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Have you finally been granted that spare room in the house you’ve been eyeing for the past few years? Or maybe you’ve moved into a house with the perfect-sized shed out back for a man cave…but have no idea how to deck it out?

What’s the look you want? What features do you want? Well, we’re here to help!

Over the years, we’ve seen all types of man caves. With each being as individual as the men that own them. Here are some top inspirational themes and ideas on how to design or style a man cave of your very own!


Most man caves have a bar built-in, but are you truly passionate about drinks and the entire bar experience? Why not go the extra step and design your man cave solely as a bar for you and your friends.

This type of lair can take many forms. You may want to go upscale — an Irish pub theme with polished wood and Guinness on tap.

man cave bar

Or you may be the type to prefer over-the-top décor; think a hipster style or a hipper-than-thou bar, complete with signs, Heineken and quote-filled posters.

With a fully decked out bar, you could include bar fronts, beer taps, kegs, bar stools, TVs and music. Everything you’d find at your local bar…minus all of the drunks and overpriced pints that you’d much rather avoid!

man cave bar

Of course, there are many number of ways to attain the middle ground with the bar theme. All you have to do is concentrate on drinking and watching TV, and there’s nothing complicated about that. Pool, dartboards, jukeboxes and foosball tables never hurt, either.

With a place to practice your mixology and unleash your cocktail creations on your friends, you may never have a need to set foot in another bar ever again! All you need is a good kegerator to get started!


Are you old enough to have your own man cave, but not old enough to outgrow your love of playing video games? The good news is that you don’t have to!

A man cave is an obvious solution. And the gaming options for your own private space can truly boggle the mind. No need to decide between a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox — just get them all!

classic retro games room

Setting up your man cave as a gaming room makes perfect sense from many standpoints. Plus, it means that you can finally play your game for hours upon hours. All without being disturbed (or without disturbing anyone else for that matter).

You also can’t enjoy the full range of your sound system in an area where the rest of the family is trying to hang out so a man cave is an ideal place to have the volume up loud.

classic retro games room

When it comes to video games, nostalgia is a massive part. Most old school gamers will tell you that older games are better, and this is especially the case when it comes to games consoles aswell. Some old consoles can be worth a lot of money due to both the rarity and nostalgia that comes with them. So remember to keep your consoles because one day you could be on the receiving end of some serious money!

With a large screen, a couple of comfortable plush chairs, and a gaming console(s) of choice, you will have everything you need to finally beat Real Madrid on Legendary difficulty!

Must-have: Multiple bags of food sat next to you so you don’t have to leave the cave

Car Garage

Perhaps the most popular of all man cave themes; the only thing that can steal a man’s heart away quicker than a beautiful woman (other than food, beer, football…) is a  polished and well-oiled car.

A classic car themed man cave celebrates the timeless relationship between man and driving machine. It allows guys to reminisce over the Hot Wheels toy cars they had as a child.

care free man cave

The ideal look for a classic car focused man cave includes license plates, car memorabilia, branded posters etc. A garage is perfect to convert into a man cave, transforming a standard garage to a classic car mechanic style ‘shop’.

The man cave above is super cool. Not only does it feature a motorbike but it also features a couch, a TV, tools and a bar. Also, obviously, your man cave would look better with a Dodge RT Charger like the one below, if your budget can stretch to this.

car garage man cave

Car collections exhibited in a big space can look slick. But let’s be honest, there’s only a small percentage of the population that can afford to own cars that just sit there looking pretty.

To really rev up your man cave, find a classic car body from a junkyard.  Then, cut off the trunk, polish it up, and attach it to your wall for eye-popping man cave bar.

If your greatest passion involves wheels and engines than a garage setup is definitely the way to go!

Cinema Man Cave

Going to the movies is always good for relaxation, but you don’t necessarily want to brave cinema crowds, creaky seats, or popcorn-strewn aisles to enjoy them. With your very own movie-themed man cave, you won’t have to!

If you love watching movies and losing yourself in another world for hours at a time, then perhaps a theatre inspired man cave is right up your alley.

Cinema Man Cave

While it’s nice to curl up on the couch and watch a movie or two on the family television, it doesn’t quite stack up to being in a dark room with surround sound, motorised recliners, a projector and a screen that takes up the majority of the wall.

Who in their right mind would oppose the opportunity to have an indoor popcorn machine and soft drink dispenser in their home? Nobody!

lots of couches man cave

And yes, your mini cinema is technically a man cave, but that doesn’t mean horror flicks and gangster shoot-ups have to be the only features on the movie menu. There’s no reason you can’t have Saturday-morning Disney parties with the kids or the occasional “chick-flick” screening when your wife needs a ladies’ night.

Must-have: Don’t settle for a regular old HDTV when you could have a projection screen!

Tool Shed

Maybe you need to be somewhat productive in the man cave, and this is especially true if you’re trying to justify the space to your better half. Why not convert your garage to a man cave filled with tools? This would be an excellent way to get out of the house and be able to conduct your hobbies.

Not to mention the fact that there is something incredibly satisfying about building things that can be enjoyed by yourself among others.

man cave filled with tools

Get some basic hand tools, a couple of power tools and a workbench and if you’ve got no idea where to begin project-wise, jump online or get off the couch and do a one day course somewhere.

