With the cold nights drawing in around us and the festive season fast approaching, it’s well and truly cosy season. Meaning, it’s time to invest in a winter blanket. So where should you put your money, and what is the best throw material for keeping warm?

The cost of living crisis has seen energy prices soaring, so find yourself a blanket to keep you warm while you may have to turn the heating down a notch.

A blanket and throw is a great investment, especially if you’re home alone in the days or even live by yourself. A hot water bottle or a blanket is a cost effective way to keep yourself toasty in the colder days. So find which pieces to invest in as we go through the best throw materials for keeping you warm.

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Wool is always known to be the best insulating fabric, for clothing, rugs and of course blankets. A natural fibre, it helps to trap air to keep you warm, but also gives a good amount of air flow to ensure you don’t get too warm. Making it one of the best throw material for keeping warm

The breathable quality of the fabric and the fact it’s renewable and biodegradable makes it a popular option. However, it can be tricky to wash and sometimes on the more expensive side.

Although we agree it’s worth the investment it can be understood why some opt for other options. 

Try a style like this chic Ted Baker Magnolia wool blanket to stay warm and cosy.

Wool for best blanket material in cold weather

Shown here in a soft pink colourway. Beautifully crafted from 100% pure new wool for a soft to touch finish. The Magnolia throw will add a stunning finishing touch to your bedroom scene, or can be placed in your lounge or living area.

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Polyester Fleece

Wool is a wonderful insulator and warm material option, however some people can be uncomfortable using animal products or can find wool itchy or irritating to their skin.

In this case, synthetic options can still offer a great warming and insulating choice making it one of the best throw materials for keeping warm . fleece is a lightweight, synthetic material with excellent heat retention properties. It also has a fuzzy texture for added softness and comfort.

Try a style like this Checked Fleece Blanket in either this grey and white colourway, or try the brown and cream alternative for an earthy tone.

cut out of checked fleece blanket

Made from 100% polyester, this soft to touch throw makes a super comfy accent to your all round cosy home, transforming your bedroom to another level of serenity.

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Cotton is an option that is natural, eco-friendly and versatile. It can carry you through seasons as it is slightly more lightweight, but can still offer great warmth.

Try to find a slightly thicker style to offer more insulation in the winter. It’s a breathable and moisture wicking material, meaning it will stop you from getting too hot allowing a good amount of air flow. Meaning it’s great to sleep with, or to help you in those in between seasons.

We adore this Gold Throw by Tess Daly in a metallic thread for an opulent take on keeping cosy.

Gold tess daly blanket on a dark blue bed

Made with 100% cotton for a soft to touch finish, adding warmth and comfort, making it a perfect addition to complement the Topaz bedding.

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If wool as a material is a little on the rough side for you, cashmere is a more expensive version but a softer and equally thermal choice.

Despite being significantly more expensive, this material is finer, lighter, and softer than regular wool.

Cashmere is known for its heat retention property despite its light and thin texture. The fabric is also breathable so that you can use it all year round.

Asha cashmere blanket for best material

This Asha Cashmere Blanket is a cashmere mix, giving you the benefits of the material without the higher price tag.

Beautifully crafted with 70% Acrylic 40% Cashmere, this woven throw can be teamed with the Asha bedding to soften the look, or can be laid across the back of your sofa for a cosy finish.

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Knitted or Woven

As well as the material of a blanket, the way it’s woven or knitted can add an extra level or insulating properties to a throw.

Loosely woven textiles are warmer than tightly knit textiles. This is because the holes and spaces between the yarn fibres trap the warmth of your body. It takes a while for the heat to escape and it builds up inside the blanket next to your body creating superior warmth.

Blue wool knitted throw on the double bed

This Be Still Knitted Blanket is wool and in a chunky weave, adding double thermal qualities to the piece.

In a powder blue, this knitted throw is wonderfully versatile for living room sofas to the foot of your bed.

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Down feathers from geese or ducks are excellent insulating materials to add extra warmth to your winter blankets.

They are often used for duvets over throws, and if you’re after something really warming you can opt for something like this Duck Feather Down Duvet.

Down duvet cut out image

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So choose which blanket or throw material you’ll be opting for to get you through the winter season.If you want more tips on how to keep warm, read our guide on Winter Rugs To Keep Your Home Warm.