Much like fashion, interiors follow trends year by year. This year, wallpaper is making a distinct comeback, and with it is bringing exciting and new elements.

Interior trends are often more timeless, meaning they won’t look stale or old by next year. We’ve picked our very favourite upcoming wallpaper trends to elevate and update your home with.

Geometric Shapes

A particular style that never really goes out of fashion is geometric. Angular, minimal yet particularly striking – geometric shapes are a perfect way to set off your home. It’s also wonderfully versatile, looking great in a hallway, living room or even a bedroom. 

geometric black and white wallpaper

Choose to have a wallpaper that is set against a bold colour or opt for a simple monochromatic feel. We particularly love this Sumi wallpaper by Harlequin.

The black geometric shape set against the pearl gives a depth and slight sheen to the design.

Eccentric Elements

Unusual and unexpected designs have seen a resurgence in interiors in recent years. 

In a move from the minimal and neutral designs of previous years, there’s a distinct change in the horizon to a maximalist feel.

From mixing textures, to neon lights and bold eccentric motifs – like with this Acquario Wallpaper by Cole and Son.

A close up image of wallpaper with lifelike drawings of fish

With the large scale motifs with a realistic edge – this brings a unique twist to any room. Perfect for a feature wall, or simply an all out statement. 

Pair it with simple accessories and furniture to not overwhelm a room. Allowing the wallpaper to sing.

Animal Wallpaper

Animals and wildlife are being seen across wallpaper trends in recent years. Using the same logic as plants becoming a key trend, we’re seeing interiors bringing the outside in.

Animal motifs help to bring a natural edge to your decor, and bring interiors back to times away from the technical age we live in. 

This is often done in a whimsical way. A popular theme with animal designs is using quintessentially British wildlife, to bring a touch of a hunting lodge to your home.

​​A blue wallpaper covered in deer motifs for wallpaper trends

This Evesham Deer wallpaper by Sanderson does just that. With metallic gold touches and a midnight blue backdrop, this wallpaper has a majestic feel.

Archive Prints

Nostalgia is a trend across fashion, interiors and even music as of late. In an age that is surrounded by fast living, technology and trepidation – looking back is a trend.

Viewed as perhaps simpler and easier times, building your home interiors in this way helps to create a haven away from the outside world.

Part of this is the use of archive prints across wallpaper trends in current years. Using statement textile prints such as that of William Morris in Morris and Co is particularly popular. We love this Honeysuckle and Tulip Wallpaper.

Morris and co blue honeysuckle print wallpaper in living room

Using a print from the 19th century, this helps to bring a vintage and archaic feel to an interior. Making it feel both grandiose and building a theme to your decor.

Blue Wallpaper

No surprises here, with blue being the Dulux colour of the year. A wallpaper trend we’re seeing is blue hues across the board.

Blue is seen as a calming colour, which is versatile across a lot of interiors. Depending on the shade you opt for, it can work in a lot of styles. 

Navy blues work for an opulent setting, offset with gold accents or a light blue works in a clean, bright room with white elements. Use a teal or royal blue, like this Marigold wallpaper to bring a bold pop of colour to a space.

Wallpaper trends with the blue marigold wallpaper in a living room

This shade also works well with gold accents, or pair with minimal accessories to let the wallpaper be the star of the show.

Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Inspired by the Japandi and East Asian influences of current years, motifs that hark to ancient China and Asia are a wallpaper trend that we’re seeing more of.

This trend mixes that of the rising trend of animal motifs and archive prints to create a stronger and statement feel to your home.

A close up image of wallpaper with crane and fish motif

A style like this Crane and Frog wallpaper brings a natural feel to your home while also feeling distinctly art house and tasteful.

Bird Motifs

Birds are another motif which are constantly popular across interiors, but we’re seeing a rise in styles.

Being both eccentric and maximalist, the use of birds brings our interiors back to nature once again in an elegant way.

Woodland birds on wallpaper for wallpaper trends

A style like this Woodland Chorus wallpaper uses motifs of the countryside once again. Inspired by an 18th century drawing, we see again how the wallpaper trends mix and meander with one another. 

Use accessories made from natural elements such as rattan and wood to build on the rural feel this wallpaper brings.

Cottage Core

Cottage core is the term that has been on the lips of designers in the know for a year or so now. And the interest in it certainly isn’t waning in any way.

Once again harking back to ‘simpler’ times, cottage core is the updated version of shabby chic. Think tastefully worn items, vintage furniture and imperfect design.

Cottage core is even transforming to the Chateau-core we’re seeing in recent months. This is simply cottage core with a maximalist element to it.

Wallpaper in blue and gold to have a shabby chic worn effect

Such as this Eglomise wallpaper by Harlequin. It’s tastefully worn, and brings the feel of the grandiose to it. Marie Antoinette eat your heart out.


Wallpaper is an interior element that can bring a statement to your home. So will you be bringing wallpaper into your home this season? Let us know in the comments!