A kitchen can be an expensive space to overhaul, from new appliances to expensive cabinets. Instead, freshen up your kitchen interiors with smaller tweaks to breathe new life into the space.

Adding a carefully placed lick of paint or a smart switch up of some parts of your kitchen can be an inexpensive way to really make a difference.

Paint The Walls

A kitchen can easily become a little tired looking with splashes of food and grease marking walls.

As with most rooms, adding a fresh layer of paint is a great way to bring some life into the space. It’s an economical choice that will transform your kitchen in an instant.

Depending on the size and natural light your space has can decide what colour you should opt for. White may need refreshing more often, but if your kitchen has a lot of natural light it can help to open up the space.

A pale lounge space with white walls

Opt for a satin finish over a matt or eggshell finish for high-traffic areas as it’s better for hiding scuffs so will wear better. Try a shade like this Architects White by Zoffany for a shade that is a little soften but still brings the benefits of white.

Read our guide of how to paint a room for beginners, for tips and tricks to make sure your kitchen has the perfect finish – even on a budget.

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Have A Feature Wall

If you want to make a little bit more of a statement to freshen your kitchen interiors, opt for something like a statement wall.

This can be a good option for a kitchen, as you can choose to decorate the wall that has the least traffic around it. Choose a wall that doesn’t have any appliances against it or the sink facing it. This way you can improve the longevity of the wallpaper.

Living room with a fireplace and seasons wallpaper fit for kitchen interiors

Morris & Co have a wonderful range of wallpapers, using complex textile style prints that add a great interest. Especially for a feature wall. We love this mustard yellow Seasons wallpaper.

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Refresh The Worktops

When it comes to kitchen worktops, it can be a costly and time consuming aspect to change in your kitchen. It may mean your kitchen is out of use for a few days, which can be a huge inconvenience. Never mind the cost of eating out.

There are ways and means of redecorating your kitchen worktops without having to renovate your whole kitchen.

Freshen your kitchen interiors by using marble print contact sheets, for an affordable and easily DIY option.

If you have a wooden top, try a revarnish – either to freshen the finish or to choose a darker more opulent shade for the space.

Try A Hall Runner

If you have tiled floors or even wooden floors, it might be in winter months the floor can get quite cold. Or it might be, as it’s a high-traffic area, the floors can get scuffed with a lot of footfall.

Which is why there can be many benefits from adding a hallway runner to a space such as a kitchen. Especially for smaller and galley shaped spaces.

With hall runners, you can opt for bolder shapes, prints and colours as it acts as a feature to the space. It helps to add cohesion to a space, drawing out borders.

​​Pink flatweave runner on a wooden floor in a kitchen interior

We adore this flatweave hallway runner in a diamond shape style.The flatweave style is perfect for high-traffic areas because the woven style is hard wearing and due to its lack of pile it won’t collect dropped food or dirt.

Light Up The Space

Adding a feature light can be a great way to light up the space. Plus, add in a special touch that will help to freshen up your kitchen interiors.

As it’s a small touch to the space, it can be a way to really add a statement to the kitchen interior. Low hanging bulbs can be a great way to frame a kitchen island or bar, helping to highlight an existing feature.

Low hanging lights in kitchen interiors over a wooden table

Buy specific bulbs for a vintage feel or opt for something like these wooden feel for a scandi take on statement lights in your kitchen.

Change Up The Cabinets

Other than worktops and appliances, cabinets make up a huge part of your kitchen decor. Meaning, another easy work around to freshen up your kitchen interior without spending a huge amount of money is updating the front of your cabinets.

Rather than changing the whole cabinets, merely swap in new doors. Or for an even more cost effective way, paint the existing cabinet doors. A chalk finish is a trending way to do just this. For a rustic feel that is minimal but very effective.

A light pink painted wooden wall in an outdoor space

Try a lighter style, like a pastel shade. This Morris & Co shade in sweet briar will bring a pop of colour to your kitchen.


So will you be updating your kitchen this season with some easy tricks and DIY workarounds? For an easy and cost effective way to rethink your space. Let us know in the comments!