Top 10 Best Student Rugs For University

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When you move into your new student home, it’s natural to want to make it your own. However, whenever students start thinking about redecorating… the floor is always the last thing to change. In my experience, you should model your student décor around the floor (in this case, the student rugs). Plus, it’s quite easy for individual students to jazz up their living spaces with nice rugs.

More frequently than not, student rooms do not come equipped with rugs, rather cold concrete or tile flooring. That’s why we have put together this collection of the best student rugs for a more homely feel.

Below is a round-up of the best Student rugs to get you inspired, listed in no particular order.

Montana Rugs

If you’re looking for a super soft rug for your student room, this is a great option. The rug offers a luxuriously soft and thick pile with a wonderful lustrous sheen, so it’s ultra-cushy to walk, sit, and lay on. It’s nice if you have a hardwood floor as it will warm up the room a little bit, but it’s also a good decorative option as there are 11 colours to choose from. It has been hand tufted, making it an elegant rug for your student room. The rug is available in 5 sizes, so we are sure you’ll find a size perfect for your space.

Pros: • Very soft • Extremely comfy • 11 colours to choose from • Thick pile • Visually appealing

Price: £49.00 and up, depending on the size and colour. Buy the Montana Rug here.

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Spectrum Rugs

A striped pattern rug is a great addition to a student room, as it adds design texture without overwhelming the room. This rug is available in one size: 7’6” by 1’11”. The material is soft without being overly thick, and it’s easy to clean by vacuuming or spot cleaning. There are also multiple colour choices, ranging from black to red. If you are looking for student rugs that provide a lot of options, this rug is a good choice.

Pros: • Runner available • Multiple colour choices • Anti-Shed • Stain Resistant • Water Repellent

Price: £45.00, depending on size and colour. Buy the Spectrum Runner here.

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Serenity Rugs

Serenity rugs are ideal for university students who are looking for a rug that’s on the plusher side. This rug is very soft to walk on, without being overly thick. The rug is really easy to keep clean, as you can vacuum it. If you already have carpet in your student room and are just looking for light student rugs to put on top, this is a good solution.

Pros: • Good plusher rug • Soft to touch • Vacuum Friendly • Very comfortable • Visually appealing

Price: £54.90 and up, depending on the size and colour. Buy the Serenity Rug here.

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Sunrise Multicoloured Rugs

This beautiful Sunrise rug is multicoloured, so it would match any Student decor and would work especially well if you’re sharing a room with someone who has a different design style. The rug could be used to function as a larger accent piece. These student rugs can be vacuumed so it’s easy to keep clean. Available in multiple size options.

Pros: • Multicolour will complement Student decor • Vacuum Friendly • Multiple sizes • Stain Resistant

Price: £88.99 and up, depending on size. Buy the Sunrise Rug here.

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Spiral Circular Rugs

This grey coloured rug will soften and cosy up any student space. The rug is really plush and comfortable enough to sit or lay on, and is on the smaller side at 140cm by 140cm. Even though it’s round, the rug doesn’t shed and it’s easy to clean as it’s vacuum friendly. This rug will make a great accent piece in any student bedroom. You’d be amazed how much a having a nice rug will improve your room. Combine it with some cheerful bedsheets and it will look totally different very quickly.

Pros: • Spiral design • Smaller size is good as an accent rug • Vacuum Friendly • No shedding

Price: £209.99 and up, depending on the size. Buy the Spiral Circular Rug here.

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Spectrum Rugs

No chevron lover’s Student room is complete without a chevron rug. Even if you’re not chevron obsessed, this rug will be the perfect finish and texture to your Student room decor. The rug is low pile so it’s easy to run a vacuum over, or simply spot clean. The rug is available in a range of sizes including 5’3″ x 4’0″, which is a great size for a Student room. Colours available: Black, Blue, Grey and Red. Talk to your flatmates before putting rugs in any communal areas. If they’re on board, they’ll probably be willing to split the cost with you… bonus!

Pros: • Fun chevron pattern • Low pile is easy to clean • Vacuum Friendly • 100% Polypropylene Pile

Price: £16.99. Buy the Moda Chevron Rug here.

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Verona Rugs

Add a touch of femininity to your Student room with the floral Verona rug. The background of the rug is a subtle grey that will coordinate well with any Student room floor. The accent flowers are more modern than cartoon looking, and each rug has a mixture of white, black, and light grey flowers, and you can choose between a range of colours for the accent flowers. There are five sizes to choose from, so you can easily pick a rug that will work best with your furniture setup. The rug is soft but has a really dense pile, so it’s very durable and easy to clean. If you’re not the best at keeping things clean and expect the rug to be highly trafficked, this floral rug would be a great option for your Student room.

Pros: • Modern floral design • 5 sizes to choose from • Stain Resistant • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £17.99 and up, depending on the size. Buy the Verona Rug here.

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Henley Rugs

If you have a lot of floor space to cover, or just like the idea of having multiple rugs throughout your dorm room. You could try layering rugs and this student rug is a great option and a good value. The pile is soft but extremely durable and is meant to hold up to high traffic areas. The Ascot rugs plain design makes decorating super easy and is a cheap and easy way to transform your space.

Pros: • Two-textured feel • Rich coloured • Plain design • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £129.00. Buy the Ascot Rug here.

Carter Rugs

While simple in nature, a berry striped rug can take your student room from drab to fab in no time. The rug is available in 5’0″ by 2’6″, 6’0″ by 4’0″, 7’9″ by 5’3″, and a hallway runner, so no matter the floor space you have available or the furniture set-up, you can choose a size that will fit for you. The rug easily wipes clean and is soft to walk on. If you’re looking for a bold student room rug, this is a great option that will pair well with neutrals or bright student decor.

Pros: • Bright bold colour • Vibrant stripe design • Vacuum Friendly • Soft underfoot

Price: £73.99 and up, depending on the size. Buy the Carter Rug here.

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Herringbone Jute Rugs

This Herringbone Diamond Jute rug is ideal for a university student who is looking for a simple rug to cover their floor. With a low profile and neutral colour choices, this rug will blend in with your existing student floor and decor. The rugs material is a natural fibre. The low pile makes it easy to vacuum and spot clean, and there are multiple sizes to choose from. Whether you want a more neutral colour or something bright, this rug is a chameleon to decors.

Pros: • Simple and thin design • Non-skid backing • Jute Natural Fibre Material • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £44.72 and up, depending on size and colour. Buy the Herringbone Diamond Jute Rug here.

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So there you go! Some of the best student rugs for dorm rooms. We hope that you take note on how to make the most of your room and make it feel a bit more like home.

Did you know that rugs look awesome when layered? Try laying a faux fur rug over a block colour one for some serious interior designer points.]

For more rug information, tips and advice, don’t be shy to leave a comment below!