Vintage is back and trending again. And with so much beauty and historical influence, we can’t say we’re surprised.

With their unique designs, excellent quality and fascinating colours, Vintage Rugs bring a classical edge to your home.

Their amazing qualities are what makes them so special. From durability to their premium materials, here is everything you need to know about vintage rugs.


When it comes to all things vintage rugs, quality is something you can trust. 

Vintage rugs are known for their iconic distressed style that reflects the crossover between interior design and fashion. This high-end look is achieved by using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

A traditional rug by the fireplace

The quality of your rug actually starts with the material. Furthermore, vintage rugs are made up of natural fibres, with the most common material being wool. This means you are left with a quality rug that not only looks of the highest standard but has extremely high levels of durability too.

Identifying A High-Quality Vintage Rug

Vintage rugs come in a lot of styles, shapes and sizes. But how can you tell they are of high quality? Well, we’ve got your back. 

Here’s our rundown of all the unique features that can help you recognise a high-quality vintage rug.

The Little Details

Detail is everything when it comes to vintage rugs. As they are handmade, the time spent creating their unique designs can indicate the quality rug. For example, a sharp, precise design means that more time and intricate craftsmanship was taken to create it, providing you with a higher quality piece in return.

All In The Knots

Typically, the quality of your rug can be measured by its knots per inch. Also referred to as KPSI or knot density, it is simply a way to measure the quality of handmade or knotted rugs.

The average measure for a good quality rug is around 100 knots per square inch. Although the knotting technique takes longer to make, it ensures a quality vintage rug that is durable and crafted to the highest standard.

Shape & Appearance

Without a doubt, you can tell the quality of a rug by its shape and physical appearance. Although there are possible irregularities even in the best rugs, the shape and dimensions truly affect how the rug looks. A well-made rug should lay flat and evenly on the floor without curling edges or uneven sides. (Please note, it is completely normal for a new rug to not lie flat at first due to the way it was packaged or stored. In this case, it will flatten out itself over time).

Always In Style

Trends come and go throughout the years. And because of this, it’s not always easy to know which rug is right for you.

However, there is one thing that is for sure with vintage rugs. They never go out of style. In fact, they are just as popular as they were over a millennium ago. With their striking colours and unique designs, we can’t say we’re surprised!

That classic style and sophistication is around for the long run. The gorgeous Kaya Dana KY08 rug embraces the traditional faded vintage style in striking shades of blue, orange and yellows. Characterised by its intricate patterns and detailing, this stunning rug blooms with muted floral motifs and symmetrical patterns.


Without a doubt, vintage rugs are extremely beautiful, and they don’t just stop there.

They are extremely long-lasting. One of the many advantages of an antique style rug is that it can last up to generations due to its specialist crafting techniques.

In addition, with regular care and maintenance, a vintage rug is ideal for high traffic areas as they are able to withstand the footfall. This durability stems from the materials used and the way they have been expertly constructed to a high-quality level.

Around The World Styles

Striking designs and faded colours make up the unique look of vintage rugs, but where does that influence come from?

Vintage rugs honour designs from all around the world. From Persian styles to Oriental rugs in Europe, each rug has its own story to tell.

This is often brought to life through each unique pattern and colour. The Royal Kashqai Rug embraces artistry inspired by the cultures of Asia. Beautifully crafted with a luxurious, 100% wool pile, the traditional oriental design is certain to inject colour and life into your room.

Uniquely Yours

If you are looking to make a statement, vintage rugs will help you do just that.

Surprisingly, no two vintage rugs are actually the same. This is because they are uniquely designed to bring style and a timeless feel to your home in a way that is individual to you. From floral motifs to historical monuments, every last inch of your rug tells a story.

Overall, all vintage rugs are completely authentic and allow you to unleash your individuality with a rug that is unique to you. While some rugs may be a little more expensive, it often means that they are rarer.

Soft To Touch

When it comes to comfort, Vintage rugs have you covered. 

Due to their high-quality materials, they are wonderfully soft underfoot. In fact, the higher the quality of the rugs wool, the softer the feel is.

As they are made to the highest standard, they don’t shed and wear quickly. This ensures that you are left with a long-lasting softness that won’t wear over time. The Persian Empire Rug is ideal for your bedroom or any other living area with high traffic, creating a soft platform to sink your toes into on those icy mornings.

Historical Background

As vintage rugs are, well, vintage, they have an artistic appeal that has been loved throughout time.

The global inspiration behind every vintage rug can light up any room. With that timeless appeal, they complement a wide variety of interior styles with their historical influence.

This is translated through their recognisable shapes and prints that have made statements all throughout history. They are rich in symbols and motifs, typically depicting floral patterns with detailed borders. Moreover, these recognisable emblems actually carry a lot more meaning than what meets the eye. Each rug holds a small amount of history with commonly used symbols that range from religious motifs to historical monuments.



What are your thoughts on Vintage Rugs? Do you love that classic faded look?

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