulence and luxury, this one does just that. Combine with luxurious jewel tones for a decadent sensation or with shades of grey for a deluxe design.

crushed velvet dolce rugs

Channel a rich depth into your design scheme with the Dolce Rug collection. Handmade to offer a supreme softness and sheen to your home as well as being hard-wearing and made to last, this minimalist rug collection exudes designer appeal. Providing a neutral backdrop to build your interior around, Dolce is available in an array of muted colourways to complement your interior space effortlessly.

A classic combination of texture, comfort and style, use to add a little extra warmth to stark contemporary interior spaces. Or to segment your modern furniture arrangement for an enduring expression of timeless style.

Chrome Rugs

With its simple silhouette and absence of pattern, these pieces channels a low-key, modern aesthetic. Chrome rugs are a perfect mix of modernism and contemporary luxurious comfort with its silky, velvety texture.

Katherine Carnaby has been creating rugs that remain at the forefront of design and innovation. With collections that are versatile, quirky, inspiring and of great value.

crushed velvet serenity rugs

This gorgeous, yet minimal rug collection by Katherine Carnaby stands out with its unique shimmering surface. Depending on your viewpoint and the incidence of light, it has a distinct look and adds sheer brilliance to every interior. Its crushed velvet pile has a silky feel and therefore beautifully highlights its plain colouring.

The rug has been crafted by hand from 100% viscose and has a pleasant feel – one which is particularly kind to your feet. Choose between effortlessly stylish light neutral and grey hues, or opt for the design in petrol blue, tan or dark charcoal

Blade Rugs

The Blade collection has a rich mix of fibres and has a natural lustre and pleasant sheen giving your room the wow factor. This collection oozes beauty, glamour and sophistication. Hand loomed with a shimmering silk-like 100% viscose pile, the result is a superb quality rug with an expensive high-class look and feel.

crushed velvet blade rugs

The shimmering pile is dense to touch but soft enough to feel cosy and luxurious. The viscose yarn is tip sheared, giving a vintage and distressed look, setting the Blade collection apart from our other ranges like Dolce and Bellagio. Try adding them to a living room for a warm homely feel.

Crafted with a velour finish giving it a soft, crushed velvet sheen, this collection brings glamour and comfort to your home. Complete with simple design and a wide edge border, the super smooth pile gives a soft underfoot feel while the shimmering appearance is simply stand out! Ideal for adding glamour to a decor.

Aran Rugs

Have you always desired for a classic and luxurious rug which could give a complete makeover to your room?

With its beautifully designed look, Aran rugs would make a fantastic centrepiece for any bedroom. Upholstered in gorgeous crushed velvet looking fabric, these rugs will bring instant style and class.

crushed velvet aran rugs

Feather soft and visually inviting, instantly transform any space into a confidently cosy one. These rugs can soften the look of any room, so they excel on hard floor surfaces. The silky hues come from the soft 60% Wool / 40% Viscose pile. Which is hard wearing and a temptation to tired toes.

Plain in colour but not boring; the Aran collection is a wool rich rug with the added benefit of glossy viscose yarns. The pile is deep, chunky and soft to touch meaning the overall look is plain with added interesting due to the shine of the viscose. With rich tones, these luxurious rugs boast a stylish crushed velvet texture.


So, we’ve given some insight on some of the best Crushed Velvet rugs we offer!

Browse our luxurious Crushed Velvet rugs and choose from rich textures and colours to give your home a premium look and feel. Indulge yourself in a Crushed Velvet rug.

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updated April 2021

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