Chill Out Spaces

This year has not been the easiest of years for many of us today the least! As we adjust to the new working from the home regiment, it is important for us to separate our work and chill-out space.

From pressures and conflicts at work, money woes, health issues, relationships, and the constant technological pressures never allowing our minds to shut off. Stress is becoming a real public health issue. In the UK alone, stress accounted for 51% of all work related illness in 2019/20. So, creating a relaxation space really is in your best interest, rather than just an ‘indulgence’.

We thought it was a great time to round up some great tips and tricks that can help you to relax. We want to help you to adapt to your everyday lives!

Large room with draping white curtains, hardwood floor and several comfy blue and beige armchairs

Tips for Creating a Chill Out Space

Creating a chill out space in your home is one of the best ways to relax, de-stress and unwind. To have a space that is dedicated to calm, and is created as completely separate from everyday life. It can be a really effective way of relaxing.

Simple things such as combining neutral colours and soft lighting into a room creates relaxation spots. Also, it’s easier to implement than you’d think.

With a few adaptations, you can quickly change an unused room. Or even a corner to a mindful space of calm.

To create an in-home getaway, you won’t need a complete room makeover or anything too drastic. Making a few inexpensive changes can make all the difference in how you feel about a space. Then you can make it something personal that belongs to you.

Also, you just need to find a spot that’s uninterrupted and quiet, like a guest room, or unused office. Then claim it as your personal sanctuary. We’ve put together a few steps to follow that can help you create a chill out space.

Under the stairs chill out space with a day bed covered with white and grey cushions in a large spaced room

Choose Where

The first step is choosing the physical space in which you want to create your ‘chill zone’. Where in your home can you create a little chill area? Find a visual and tangible space that you can associate with relaxation. Transform it and you’ll  immediately have a feeling of calmness when you enter.

Look around your house and see what jumps out – and also be inventive! It doesn’t need to be a separate room, is there a corner of a room that is currently underutilised? Look past what is currently in the space and visualise what you can do with it.

Clutter Removal

Now you’ve found a spot, chances are it needs a little preparation and work until it’s ready. But not to worry – everything is achievable and we’re here to help you get your chill out space perfect.

First up is clutter removal, you need a clean space to use as a blank canvas to build upon. Make sure your chill out space is free from distractions and any clutter. As it really enhances the experience and lends to a de-cluttered and calm mind.

A chill loft space with a white sofa, dark purple rug and brown wooden table with a rocking chair and large triangle window space


Now you’ve chosen the space and cleared the clutter it’s time to get creative. If it’s in a corner of a room, try hanging drapes or something that isn’t too intrusive. However, make sure it gives you a separation from the outside world.

Think about what makes you feel chilled, calm, and relaxed. You may want to include pictures of nature like waterfalls and mountains. Or of peaceful memories, such as a family holiday or a day on the beach.

Whatever it is, as long as it’s a space you can enter and associate with relaxing. Make it your ‘happy place’.


So now you have your physical space sorted and you’ve got what you need to enhance your experience, you now need to figure out what furniture you need.

This can depend on how big the space you’re working with is. A good rule to making a cosy, comfy space is pillows – and lots of them. If it’s in a corner – cushions and soft throws or blankets can help to complete the feel. Also, using big pillows on the floor can add an extra level of luxurious comfort and takes away the rigidity.

Therefore, for the extreme level of luxurious comfort, we love chaise lounge’s for a chill out space if you have to space for it – treat yourself! Surround yourself with soft, fluffy and comforting things.

A large white coloured room with wall shelves with a large white lamp and a sofa bed covered in multiple cushions on a wooden floor with a bean bag table

Try and create a theme in your space that offers a level of coherence and unity. Why not try florals and pastels for a rustic, springtime feel, or bold colours and stripes for a more exotic Moroccan feel. Have a look at our Ligne Pure Colors Rug for a floral look, or our Marrakesh Rug in brown and blue to help create that rustic, tranquil feel to any room.


Now your space is starting to take shape, you just need to add finishing touches to make it into the ultimate chill out space.

Also, you need to consider what would relax you; would it be reading a book, lying back quietly, listening to soothing sounds? Incorporating a bookshelf and maybe some soft lighting like fairy lights will help create a relaxing ambience.

Sound and smell is also crucial to create a complete zone of relaxation that engages all the senses. Using natural noises such as a crackling fire, a thunderstorm or a rainforest are common ones that do work, but think about other things that work for you. Noises that work as repetitive background noises or ‘white noise’ help us to relax by engaging our brain so we forget our negative thoughts, and also drown out external sounds – so bear this in mind if you’re choosing something else.

Soft but warming smells such as vanilla and clean linen are perfect to complete the relaxing space. Lavender is also a beautiful smell that has been used in herbal remedies as a de-stresser for centuries.


Now the work is over, you can cosy down in your wondrous new chill out space. Relax and have a chilled, stress-free afternoon without any worries or priorities. Sit with a glass of wine or chamomile tea and let your worries wash away. The room will be your sacred sanctuary away from the hustle, bustle and busyness of life. Who knew it could be so easy?

Creative Chill Out Spaces

We’ve found these really cool chill out spaces to help inspire you, if you needed any more ideas of how to make a really unique and creative space to relax in!

Creative Seating

A dark room lit up by wall inserted lights and surrounded by multiple white round chairs

We love this space; it’s use of low lighting creates a cosy feel with the use of a warm colour palette throughout working wonderfully to create calm. Also, we like the creative seating, making it seem much more informal and a real space to unwind.


Go Rustic

A large white room with a low white bed covered in white cushions with a decorative colourful doorway

This is quite a contrasting space, as it’s very bright but it works very well still – the use of large and natural light creates a real sense of tranquillity and warmth. The minimal furniture and colours here means there’s no chaotic clashing in this space, and the rustic feel creates a much more ‘back to basics’ feel that can help you get into the right mind-set.


Use Colour

A light blue room with blue furniture including a blue sofa, blue stools and a white light table with four yellow candles

If you’d prefer more colour, this is a wonderful space – a ‘den’ that’s hidden away from the rest of the house. In terms of colours, the cooler end of the spectrum works best for calming – like the blue here, and also purples, greys and greens. The use of soft lighting here with the candles is a cheap but super effective way to create a relaxing vibe, and you can even choose de-stressing scents with them!


Choose Outside

A park with a large dog laying on a blue blanket, with a white teepee hanging from a large tree

We love the idea of having a relaxation spot outdoors, if you have the space (and the weather!). It’s easier to incorporate and the fresh air is an added bonus, with the sound of nature already set up!

Surrounding yourself with nature is soothing in itself, and plants are a good way to induce relaxation. They’re also easy to add into interior spaces. Their presence in a room adds a level of serenity and relaxation as you merge with nature.

For more information about which plants will be good for your room…

Read our post on How to turn your home into a leafy oasis.

A brown and beige room with a fixed in wall sofaa with 3 cushions and a brown vase containing ivory flowers with a large window behind the sofa

If you don’t have space for a whole room, a reading corner is always perfect, even under the stairs. Although this example is quite an elaborate version, a quiet spot is all you need – no matter how small.

As tempting as it may be, steer clear of all electronics. You may feel like you’re relaxing when watching TV or on your phone, but it’s engaging your brain. It prevents your brain from shutting off properly and it strains your eyes. This defeats the point of your chill out space!

Hopefully these helpful tips make relaxing a little easier for you.

Make an informed decision when building your chill out space…

Now it’s up to you to get it all started!

And don’t forget to make use of your new space…

Lazy Day is celebrated on August 10, 2016.

Relaxation Day is celebrated on August 15, 2016.

Updated August 2021