When it comes to decorating your home, using wallpaper can be the finishing touch that makes all the difference. Opting for a designer wallpaper can turn your walls and decor into a true work of art.

Our new wallpaper collection is full of iconic designs from the likes of Orla Kiely and William Morris. Styles that are unique and will bring a contemporary edge to any home interior.

We’ve hand-picked our top five designs, to give you the perfect shortlist for redesigning your home.

Morris & Co Wallpaper

Morris & Co is the co-operative that was started by famous textile designer William Morris back in the late 19th Century. His designs are known for their intricate details and tapestry-like form.

His styles often have a closeness to nature and are highly decorative. It was Morris & Co that set the tone for the interior design trends in the Victorian era, and are still very popular today. 

His designs, such as the ever favoured Strawberry Thief, have a whimsical and heritage feel to them. The Strawberry Thief wallpaper is an addition that would brighten any home.

strawberry thief designer wallpaper

The antiquated feel of the wallpaper with the bright colours is a statement, you could simply use it as a statement wall or for a more decorative style, use it on all walls with pared back furniture.

Orla Kiely Wallpaper

Orla Kiely is an Irish designer based in London, with a background in fashion. She uses prints with a nostalgic feel to them, using earthy palettes of brown, orange and green. 

The designs she uses have a retro-70s feel to them, with large rounded shapes and vintage tones. Interior trends are continually looking backwards, taking influence from past eras – discover the interior trends for 2022 here. Orla Kiely’s designs are no different from this.

The designs are bold and clean, and are instantly recognisable – with an unmistakable style to them. The repetitive patterns are a fabulous addition to hallways and smaller rooms, as well as featuring in unexpected spaces such as under archways or adorning bedroom walls.

We adore the Striped Petal wallpaper in Fog Grey for a truly retro feel for your home.

orla kiely designer wallpaper

Harlequin Wallpaper

Harlequin is another design house that is quintessentially British, offering a more flamboyant and whimsical offer than the previous designers.

Their designer wallpapers are eclectic and colourful, taking inspiration from architecture, to nature and beyond. 

The designs may not be for the faint hearted, but there’s no arguing that they bring a talking point to any interior. Bringing a pop of colour and a dose of fun into your decor. Expect large, balmy prints of ginkgo leaves and storks to bold stripes in contrasting shades.

Our favourite of the collection makes use of the humble polka-dot, with the Bon Bon Wallpaper.

close up of bonbon wallpaper with blue and green polka dots on cream background


This design mixes simplicity in the palettes with an unexpected print to find on a wall. Which creates a pleasing end result, perfect for adding a touch of fun to a space, from a child’s bedroom to brightening a darker room.

Scion Wallpaper

When it comes to interior design style, Scion brings a touch of modern-vintage to the home. Their designer wallpapers are a striking feature for any interior, using bold shades and patterns of animals such as foxes and hedgehogs.

The youthful feel of the brand brings instant cheer to homes, and they prove to get it right time and time again as one of our most popular brands.

Their Epsilon Face wallpaper is a particular favourite of ours at The Rug Seller.

scion designer wallpaper with minimal face design in grey and white

The abstract face designs are those of simple line drawings that have been ever-popular the past few years. This minimalist design comes in a range of shades, to suit any home and bring some simple artwork through designer wallpaper.

Sanderson Wallpaper

Sanderson is another iconic interior design house, founded in the 1860s. It was a family run business, based in London, who made a significant name for themselves by importing French wallpaper.

From their very beginnings, they’ve had firm roots within wallpaper design and trends. With Arthur Sanderson even being awarded the title of Royal Purveyor to King George V in 1924. In the modern times, they have diversified beyond wallpaper and design rugs, furniture and more.

Despite their offerings in other areas, their iconic wallpaper designs cannot be understated. Being a true artistic statement within a home. We particularly love the Oak Filigree Wallpaper.

copper leaf sanderson wallpaper

This wallpaper shade is in a copper, which brings a rich and luxe feel to this design. Beyond that, the intricacy of the autumn leaves show the true quality of Sanderson’s designs. 

Opt for the charcoal hue for a true dramatic statement for a home, with copper leaves to lift the dark shade. Alternatively, go for a pale blue or a white for a lighter and brighter choice.


We hope we’ve shown you the true diversity and options available in the interior world for wallpapers. Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on rethinking your decor, and adding in some designer wallpaper!