If you’re not one to stay organised in your man cave. Why not lay your tools out like the image above? You could get some soundproofing materials and be able to work late into the night if you wanted to!

man cave filled with tools

Or maybe you’re the opposite of the last one and have to stay organised in your man cave. Go for a setup similar to this one instead!


Sports are seen to be one of the manliest of all manly pursuits. So what better way to celebrate that loved tradition than with your very own sports-themed man cave?

Most guy are obsessed with at least one sport or maybe a wide range of them. So, if you’re struggling to come up with a theme for your cave but have a really strong affinity for a sport or team, why not go all out and deck it out with colours, logos, jerseys, photos etc.

baseball themed man cave

Devoting a room to your football, cricket, or rugby teams that you obsess over not only proves to your buddies that you’re a super fan, it also will solve a lot of arguments with your wife.

Instead of fighting for TV time between the Premier League game and the newest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you have a dedicated area to watch all your games.

football themed man cave

If you have any kind of sports memorabilia at all,with nowhere to display it, the man cave is your chance to show off your prized possessions.

You can get artificial grass, carpet or rugs laid down to simulate the playing surface with appropriate line markings like the image above. Or wallpaper that depicts stadiums filled with enthusiastic crowds. When combined, it can make you feel like you’re there, all the time.

Must-have: A decent sized beer fridge to keep your Saturdays and Sundays fully stocked.

Musical Man Caves

No matter what music genre you prefer, or which era of music you enjoy most, you can create a music haven in your man cave.

Hang instruments, posters, vinyl records, and other music memorabilia. Make sure you have the best possible surround sound, so your music can be enjoyed by eyes and ears.

led zepplin man cave

For all those chin-stroking musicians, there’s nothing better than a room stacked to the ceiling with vinyl, CDs, and the odd autographed guitar.

It’s the perfect spot for high-brow relaxation. Lay back with a classic record blaring, while you impress yourself with your intricate knowledge of your favourite album tracks.

musical man cave

Music is a brilliant passion to have. A ‘musical man cave’ would be excellent to listen to all your favourite tunes that no one else likes!

While this room looks awesome, it can also double up as a means of making music with your friends. Just don’t forget to soundproof your walls to prevent people shouting at you to “keep the noise down”!

Study or Office

OK, this one may seem kind of boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Plenty of guys have offices in their homes — you might not think of it as a man cave, but isn’t that exactly what it is?

Man-caves weren’t always called “man-caves”; the earliest versions were more often referred to as “dens” or “studies”. Now, you too can relive that classic tradition, by setting up your man-cave as a study!

man cave office or study

It might not involve a TV or a bar, but any place that you go to be alone can technically be defined as a man cave. And there’s no reason that a home office can’t be an exciting, stimulating environment.

A TV may not be appropriate if you actually have to work while in there, but invest in a comfy leather chair, install some relaxing lighting and surround yourself with memorabilia. Make it a room you like to visit instead of somewhere you have to go.

man cave office or study

Essentials include bookshelves stacked with hardcover literary classics, elegant furniture, plush armchairs, dark heavy drapes, classy wood floors. Maybe even a bar stocked with some good scotch (or any other liquor of your choice).

Must-have: Actual books.

Chill Out Space

After all these theme ideas, the ultimate man cave includes a little bit of everything!

The best man caves are the ones that are used primarily to relax in. Few games are as manly as billiards or pool, and these two things are exactly what you need to help you relax in your man cave!

Black pool table man cave

A place where men can go to decompress, chill, and engage in typical male extracurricular activities. Such as: watch sports, play games, listen to music, and relax.

Apart from the pool table, pool cues, racks, and accessories, you will also need a snack bar, a drinks bar, and plenty of tall bar stools players can sit on in between turns.

man cave with pool table in it

This is another example of a laid-back man cave with dark hardwoods throughout. This man cave manages to achieve an evocative mood thanks to smart lighting.

The truth is you can build a dope man cave with some of the coolest gadgets and high-tech furnishings. However, the ultimate goal is for maximum comfort and control.

So, if creating your own “man-tuary,” be sure to make a space that will allow you to relax thoroughly.

Spare Bedroom Man Cave

So, you’ve got a spare bedroom and you don’t know what to do with it? A practical and useful solution would be to transform it into a man cave!

Get a king size bed and a thick duvet, then pad it out with a thick and sturdy rug. Try not to forget a TV with the remote on your bedside table!

Man Cave Bedroom

Why not finish it up with a fine bottle of Whisky for the perfect mode of relaxation?

A black bedroom is expectedly the most likely colour for a man cave. Due to the masculinity associated with the colour alone. Also, it prevents any nasty stains from being seen straight away.

Man Cave Bedroom

The added bonus of installing a sound system to set the mood will have you in luxury in your own personal space. Make sure to have all your favorite relaxing music near by.

If you find reading, rather than listening to music, more relaxing. Then maybe you could also remove your closet door, and fill it with books (and DVDs) to create a bookcase for your own personal library.


So what do you think? Are there any themes or ideas that stand out to you?

If so, let us know in the comments below!

Also, if you have any additional ideas for themes, be sure to share what they are!


Updated June 2021.