Copper Interior Trends

How to Work Copper Interiors

Metallics have been a trend that just won’t go away in interior design. It’s time for copper interiors to have their time in the spotlight.

It’s the warmth of copper as a metallic that sets it apart from the chromes and the silvers. It offers a more industrial and simple feel than the gaudiness of gold metallics.

With summer drawing to a close, we can see those Autumn trends and they’re slowly moving in. However, copper fits the bill – with the orangey, red colouration complementing the orange and browns of the season beautifully.

We’ve put together a few pictures that show how you can incorporate copper interiors into your home. A way to add levels of luxury and glamour to brighten up your home as the nights draw in.

Copper Interiors

Copper in the Kitchen

A good way of creating a clean, industrial and bright look is with a copper interior. Kitchens are one of the easiest way to incorporate copper into your home. Kitchens have to be firstly practical and then looking good, but that doesn’t mean making it look fabulous is secondary.

This makes copper perfect for kitchens, as they need hard and easy to clean surfaces. However, they are often brightly lit which works to complement the copper look.

Pale kitchen interior with copper interiors handles

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The taps teamed with the cupboard handles, creates a very fresh and industrially chic look that is very striking. Moreover, the punctuation with the copper mixer finishes off this fabulous and unique look!

copper interiors with copper pipes and kitchen utensils against a white wall

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This use of copper is one that is more difficult to apply to your home unless you’re planning a makeover. However, we love the combination of the features and accessories in matching copper. The bare, caged bulb light and white wall creates a minimalist industrial feature that we just can’t get enough of.

copper worktop and handles with white cupboards for copper interiors

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Copper is a wonderful material for kitchen countertops like this one. As well as looking fabulous, studies have also shown copper to be a good anti-bacterial material. It helps prevent the spread of fungal spores, so copper interiors are just as a practical as they are indulgent.

Copper in the Bathroom

Copper interiors are wonderfully versatile, and can suit many rooms in your home. It works well in kitchens as it does bathrooms, with the look of an exposed, brutalist feel with minimalist elements.

However, the warmth of the copper material work to lift this sort of look to prevent it looking a bit cold and lacking unique character.

Dark concrete wetroom shower with copper interiors showerhead

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It’s used wonderfully in this dramatic look to do just that, lifting the concrete design with a splash of copper. This look is stylish and industrial by contrasting textures and colours with the copper against the dark and moody cement.

Opt for a brushed texture for a more muted statement over shiny, if you’re worried about it being too bold. The good thing with investing in quality ‘raw’ materials like copper, it’ll never go out of fashion and always looks fabulous.

Marble style wall and dark blue bathroom cabinet with copper feet, handles and mirror for copper interiors

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Sinks are another subtle way to introduce copper into your home for the bathroom. In addition, copper looks great when put against raw, natural materials such as wood or marble.

It helps creates a very clean cut look, and adds that accent of warmth to help create depth. The features on the bottom of the unit and mirror add extra accents of copper that ties the room together.

marble tiled bathroom lit with candles with a large freestanding copper bath for copper interiors

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Copper baths are another trend that’s emerging, with this striking piece showing how glamorous it can look. Additionally, a free standing bath like the one above so you don’t have too much intrusive work to implement it. Choose a bath with high copper content as copper doesn’t rust, but mixed with other metals it may become discoloured.

Again, this look works with the use of natural materials with the marble look tiled flooring and an animal pelt. Get a look similar to this one by teaming your copper bath with some of our pelt rugs here.

Copper in the Living Room

Copper is a wonderful material to experiment in your living room. Like below, adding a copper coffee table to your space can give a neutral coloured room a spark of colour.

Large, bright and white decorated living room with a copper interiors coffee table

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high wooden ceilings with natural brick and copper around the fireplace for copper interiors

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If you have a fireplace in your livingroom, give it the attention it deserves by using copper to frame it. The copper shades works wonderfully well with the orange flames, and creates that autumnal glow that can carry your home into a cosy hideaway.

Also, this space uses the natural light flooding in to accentuate the red hued wood to complement the copper style.

Copper interiors cage lampshade over a yellow sofa and copper thread rug in a white minimalist room

An easy way to incorporate copper into your room is with lamps – it’s so easy to implement.

You could opt for a free standing lamp, wall lamp or a lampshade from the ceiling to add in copper accents. Also, we particularly love the design below with the strong geometric shapes offering a statement in both shape and shade. In addition, combining this on trend cage-like silhouette with the copper hue is effortlessly stylish.

Team with this Mad Men Sky Scraper rug for ultimate luxury and to bring out the copper threads weaved through the rug for a striking addition.

copper interiors cowhide rug with copper strips over denim in a plainly decorated room with a dark grey sofa

Or if you’d prefer a more unique piece, this fabulous cooper rug is made from patchwork denim overlaid with cowhide. This piece has a mesmerising shimmer of copper that is unmissable. Bring this element out even more by adding copper accessories to the room to subtly add to the look.

long white candles in copper candle holders for copper interiors
collage of copper clock and copper place mats for copper interiors

Pieces such as candle holders, place mats or even a clock would look fabulous. Accessorising is a subtle way to incorporate this trend, with elements that can easily be changed and removed for a fresher look in a year’s time – if you’re worried about committing to a ‘trend’. Moreover, even though we think this copper trend is timeless (pun not intended)!

Copper in the Bedroom

white rustic bedroom with modern copper bed frame for copper interiors

Furthermore, we love this stylish look. Getting copper into the bedroom is a little more difficult, without making it look too cold and cluttered. This copper bed frame is a beautiful look, combined with the rustic shabby chic walls and the real wooden floor. However, it gives a hint of glamour to the stylised rustic feel of this room – and it works so well!

copper shelving with a variety of white accessories on a white wall for copper interiors

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Thinking of copper interiors in bedrooms, you need to consider where you can add in accents wherever possible. This is a wonderfully inventive idea of how to spruce up your bedroom décor – to incorporate copper shelves. The carefully curated colour themed items make the copper pop against the white. However, there is nothing fighting for the limelight, so the copper takes centre stage.

copper base lamp on a wooden desk against a white wall for copper interiors
decorative copper lighting for a bedroom with fairy-lights and Moroccan style lampshades for copper interiors

Lighting is an obvious way that copper can be included in a bedroom. However, in bedrooms, you can opt for more ambient lights that are more decorative and creative than practical.

These Moroccan style lampshades or the caged fairy lights are a beautifully unique and decorative look that can lift a room as a statement piece.

Lastly, opt for the industrial and minimalist look – this table lamp is stunning and good for a stronger light on a desk where more practicality is needed. It’s a subtle look but again teamed with the natural wood it complements the red of the wood and makes a striking statement.

In addition, copper is a beautiful trend that we can see continuing into Spring ’17 and we love it. Moreover, if you have any fabulous copper interior creations, show us by tagging us in a picture on Instagram at @therugseller or leave a comment below and let us know what you think.