When it comes to crawling into bed at night, there’s nothing that makes a night’s sleep even better than a luxurious bedding set.

From high quality fabrics to sumptuous designs, a bedding can help to transform your bedroom interior and your sleep.

We’ve got our top picks from our bedding range below, to save you time scrolling. Which means you have all the more time to snooze…in luxurious comfort.

Seasons Bedding Set

Of all the bedding sets we sell, a Morris & Co option has to make the top of the list. This iconic design and textile house creates interior accessories from bedding to curtains with the utmost quality in mind.

a luxurious bedding set in orange floral print is on a bed in a darkly painted bedroom

This Seasons bedding set is no different, with a 220 thread count making this set feel thick and warming. Plus, it doesn’t stop there, what makes this a luxurious bedding set like no other is the pairing of fabric quality and design.

Morris & Co use the textile designs of William Morris to create interior pieces that stand as a work of art in your home.

Kienze Bedding Set 

When it comes to bedding, cotton is the supreme fabric to search for. Due to cotton being a natural fibre, it’s breathable. Meaning it allows for ultimate comfort year round.

On top of that, it’s also moisture wicking. This means it can absorb moisture you sweat out in your sleep, keeping you at optimum temperature and comfortable throughout the night. In colder times, it also absorbs heat, retaining and maintaining your warmth.

This means the most luxurious bedding sets are usually constructed from cotton.  This Kienze bedding set is not different. It’s made from 100% cotton sateen, for an opulent feel that is soft to the touch, while being the ultimate fabric for the most comfortable sleep.

​​large white floral print on a navy bedding set in a grey minimal bedroom

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Scribble Stem Bedding Set

When it comes to a bedding set with a feel of luxury, the fabrication isn’t the whole of it. Getting a bedding set that is beautiful in design and style can be enough to transform your bedroom and make you feel like you’re sleeping in the lap of luxury.

Orla Kiely is an Irish designer who has a background in fashion, who has a distinct eye for art design. This transformed wonderfully into her interior range, which has been hugely successful.

Her designs are instantly recognisable, using pop-art style oversized colours and repetitive prints. Her iconic stem design has been reimagined across many designs, including this scribble stem and bedding set.

Scribble stem bedding in green and blue on a wooden bedframe in a minimal room

Foxes Bedding Set 

Sophie Allport has a more minimal approach to creating a luxurious bedding set. Her styles again pair the quality fabrication, with heavy set 100% brushed cotton.

The definitive designs are eclectic and quintessentially British, with a feel of the English countryside. Her Foxes bedding set is indicative of just that.

a luxurious bedding set in white with fox prints is in a minimal and cosy bedroom

This bedding set has a charming design of foxes laid upon it, with a grey checked underside. It’s a simple and effective style which can immediately transform your bedroom space.


From iconic designers to luxurious fabrics, we have a wide range of bedding sets on The rug Seller – to find one that is perfect for you. Let us know in the comments if you’ve found a luxurious bedding set to change your night’s sleep.

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