Massimo: Brand Focus

About Massimo

The Rug Seller offers a wide variety of designer brands for our consumer. We strive to find the most unique and high-quality products. One of our more recent partnerships has been with the Massimo brand. In 2001, Massimo was founded by Mads Frandsen – a Scandinavian designer with a passion for creating top quality rugs.

Massimo is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the designer brand comprises of a team of creative workers. These skilled workers then strive to combine the old and new in these beautifully unique pieces.

Also, each rug is completely unique and are all handmade using ancient techniques. Techniques including hand weaving and hand knotting to craft a rug with the utmost quality and care.

Massimo uses only the finest materials and yarns to create all his stunning pieces to create that finish that is truly breath-taking in every aspect; which are precious, unique and have a long lasting value.

Exotic and ethnic looking Massimo kelim rug, with brown and black patterns

This Kelim rug has an exotic and warm feel and is an authentic way of adding an ethnic look to any modern home. Also, it is minimalist in its design as well as utilising a range of different natural and black colour tones to create the exotic feel. Wonderful on both wooden floors and carpeting, this rug has easily coordinated colourways for blending in with the style of your home.

Hand-woven and made with 100% Afghan Wool yarn with beautiful fringed edges in a neutral colour scheme to suit any interior. In fact, this piece is made from centuries-old traditions and techniques, allowing every piece its own unique story and design combination.

Check out this beautiful rug here.

A cut out of the Massimo Selma rug with an art deco design in various colours

The Selma Rug is a bold and modern piece for your home, designed with inspiration from the classic art deco period but also elements which are 100% at the cutting edge of interior design. Whether you use the Selma Rug to create a splash of colour in a neutral room or coordinate into an already busy interior, it adds real interest and character to your space.

For a much bolder piece, that’ll work beautifully in a minimal and art-deco style room is this Selma rug by Massimo. This piece is hand woven with the finest wool pile, with a natural ability to resist dirt and is wonderfully soft to the touch.

In fact, find out more about this Selma rug here.

Rose pink coloured plain Massimo rug in a large space with complementing furniture accents surrounding

Hand-knotted and handwoven, this exceptional Massimo rug uses pure bamboo to create its unique and beautiful piece. As shown above, the choice of three different sizes means you can find the rug to suit your space. The natural bamboo yarns have a feeling similar to silk and will complement the décor of many modern spaces.

Warm and welcoming, this striking rug is one for a simpler taste, with the same levels of luxury and style. This rose coloured bamboo rug in Rose Dust is bang on trend, and we love it. The unique material bamboo makes it a durable and eco-friendly material that then can give a lustrous shine and softness.

Browse our online website for this fabulous Bamboo Rug in Rose Dust here.

Black and grey coloured Massimo rug in a contemporary living space

The choice of colours means this rug can be blended into rooms with a vibrant and bright feel. As well as that each rug guarantees a long lasting piece for your home. Adding warmth and texture to any space, the rug can be enjoyed in shades of grey or multicoloured.

Add a sophisticated yet stylish appeal to your home, as this rug combines various grey tones into a harmonious whole. This piece is handwoven with wool, which is soft to touch, durable and will brighten any living space.

In fact, find out more about this Global Gypsy rug here.

A plush, fluffy like shaggy pile Massimo rug, with a cream coloured background against wooden flooring

In the 1960s every home simply wasn’t complete without a classic Scandinavian rug. In the 21st century, Massimo are bringing it back in style. The Massimo Rya Rug is a little bit more special than your average shaggy rug though.

Additionally, known for creating high-quality rugs that can bring a touch of subtle class and style to your floor. With a shaggy, almost fluffy texture, this is one of those that you want to sink your feet into.

By all means, discover more about this Rya rug here.


Moreover, for more information about Massimo and to view the wider collection, please visit our Massimo brand page here.