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Welcoming a new calendar year is like hitting the restart button. We say goodbye to the past year, and focus our energy on creating a positive experience for the months to come. Celebrate ringing in the New Year with the best party theme ideas.

New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for events. People are always on the lookout for a great way to spend New Year’s Eve and want to have an unforgettable night.

But the occasion isn’t complete without a party, right? Whether you’re looking for over-the-top fun or a more low-key celebration. The countdown to midnight will pass in a flash with these 9 fun New Year’s party theme ideas.

Lets get started!

Times Square

So, you couldn’t make it to actual Times Square to watch the ball drop. That’s okay! You can bring the feel of New York City to your home.

Recreating the ball drop isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, here’s the next best thing… make some homemade confetti drop to line the ceiling. This can be a net, drop cloth, or other large cloth with ropes attached to release the confetti when the time is right! Invite all your friends; it won’t feel like Times Square unless your party is packed.

new years eve times square party theme ideas

New York City is notorious for their New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square each year. And you can mirror this annual famed moment by setting up decor inspired by the big apple throughout your party.

You are sure to experience the eclectic energy and vibes of New York City with this Times Square inspired party.

When the clock strikes midnight, have your guests ready and release the confetti! For a true Times Square experience, have your loved ones write down their wishes for the New Year on pieces of confetti and create a Wishing Wall!

Most importantly, don’t forget to emulate the epic “ball drop” at midnight in Times Square by creating your own colourful and shiny ball to hang from the ceiling.

Casino Royale

Calling all ‘00’ agents and femme fatales; your mission is to party!

A Bond themed party is guaranteed to thrill by bringing a little Vegas feel into your New Years Eve party with a Casino Royale theme. Decorate like it’s a Las Vegas casino and get a little Black Jack or Texas Hold ‘Em going to get everyone engaged.

Casino Royale is one of the popular New Year’s Eve party theme ideas. A casino party always holds the promise of a fun-filled night with friends and family. You can host the ultimate casino royale party right at home with our guide to creating a Vegas casino-like environment inside a room.

casino royale party theme ideas

Party theme ideas are a great excuse for people to get dressed up. One thing we will say is make sure you have a lot of martini glasses; a lot of people will be wanting to feel like bond!

Think Monte Carlo instead of Atlantic City when planning a casino-themed New Years. As, a Casino Royale theme party brings the thrills and glamour of James Bond’s world to your event.

This is a party with class!

Maybe you’ll even invite your frenemies for some 007-style scandal and intrigue!

Masquerade Ball

Bring out the masks and celebrate the New Year in Venetian style with a masquerade ball. Adorn your home with table linens, pillow throws and props in jewelled-tone colours such as quartz purple, emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue.

And let’s not forget the most important element: the masks!

Create a New Year’s party that will make your guests be whisked back in time to the 17th Century into the heart of Venetian culture.

This ritzy theme party is all about marvellous masks in the form of centrepieces, garlands and, of course, accessories for your guests to wear while sipping bubbly and nibbling sweet treats.

masquerade ball party theme ideas

Guarantee your guests a night of debauchery as they will be sure to find the atmosphere of mystery intoxicating. Put on a deluxe mask and drink, dance and dabble in some mischief until the clock strikes 12 – then you must reveal who you are!

Encourage your guests to come dressed the part and remind them that over-the-top masks and elaborate costumes are welcome. Create an extravagant menu made of simple foods like hors d’oeuvres and other light finger foods.

Set the mood by serving champagne cocktails as your guests arrive. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the Phantom of the Opera theme song playing in the background to complete the overall atmosphere.

Pop, fizz, clink and get your glam on with masquerade madness to reveal the New Year in style!

Hollywood Glitz & Glamour

Roll out the red carpet and invite the VIPs – throw the glitziest, most glamorous party in Tinsel town with insane Hollywood party theme ideas!

For those who are topical and in-the-know when it comes to the latest current events and celebrity news, glamorous party theme ideas are going to be right up your alley.

