10 New Years Resolutions: A Look Forward

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Here we are in 2018! The leftover turkey has been finished. The mince pies and chocolates have all been eaten. And gym memberships have been taken out to reduce those expanded Christmas tummies.

Which means it’s a brand-new year for The Rug Seller! Happy New Year!

So, how are we going to make 2018 a GREAT year for us? With 12 months ahead of us, there’s plenty of scope to turn over a new leaf.

We’ve pulled together our 10 New Years resolutions for our business, to give you a little inspiration.

Expand Our Blog (And Update It Frequently)

new year's resolutions blog writing

As a business who specialises in interior design and home decor. Our blog is the easiest way to put fresh content on the site. It lets us provide new information of current up to date topics in the industry.

Consistency is key! We will update regularly and will keep learning new things as we go along.

Create Our Unique Personality

new year's resolutions creating a unique personality

In 2018, we would love to develop our own unique personality. As one of our New Years resolutions, it will create a visual representation of our company.

Customers and readers online will see a personality that is unique and refreshing.  We would love to create a personality online, that people will consider as a genuine person.

Give Something Back to Our Community

new year's resolutions diysos house rebuild

Host a competition

Throughout 2017, we have been supporting our community while encouraging our employees to have fun by holding competitions. We have previously run competitions to give our customers and community the chance and opportunity to win our rugs. This is one of the most successful ways that we’ve been able to reward our community.

Build a house

Organisations like DIYSOS offer businesses the opportunity to participate in construction projects that benefit disadvantaged residents. We have been involved with DIYSOS for 2 years now! We are extremely grateful to the team and everyone who is involved in the process. The best thing about this type of volunteerism is that we get the satisfaction impacting someone’s life for the better.

Update Our Company’s Website

new year's resolutions update our company's website

Our company’s website is our digital storefront, and we should treat it with as much care as we would other things. We are planning on updating our current website. It will become much more current, visually appealing and informative for your benefit!

We wouldn’t settle for errors in our store signage, so why tolerate them in our web content writing?

Get Closer to Customers

new year's resolutions quote by Steve Jobs

As we head into 2018, one of our key New Years resolutions is to continue engaging with our customers. We want to build relationships with our customers. So, it is critical that we are delivering value to them in every engagement, before and after the sale.

Secondly, it’s important to get to know our customers better. For 2018, we will create more open channels of communication between ourselves and our customers. We will consider using a customer support tool like Desk.com, a live chat like Olark or a survey tool like Qualaroo.

Attend Industry Events

new year's resolutions international business of the year awards

Get inspired

Watching someone in their element and doing what they love inspires us to take action ourselves. Hearing what conference speakers have done to make their business so successful motivates us to follow their lead and follow in their footsteps. They could inspire us to add something new to our business or change the way we do things. Meeting others who have been/are successful in our industry inspires us to reach the same level of success.

Have fun

Attending a conference or seminar is a great opportunity to have a bit of fun without feeling guilty for missing work. It is a perfect chance to get out of the office, meet like-minded people in our industry and have some fun with new people.

Keep Up to Date With Trends

new year's resolutions interior design industry trends

As we are highly related to the interior design industry, knowing what the latest news and trends are in our industry is key. It will ensure we stay ahead of the curve and don’t fall behind the pack. We will try to attend more conferences as they usually introduce a new trend that has recently come on the scene, placing us ahead of everyone who couldn’t be bothered to attend.

Get Serious About Video

new year's reolutions video marketing

Video platforms have been booming since 2015. But it certainly has become clear this year that we’re missing out on an enormous potential by ignoring audio-visual videos. In 2015 live-streaming apps like Periscope attracted millions of new users, Snapchat video contributed to the app’s success and Facebook introduced the first 360° video on its platform.

We want to start incorporating video into our content including moving image, gifs and vines. We haven’t quite found the right time, but if we never start, we’ll never learn!

Reply to All Comments

new year's reolutions facebook response rate

We try to reply to all comments given to us on social media, our website, face-to-face etc. However, this can be hard to consistently carry out. But coming 2018, we are going to answer all comments as we would love to keep a close relationship, encourage participation and help create our community online.

2018 should be the year we will want to get that 100% response rate badge on Facebook!

Thank You to Our Community: Here’s to a Brilliant 2018!

new years resolutions for 2018

Finally, it’s always important to remember to be grateful: we want to thank our loyal customers and followers for commenting, sharing, reading and watching our updates.

Thank you for reading! We hope these 10 New Years resolutions give you insight on our plans for 2018.