Our Guide Rug Trends for Autumn

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Autumn’s a time when rug selection is hot on people’s agenda. There are home improvement deadlines in the form of Christmas and New Year – it’s always best to have plans completed for a comfortable holiday season. On top of this, there are also seasonal deadlines in the sense that the climate gets less and less hospitable.

If you are looking to find the perfect rug for this season keep reading for the top rug trends for Autumn!

1. Eco-Friendly Rugs

There’s a big trend at the moment for all things eco-friendly. The fact is that it’s really fashionable to show how much you care about the environment. Some people go a little overboard in their declarations of Earth-love, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look for greener choices at home. With a variety of unique designs created using recycled fibres, such as our Sushi rug, the choice is endless!

Sushi Re-cycled Rug from The Rug Seller

Natural fibre rugs have a fantastic natural appeal. They are low energy in terms of the manufacturing processes used to make them and they are generally woven out of sustainable resources. This makes them the eco-friendly addition to your home. Look for bamboo, sisal and jute rugs for a sense of ethical style.

Natural Fibre Sisal Rug from The Rug Seller

2. Handcrafted rugs

It’s not just eco-friendliness that’s on-trend. Handcrafted rugs are also very much in fashion because of their authenticity. Authenticity is the sort of property that homemakers are always drawn to because it’s one of the qualities that sets their interior design apart from the rest. Rugs that receive the attention of artisan rug makers are also something of a talking point and what use is a great style if you can’t wax lyrical about it?

Handcrafted rugs come in all colours, sizes, styles and patterns and even those from the same collections aren’t guaranteed to be identical – but this is a positive thing. If originality is your thing then you want your rugs to stand alone.

Handcrafted Wool Rug from The Rug Seller

3. Traditional vintage rugs

If you’ve got your finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion, then you can’t fail to have noticed the popular appeal of all things vintage. It doesn’t get much more vintage than a lovely traditional rug. These have a palatial quality but they also contribute to a shabby chic aesthetic. They are often used as the opulent centrepiece in an otherwise bohemian setup and they are often at their best in this environment.

Look for traditional rugs making use of time-honoured motifs and patterns. If you can incorporate arabesque design and fringes then so much the better. Not all traditional rugs are Middle Eastern, though. A little chinoiserie goes a long way if you’re after a more oriental twist.

Traditional Vintage Rug from The Rug Seller

4. Winter cosy rugs

When it’s wintry outside, cosy interiors become all the more welcoming. There are few things better to come home to than a nice warm lounge with a really soft and cosy rug right there in the centre that you can sink your toes into. Making this one of our favourite rug trends for Autumn!

Plush Shaggy Rug from The Rug Seller

Look for rugs with a deep pile. You have both synthetic and natural options here. Thick wool rugs fit the bill, as do sheepskin rugs, but don’t neglect the collections produced using manmade fibres. Shaggy rugs of this kind really up the ante in terms of choice and you’ll usually find a whole spectrum of colours on the market. That means finding a rug to complement the interior design you’re already committed to in your front room isn’t too much of a challenge. However, there are certain colour trends you might want to follow if you’re starting from scratch…

Ridge Shaggy Rug from The Rug Seller

5. Modern neutral rugs

This brings us to modern neutral rugs. If you are resisting the temptation to go vintage then you’ll need a modern alternative and right now it’s the neutrals that are the major winners. However, by neutral, you mustn’t only think of your pale browns, off-whites and the rest. You can also look at attractive greys, blue-greys and olive greens. These rugs are the perfect foil for more understated modern vintage styling – the kind of styling that’s less about pattern and shabby chic and more about rich but modest colour palettes.

Modern Neutral Rug from The Rug Seller

We Hope You Have Enjoyed The Rug trends for Autumn

So, there’s an awful lot to think about. When it comes to interior design, remember that the overall effect relies on the complementary relationship between the different components therein – the rugs, the window coverings, the furniture, the wall art, the textiles and the ornamental finishing touches.

The worst thing you can do is create a clash by trying to make every contributing feature the main event, so choose one or two centrepieces and then build the room around them. Rugs do make great centrepieces but they can also provide a really positive supporting role. Think about this when choosing trendy new rugs for your home. Will you be introducing any of these rug trends for Autumn into your home? Let us know!

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