Spring Decorating Ideas For Your Home

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Who else is ready to refresh their home décor ready for Spring?

It is the perfect time to get into the spirit of things and redecorate your home!

Get ready to spruce up your space and refresh your home with these spring decorating ideas! It’s time to say goodbye to winter design elements and bring in the colours and crafty decor items that are inspired by this lively time of year.

If you’re short on spring decorating ideas, then you’re in luck. Step into spring with these colourful and creative home decor ideas that are sure to brighten up your home!

Here are some easy ways you can decorate your home for spring:

Bring The Garden Inside

Decorating for spring is all about reflecting the beauty outside into your home. One of our favourite ways to bring the beauty of spring indoors is to have foliage inside.

spring decorating ideas Bring The Garden Inside

Bringing in the twigs, greenery, and of course flowers is literally like bringing spring right into your home.

Imagine this…

Anything you can make with natural items will not only be super thrifty, but also beautiful!

Get creative and bring the outdoors inside by gathering some seashells, fresh flowers and blooming branches. Plants can fill an empty space in your room. And they add an organic dimension to an indoor space. Bonsai trees and terrariums are perfect for adding whimsy to small spaces!

A fun way to incorporate spring flowers into your spring decorating is to place them in a watering can or clay pot.

Add Pops Of Bright Colours

spring decorating ideas Add Pops Of Bright Colours

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways in spring decorating is to incorporate splashes of colour in various rooms of your home.

Add pops of bright colours throughout the home. Bright blues, pinks, purples, yellows, and greens liven up the home and set the tone for spring.


spring decorating ideas Add Pops Of Bright Colours

You can use vibrant yellow throw pillows in your living room or pink curtains in your bedroom. You can completely transform an area in your home by simply placing a few colourful accents, like brightly coloured vases, rugs, and frames.

Deep down you know it’s true!

You can easily paint decorative pieces to add some colour if need be. To make a statement, use simple pieces that are brightly coloured in various places around the home. Pops of colour are quickly noticeable and draw the eyes directly to them.

Let The Light In

spring decorating ideas Let The Light In

If your windows have been covered with layers of heavy drapes and blinds all winter, it’s time to lighten things up in that regard.

Do you see where we’re going with this?

Now there’ll be no need for heavy fabrics or closed blinds!

This allows the sunlight to pour in, which can enhance your mood and make any room look more spacious and lively.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

spring decorating ideas Let The Light In

Opt for lightweight, sheer curtains for the spring and summer seasons. If you want to keep your windows covered (say, if you’re downstairs) but would like some natural light, you can cover the window with a translucent white curtain.

Combine it with bright coloured curtains on either side to add some pops of colour.

This spring decorating tip also comes with a bonus… a lower electric bill. You will get more natural sunlight throughout the day, so you won’t have to use your lamps as often.

Bring In New Scents

spring decorating ideas Bring In New Scents

Spring decorating doesn’t have to be only aesthetically pleasing, as is the case with fragrant springtime candles.

Imagine for a moment…

Placing some floral or fruit scented candles and diffusers around your home adding a touch of colour and aroma to your space.

Sounds good?

spring decorating ideas Bring In New Scents

Keep spring scented candles all around the house to fill your home with citrus scents. You’ll be surprised how it makes your whole home feel!

You can put them in decorative glass jars or votive holders to add a bit of elegance. Better yet, look for large hurricane candleholders that are designed with an inner container. This gives you the opportunity to place objects, such as flower petals or sea stones safely around the candle, which adds a charming spring touch.

Embrace Florals

Celebrate the return of warm weather with beautiful arrangements of spring flowers.

spring decorating ideas Embrace Florals

Potted plants are a perfect spring décor that infuses life and warmth to your space. However, houseplants do more than enliven your home’s atmosphere.

Get this:

It has been proven that plants inside your home have a therapeutic effect and can bring a bunch of health benefits.

spring decorating ideas Embrace Florals

They can improve the air quality inside your home, increase humidity levels and reduce the amount of dust. Do yourself a favour and bring more greenery into your home life!

And who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They add beauty and fragrance to your home! For a more permanent solution, silk flowers often look real and will never need replacing

Update Your Cushions

A vibrant throw cushion can transform an entire room’s decor and deliver a bold colour statement.

spring decorating ideas Update your cushions

This white living room gets its burst of colour with an array of vibrant decorative pillows on the window seat and couch.

Updating your cushions is the easiest was to update your home for spring. Cushions require little commitment to a new look. If you change your mind on your new style—just simply replace the pillows!

spring decorating ideas Update your cushions

These eye-popping turquoise pillows are especially noticeable among light furnishings and pastel accessories.

Be bold and go for bright colours and patterns for a fun look. For a more sophisticated approach, use white and neutral pillows with just a pop of colour. It will be unexpected and still classy!

The trick is to blend fun patterns with bold colours for a stylish spring look. It’s that simple!

Add A New Statement Piece

Spring centrepieces can really brighten up your home and they can be designed to suit various parts of different rooms. Chandeliers have a way of drawing attention but this spring, make a statement with a funky, fab, beautiful pendant.

Oversized or whimsical, these lighting fixtures become an instant focal point and design refresher.

spring decorating ideas Add a new statement piece

Other forms of centrepieces could be wall art, vases, flower arrangements and more.

One great way of decorating a side table or even your kitchen or dining room tables, is by placing some spring flowers in a watering can.

spring decorating ideas Add a new statement piece

Think of combining some purple, yellow, and even small white flowers and placing them in a metallic watering can.

Go Lighter

Transform your space with a new fresh colour palette which screams ‘spring has sprung’.

Choosing white bedding allows your bed to act as a blank canvas. Dress up your bedroom with accent colours and soft textures to play off your crisp and clean all-white centrepiece.

spring decorating ideas Go Lighter

Just like swapping your bed linens can freshen up your bedroom, switching out the towels in your home can also help lighten up the rooms.

By replacing dark coloured bath and hand towels with light coloured ones, you can instantly give your bathroom a different feel. If you feel really motivated, you may also consider switching the shower curtain and any bath mats or rugs in the room as well for a fresher and lighter look.

Rearrange Furniture

You would be surprised at how much rearranging your existing decorations can change the feel of a room. Change around art, mirrors, picture frames, lamps, and furniture.

spring decorating ideas Rearrange furniture

Simply rearranging furniture gives a breath of fresh air to a room.  It’s a great way to remove maybe too much furnishings in a living space and create a focal point when staging a home.  For example, moving the couch to face a fireplace or window.

Everyone needs a little change to keep a fresh perspective.

Now it’s your turn!


What’s your favourite way to decorate your home for spring?

Let us know and leave a comment below!