Minecraft Kid’s Bedroom

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Here’s how to master a Minecraft kid’s bedroom for all those obsessed children out there. If your kids are desperate to add a little Minecraft fun to their bedroom decor, then take a look at these creative ideas that add a subtle touch of Minecraft without going totally overboard.

Let yourself get as creative with your Minecraft kids bedroom as your children are on the game. Minecraft is all about creativity and building, so let that guide you for this interior. It doesn’t have to be all merchandise and images to make this look, you just have to think outside the box a bit.

Read through our tips to get inspired over a Minecraft kid’s bedroom and get extra brownie points from your children!

An Introduction to Minecraft

If you’re wondering what Minecraft is and why your kids are constantly talking about it, we’re here to help.

It’s a ‘sandbox game’, meaning you create your own experience in a virtual landscape. The main aim is to dig holes and place blocks – but it’s what you do with them that is where it gets interesting.

You can build anything from a shack to a castle, and the different in-game modes can change what your aim is. Creative mode means you have the freedom to build, whereas Survival mode you have to build weapons to beat off the ‘Creepers’ of the game (the baddies) and protect your space.

Minecraft was created by Markus Persson in 2009; an independent self-taught designer. It has very basic graphics but it’s creative freedom is the beauty of the game. The creativity and unique experience is built upon what you decide to do with the game and its components.

The game helps build 21st century skills such as creativity, innovation, and collaboration.

How To Create A Minecraft Interior

Is your little one as mad on Minecraft as every other child seems to be? If it has taken over your kids’ lives and they spend an endless amount of time playing the game. Why not create a Minecraft kid’s bedroom by turning their playroom into a pixelated fortress!

minecraft themed kids hero in video game

This is our guide on creating the perfect Minecraft kid’s bedroom.

Getting Started

Before you go online and buy every Minecraft bed set, night light and other bedroom related decor items. It is important to realise that your kids taste is likely to change faster than you can imagine. By sticking with a colour theme, you can get the “Minecraft look” without overspending and having room to adapt it. The colour palettes are easy to follow to go with the easy and basic graphics of the game. To subtly create the look, focus on using shades of green, brown, and beige to perfect a Minecraft kid’s bedroom.

However, there are other options you can go into with colour palettes to make that Minecraft look. We’ve got a few options below that you can try instead. Just stick with the three colour rule – simple is the rule of thumb.

minecraft block design colour palette

Minecraft Colour Scheme

When it comes to decorating your Minecraft kid’s bedroom, you can opt for subtle colour palettes that complement each other. Build a Minecraft kid’s room that has a soft and versatile palette – this way it can be adapted easily down the line without a complete redecoration.

For suggested complementary neutrals, we suggest using two out of the three theme colours as your paint colours. You can then build on a different colour as accents and accessories in the room – either a contrasting or complementary colour. If you’ve opted for greens, then brown accessories will help bring that Minecraft feel.

You can find neutral paint colours from Farrow & Ball here. Here are some options:

minecraft themed kids room green colour palette

minecraft themed kids room brown colour palette

minecraft themed kids room beige colour palette

Minecraft Accessories

Some ways to accessorise with these complementary colours is with something like this Minecraft light-up torch, which mounts on the wall and is guaranteed to keep zombies away! Or for something more permanent, this pixelated green lamp shade will illuminate your child’s bedroom perfectly and help their creativity and love for Minecraft flow into their dreams.

minecraft kids room pixelated torch

minecraft kids room pixelated lamp shade

If there ever was a clock in for Minecraft gamers, it would look like this. This clock has pixelated corners and manages to look almost like a rudimentary drawing of a clock on Word Paint. Little stubby sweep minute and hour hands mark the passage of time, even if the realm of Minecraft makes your child think time has stopped.

minecraft block design pixel clock

Minecraft Decor

Having a themed bedroom is a dream of every gamer. As the personal space, a gamers interests and passion can grow, having a Minecraft kid’s bedroom only aid this love of the creative game. To help immerse your child’s room in Minecraft accessories, add in these pixelated pillow covers, available on RedBubble here and here.

