A current trend in the interior world is green interiors. From green walls to emerald accessories and houses full of leafy plants – green is a colour trend that isn’t going anywhere soon.

Why Green Interiors Are Popular

As you might imagine, the colour green has a lot to do with nature and the natural world. Conjuring up thoughts of rolling hills and leafy trees.

The psychology of green means that it helps a room feel balanced and calming. The colour acts as the antithesis of modern day society with busy lives and constant technology.

green interiors in a wooden modern space

Green bridges this gap, and creates an oasis in your home space. To create a calm and peaceful space away from the stressors of work and the outside world. It creates this feeling as it evokes a deeper response, our psyche sees when we have green surroundings we have food, water and light and are therefore safe.

The green interiors trend works hand in hand with the use of Japandi and natural elements being brought into the home. Whether that’s wicker or pine and oak.

How To Incorporate Green In Your Home

Green Walls

For a truly green overhaul of your home space, consider bringing green as a colour for your walls.

Emerald, sage and forest green are the key hues that are trending for green interiors. Depending on your space, think about what shade you want to bring and and how you want to build the colour scheme out.

Sage Green

A sage green is a much softer shade and works particularly well in living room spaces that you don’t want to make too dark. As it is quite a natural shade of green, it works particularly well with other natural elements.

If you have a room with limited natural light, sage is a great shade to work with. Green is likely to look a little dark once all walls are painting, and this hue is a softer way to try the trend.

Forest Green

Forest green is another natural shade, but a much deeper and darker colour. This is a move to more opulent shades in current interior trends. Forest green looks great offset with gold accent accessories, to lift the colour. We love this Morris & Co shade in Wooded Dell.

morris and co paint on a wall in a living room

Green Wallpaper

If you want to bring a little more depth to a green interior, try a wallpaper with patterns and shapes to lift the calming colour.

a close up of the forest green wallpaper

A style like this Forest Wallpaper brings in multiple shades of green, while bringing a natural feel to your walls. Try this as a feature wall, offset with white shades to let this pattern really sing.

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Green Furniture

Green interiors can go beyond simply green walls, it can stretch to home accessories, from candlesticks to furniture.

You can bring a real statement to a room by using an armchair to bring some green shades into a space. 

To bring some instant life into a room, try a green rug to help centre a room and breathe some freshness into a space. By doing this, you can bring in a key trend without changing anything too permanent with a room.

louis de poortere green interior rug on a floor in a living room

We love this Louis De Poortere Gambia Shore rug to not only bring the green hues into your decor but to also bring a lovely layer of texture. In a woven jacquard cotton, this is a soft and luxury piece. Shop green rugs here.

If you aren’t sure you want to commit completely to green furniture, use green bedding for a quick and easy way to add some fresh colour to your space. This is an easy way to swap the colour in and out, to bring a touch of the trend.

Try this luxury Ted Baker colour block bedding set in a luxe forest green.

green interiors bedding in a bright bedroom

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Green Accents

If you’re not sure whether to take a full plunge into a green room, try incorporating green in the interior with accessories.

You can do this with accent pillows with green patterns, or a block colour cushion on a beige sofa or piece of furniture. Try a rich and opulent shade like this cushion by William Yeoward in Jade, with the velvet adding another level through the texture.

cut out image of green velvet cushion

As with the natural world, green is a colour that compliments itself very well. Meaning differing hues can sit alongside each other without clashing.

Try an emerald green for accent walls, alongside safe green throws and a mint green vase. It’s difficult to go wrong with greens, it merely creates a lush feeling in your home.

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If living in a flat or a shared house, it may be that you don’t have a garden or outside space to call yours. Short of finding an allotment, biophilic design has seen a huge surge in recent times. 

Biophilic design is the concept of bringing plants, flowers and living natural elements into your home. Houseplants have quickly become an integral part of interiors in the past five years, and it’s more than a passing trend.

green plants lined up on a cabinet

Green interiors can be built around the plants you have in your home. Working brilliantly against a minimal backdrop, houseplants reduce stress, improve air quality and create a sense of well-being. Find our guide to houseplants here.


Will you be bringing this balancing and calming hue into your home? Let us know in the comments if green interiors will be your next home decor refresh.