Finding it hard to give your home that luxury feeling on a budget? We are here to help. Whether you are saving, in student accommodation, or just can’t come to spend so much money on home accessories, we made the perfect guide for you.

When looking for home accessories and home decor on a budget, you want to consider the material, colour, and pattern of the product, choosing a pattern that is highly detailed or a material that looks high in quality such as polyester or cotton, it will instantly give you that ultimate luxury feeling both in look and feel.


Bedding is an easy way to transform your room into a luxurious space, you can pretty much go in any direction with bedding, from plain and elegant to detailed and loud. Try opting for a highly detailed piece to make your bed the centre of attention in your bedroom. Our Liv Leaf Stem Bedding by Helena Springfield in Teal Green is made with 52% polyester and 48% cotton, the circular geometric design, and the subtle blue and green tones give any room a luxury look. From £25.00, what a bargain!

You can pair this gorgeous bedding set with a blue, Teal Green or White shaggy rug. 


Bath mats are a great way to use practicality and style in your bathroom, having a bath mat not only fills up the floor space and adds tone/ pattern in your bathroom but it also prevents slippy floors, leaks, slipping and keeps your feet warm after stepping out of your hot shower in the winter months. However, a good quality bath mat with the perfect design and texture can be pretty costly, so we chose some gorgeous budget-friendly bath mats for your home! 

Our Gorgeous Country Critters Cotton bath mat by Joules has hand-drawn prints and is made from 100% cotton, the deep navy colour and the floral design give this bath mat such a luxe look, from only £22, you won’t regret buying it.


Are you struggling to make your home look less bland? Cushions are your answer. Cushions help any room from the living room, bedroom, and even the dining room transform from a bland space to a detailed area. By including cushions in your room you can easily add contrast or cosiness. You can easily match your cushions colour/ pattern to your curtains or bedding if you find it hard to find the perfect style for you. 

Our Lucca Geometric Cushion By Clarke and Clarke in Silver Grey is a sleek contemporary cushion featuring a subtle geo velvet pattern that gives off a “detailed but not too much” feel, from just £15 this cushion truly helps to put a room together.


Throws are one of the easiest home accessories you can style, over the couch, on a chair, at the end of your bed or in a basket, this is an easy way to add colour and warmth to your home without using permanent changes such as paint or wallpaper. Not only do they style your room they help you warm up and add an extra layer of comfort to your bed. 

This Neroli Fleece Floral throw by Helena Springfield in Aloe Blue has the most perfect material for the winter months as its a fleece material and is super cosy, made out of 100% polyester gives you high quality so its practical, durable and stylish, we just love the pattern on this piece as it has rounded corners for added style.


To cover your windows, obscure any unpleasant spaces, prevent dust from entering your home and more, curtains are an essential fixture. Not only are curtains a necessity but are also a decorative accessory that adds the right amount of detail every room needs. However, purchasing a pair of curtains for the majority of your windows or doors can be quite a hefty bill. 

Our Garden Rose Floral curtains by Cath Kidston in multi, made from 100% cotton and 50% polyester cotton lining, are the perfect pair of affordable curtains that look and feel more expensive than they actually are. From £39 they definitely won’t disappoint.

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