They’re a fun addition to a room that can help that colour scheme stretch even further to the imagery world of Minecraft – especially if you’re not too fond of novelty duvet sets.

minecraft themed kids room green pixel pillow

minecraft themed kids room brown pixel pillow

However, if you want to launch you Minecraft kid’s bedroom into extreme fan level – there’s this fabulous Minecraft covered bed duvet perfect for that super fan who just eats, sleeps and breathes Minecraft. For a more minimal effect, you could opt for a grid style pattern bed sheet to offer a subtler idea of pixilation for that Minecraft look.

minecraft kids bedroom character duvet

For a Minecraft room that is subtle, but still packs a punch – accessorising is key. And to perfect that accessorising for your Minecraft kid’s bedroom, you can’t forget about the curtains.

Try these fabulous pixelated curtains with a fading green to a brown pattern. Or for a piece that is even closer to the genuine game reality, try these fabulous Pixel Art Play curtains to make it look like the Minecraft world extends to outside the window.

minecraft kids room pixelated torch

minecraft kids room pixelated torch

Minecraft Rugs

If you want something in the room that is a bit more classy and subtle, try a fun rug that can remain in your child’s room long after this Minecraft craze passes. The Funk rug collection is one of the finest collections of wool rugs and are handwoven. They also feature a deep, soft, luxurious 100% New Zealand Wool pile. This range is easy to clean and colourfast and the stunning designs and colours are fashioned on this season’s popular choices.

Funk Rugs with Brown squares are great value for money and the pixel designs make them a popular choice for Minecraft fans, you can find this rug here.

By choosing a few Minecraft pieces, like this bean bag seat, you can get tie together the theme of the room while creating a comfy spot to relax or hang with friends. This bean bag will serve as a funky addition to any setting – great as a beanbag chair or footstool.

You can also buy this seat from Great Bean Bags here.

colourful cube shaped block chairs for a minecraft themed kids room

Minecraft Wall Art

Wall stickers are a great non-permanent way to stay up to date with your child’s favourite games. It’s a way to commit to your Minecraft kid’s bedroom without having to compromise the future of your interior.


We loved this 3D sticker for a truly realistic depiction of the ‘other world’ of Minecraft that’s not so far away – for your child anyway. These decals can be used on any smooth, clean, even surfaces if you’d prefer them on a wardrobe rather than a wall. But these stickers can be applied and removed without any damage to your walls or paint

You can buy it from eBay here.

the ultimate 3D effect wall decal for a minecraft themed kids room

the ultimate 3D effect wall decal for a minecraft themed kids room


It is no surprise that children spend a lot of time in their bedroom between playing sleeping and homework. So these spaces should be a reflection of their little personalities.

So, this Minecraft pig inspired print is the perfect piece to brighten up a Minecraft fans bedroom or playroom. With its bold and graphic pixel style, this Pig character print makes a fun statement on any wall.

This eat, sleep, build repeat print is great for adding a sense of art and wall décor to your child’s room, without being too over the top. It adds a subtle nuance to the room for that extra Minecraft reference.

minecraft kids room pixelated pig clipboard

minecraft kids room pixelated framed design


Not ready to go creeper crazy with full wall covered room decor?

With fun-packed posters, your child can build their very own world of fun with this super cool Minecraft poster. It displays an animated scene of various Minecraft characters, including a pig, rabbit and an adorable little cat. Your child will have hours of endless gaming adventure with this hanging in their bedroom.

Or for more of an arty piece over the gameplay piece, opt for this lovely yellow poster with a number of Minecraft characters to bring your child’s bedroom to life. It’s a wonderfully fun and vibrant way to brighten up this Minecraft inspired bedroom.

minecraft kids bedroom hero poster

minecraft kids bedroom character poster


As well as all of these interior ideas, the easiest way to add some real Minecraft life into your child’s bedroom is with something like toys. For that added edge and childlike feel to a carefully crafted Minecraft kid’s bedroom. Find these and similar ones here.

colourful cube shaped block chairs for a minecraft themed kids room

Decorating your child’s room should be a fun experience – for all parties involved. We hope we’ve inspired you into creating the perfect Minecraft kid’s bedroom for your child. Adding these playful accessories and colour schemes to your child’s room will help to encourage their creativity and passion by recreating the feel and effect of the Minecraft world.

So, what could be more fun than entering your very own world at night and waking up to your fantasy dream realm every morning?

updated May 2021