Greeted by the flashing cameras of the paparazzi as they walk up the Red Carpet your guests will be treated to an evening to remember. Seat your guests at tables named after famous Hollywood film stars like Clooney, Depp and Presley!

hollywood party theme ideas

For your décor, use accents in classic Old Hollywood colours like black, red and gold. Wow your guests by adding a red carpet to your front entryway and place lit candles around the party setting to create a romantic mood. Remember, it’s all in the details!

Sprinkle your tables in golden stars, deck out your venue with glittering banners, and cover your ceiling with shimmering balloons. Invite the stars of classic Hollywood (as cardboard cut-outs of course!) – Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Audrey Hepburn. All against a scene setter backdrop of night-time Los Angeles or awards night red curtain.

Make sure your guests come dressed as their favourite celebrity or public figure from the year. There’s a lot of opportunities to get creative with the outfits and the decor.

1920’s Gatsby Prohibition

Can you imagine an underground speakeasy party? How about one of the Great Gatsby’s grand balls? Now you can recreate these kinds of celebrations with our guidance.

Everyone is obsessed with 1920’s glamour and festivities, with every occasion turning into an opportunity to celebrate all things Gatsby-style. So, if you’re thinking of hosting your very own Gatsby party, grab a glass of champagne and read on for tips on how to throw an incredible party where you can celebrate with your friends, regardless of the occasion. After all, a little party never did kill anyone.

great gatsby party theme ideas

Image Credit: Jess Kornacki (

Spruce up your home to become a swinging jazz club or speakeasy with roaring 20’s themed scene setters, decorations, and costume accessories. Take your party to another level by combining your 20’s flapper and gangster theme with some classic Hollywood party decorations.

Decorate the venue like a 1920′s speakeasy. Have gambling tables, beaded curtains, and a stage with a singer, saxophone player or band. Keep the tables small as they would have been in a speakeasy, 4 or 6 to a table. Don’t forget to include Ostrich feathers in your bouquet.

Turn up the jazz and dance to the Charleston!

Through the Decades

It may be the 21st century, but who says we can’t party like it’s the ’60s or ’90s?

If you are struggling to think of party theme ideas, why not plan according to decades? Then let your guests come as any decade they please. Swinging 60s, disco 70s, awesome 80s or retro 90s, this nostalgic theme uses the most memorable features and fashion from each decade and should bring back memories of the music and fashion from their chosen decade.

A very interesting way to celebrate this New Year Eve is to have a decade’s party theme. As it’s amazing how imaginative (and extreme!) people can be with those costumes. Wind back the clock and progressively dance your way into the New Year!

through the decades party theme ideas

If the ’60s are your decade of choice, think retro, whether it be with psychedelic décor colours (think electric blue, orange, pink and purple).” The possibilities are endless with every decade, so be sure to get creative no matter which nostalgic way you decide to celebrate the New Year.

In keeping with the nostalgia motif, this theme is all about catching the spirit and feel of the times. Decorate each room in your house with specific decade party theme ideas to recreate the past 100 years throughout your home for one night.

The 60s brings images of cultural revolution, peace symbols, flower power, beach culture, short skirts, flares and lots of hair!  The 70s was a time of dramatic social change. The 80s was the decade Punk and New Wave went mainstream. The 90s are not that long ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t throw a 90s party.

Ship Wrecked

Dive into the New Year – it’s sure to go swimmingly with nautical party theme ideas. This soiree is the perfect excuse to throw a shipwrecked island party! What better way to bring in the New Year than with creating a splash of a party, and it won’t be a stretch to pretend your party venues a tropical paradise.

The nautical atmosphere of a themed party is a great way to provide some entertainment for friends and family. Creating a watery paradise setting for this is not that difficult and with a little planning and forethought it is possible to enjoy an island party no matter where you live.

shipwreck party theme ideas

Nautical colours and the sea are the way to get a Ship wreck inspired look for a party and there are plenty of ways to do this. Options to consider include decorative fans with sea and fish motifs, pictures or blow-up palm trees and grass-style door curtains. The tableware used can also help create shipwrecked party theme ideas. Simply use one colour for tablecloth, plates and cups or look for some that are decorated with a sea, surfing, flower or ship design.

