Top 10 Best Student Rugs For University

When moving into your uni home it’s natural to decorate it to your style, this can make your stay at uni more comforting, homely or even stylish. Normally you leave the floor space till last, however, I think that this is one of the main priorities. Making your rug one of your first accessories in your room can help you choose your other decor choices around that. Having a rug in your uni accommodation can help to decorate your room without any extreme decorating.

Mostar likely student rooms have cold concrete or tile flooring, choosing a rug from this collection can easily help you to give a more comfortable feel when living in these rooms.

Below are some rugs to give you a little bit more inspiration when decorating your room using a rug, listed in no particular order.

Montana Rugs

If you’re looking for a super soft rug for your student room then this is the perfect rug for you. The Montana rug offers a luxuriously soft and thick 80mm pile with a wonderful lustrous sheen that simply adds sophistication. Hand-tufted from 25% Polyester and 75% Acrylic, this elegant rug is perfect for your uni accommodation. This rug has the most gorgeous soft feel making it perfect to lay on, sit on or walk on which helps to add that homely feel to your room, you won’t want to leave after experiencing the greatness of this rug, The Montana rug is available in 11 colours and 5 different sizes perfect for small, medium or big rooms. The variety of colours makes it easier for you to style this rug with any accessories you already have.

Pros: • Very soft • Extremely comfy • 11 colours to choose from • Thick pile • Visually appealing

Buy the Montana Rug here.

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Serenity Rugs

Serenity rugs feature a shimmering pile which is wonderful to sink your toes into. Perfect for any room in your home, the serentiy rugs have been power-loomed from a luxuriously soft 100% polyester yarn which benefits from being hard wearing and anti shed. The Serenity rug is perfect for uni goers, it’s easy to clean as it’s able to be hoovered. It’s not too thick so the dirt and dust don’t get stuck in the deeper layers but it still has enough thickness to make it super soft to walk on, the rug itself includes comfort and style with its beautiful sheen.

Pros: • Good plusher rug • Soft to touch • Vacuum Friendly • Very comfortable • Visually appealing

Buy the Serenity Rug here.

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Sunrise Multicoloured Rugs

This beautiful multicoloured Sunrise Rug is power loomed with a very durable and stain-resistant and 100% heat-set polypropylene pile. This colourful abstract design offers high levels of practicality and will be sure to enhance any modern room setting. This rug can be used as an accent piece in any uni room. The multi-coloured rug can go with any uni decor as it has so many colours within it. Making your uni room a fun and exciting environment. Available in multiple sizes to fit any size uni room.

Pros: • Multicolour will complement Student decor • Vacuum Friendly • Multiple sizes • Stain Resistant

Buy the Sunrise Rug here.

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Spiral Circular Rugs

The spiral circular rug gives a simple feel whilst adding detail with a hand-carved contemporary spiral design with a 3D effect. This vacuum friendly rug is an easy but stylish way to add your decorative touch to your uni accommodation. Spiral rugs have a Heavyweight 100% Wool Pile and are sure to bring comfort and warmth to your home. A good way to style this would be to add some similar toned cheerful bedsheets too.

Pros: • Spiral design • Smaller size is good as an accent rug • Vacuum Friendly • No shedding

Buy the Spiral Circular Rug here.

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Verona Rugs

Wanting a touch of femininity in your new uni home? The Verona rug really adds a modern look to your student room. It is manufactured using 100% heat-set polypropylene with hand carving of the floral design, durability and comfort are key features to this range. Available in a range of colourways that can easily be matched with your furniture set up and sizes offering both style and comfort in your home.

Pros: • Modern floral design • 5 sizes to choose from • Stain Resistant • Vacuum Friendly

Buy the Verona Rug here.

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Carter Rugs

Carter rugs are handwoven using the finest of 100% woollen yarns, the striped design in contrasting berry colour tones will add a subtle burst of colour to your student room. Indulgently soft underfoot and enduringly elegant in appearance, the Carter collection is the perfect choice for your home. With several colours to help match your uni room, If your looking for a bold student room rug then this is the perfect option for you.

Pros: • Bright bold colour • Vibrant stripe design • Vacuum Friendly • Soft underfoot

Buy the Carter Rug here.

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Herringbone Jute Rugs

You can’t go wrong with a classic herringbone pattern. The Herringbone Diamond Jute Rug is a great way to add style to your room with something so simple, this rug has enough detail to style your room but is simple enough to take care of and insert into other decors. the beautiful zig-zag pattern is perfect to add a dash of colour and softness. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Washable at 30C and stain-resistant, so spills and marks wash out easily. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use and 100% recyclable at the end of life. Available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit anyone’s taste and room.


Pros: • Simple and thin design • Non-skid backing • Jute Natural Fibre Material • Vacuum Friendly

Buy the Herringbone Diamond Jute Rug here.

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So there you go! Some of the best student rugs for dorm rooms. We hope that you take note on how to make the most of your room and make it feel a bit more like home.

Did you know that rugs look awesome when layered? Try laying a faux fur rug over a block colour one for some serious interior designer points.]

For more rug information, tips and advice, don’t be shy to leave a comment below!