Mix up some cheeky tiki cocktails and get ready to do the hula – but make sure your grass skirt is tightly secure before you shimmy those hips. Your guests are sure to loosen up quickly with a limbo contest, just make sure you have plenty of nautical party backgrounds and party props on hand to bribe wallflowers into some tropical tomfoolery.

Treasure hunt, anyone?

Disco Theme

Looking for a way to add retro, disco-ball-flecked flair for your New Year’s theme?

Take a trip back in time and throw a groovy disco themed party, as the 70s were all about disco! This sparkling theme has tons of ways to have an exciting and fun time with by including some of the more memorable fads of the 70s. Invite all your friends to join in on the fun by dressing up in their favourite disco legends.

With a 70’s Disco theme, your party will be “Stayin’ Alive” with funk and retro dance steps! Don an afro wig and your tallest pair of platforms, and you’ll be groovin’ all night to some Disco hits.

An old-school disco is a sure-fire hit. Keep your guests dancing till the early hours with snacks from your chosen era, whether its fondue, pineapple chicken, bread bowls, or artic roll.

Folks in the 70’s knew how to party. It’s time to bring back the dance fever! Put some classic Disco hits and hang up a disco ball for the full effect. Break out those old lava lamps, some glow bracelets, and if you’re feeling brave, strap on those old roller skates!

For decorations, gather a selection of funky, bright partyware – perfect for that 70′s night! Get your grove on with funky disco ball tableware, decorations and accessories. Make sure you’ve the right lighting and plenty of room to dance, and don’t forget the strobe lights.

Get down and boogie!


Everyone knows that the New Year inspires people to start fresh by creating resolutions. If your New Year’s resolution involves avoiding carbs and exercising more often. Then before we get to giving up our favourite food, throw one last showdown with some of your favourite dishes.

Ask your guests what they plan to improve on or give up in the New Year and plan accordingly. You can turn delicious party theme ideas into a full-fledged party by asking guest to bring their favourite guilty pleasure food to contribute to the party.

new years eve food feast party theme ideas

Create a dessert table filled with everyone’s favourite treats for those with a sweet tooth who plan to ditch their midday stop at the bakery. How about setting up a fast food station for those who are pledging to cook at home more often! Or even a video game room for those who are trying to unplug—whatever the vice, supply a station for it.

Think about setting up food-inspired decorations to make your last feast of the year not only delicious but comical. The possibilities are endless with this theme, so be sure to enjoy these guilty pleasures one last time with those you love before it’s time to stick to those New Year’s resolutions.

Enjoy your guilty pleasures and start your resolution around midnight. Seeing everyone else reveal their vices and creating resolutions together will motivate you to stick to your personal goal.

Black and White Party

To round up the top 9 New Year’s Eve party theme ideas, go stylish and sophisticated. This black and white theme will appeal to those who want to keep it simple on New Year’s Eve.

Deck your home with black and white accents to celebrate the New Year in luxe style. Start by incorporating black and white helium balloons—they will float up to the ceiling and hang dramatically as your guests walk through your home.

Also, if you plan on having a sit-down dinner, your dinnerware should follow the same colour scheme as your theme. Adorn your table with white candelabras and black candles to add a touch of sophistication and romance to the overall setting. Hints of black glitter add an extra-special touch and tie the theme together.

black and white party theme ideas

This one is a little cliché but we’d be remiss to not include it in this list anyway. For those looking for more formal party theme ideas, or just an excuse to throw that black and white cocktail attire on, this is the theme for you. Class it up with the attire and the decor as well, keeping the napkins, plates, centrepieces, etc. strictly black and white. These parties also make for good group pictures as well.

Also, the best part is black and white tableware couldn’t be easier! And it’s more than easy to piece together an on-theme outfit form the dapper to the dramatic.

As black and white parties are always very popular as decorations look very crisp and smart. You can achieve a stunning look with decorations that match and are themed together.

Updated October 2021