The summer is well and truly here, which brings the age old dilemma of how to host a summer bbq.

With a heatwave on the horizon, there’s nothing better than planning a bbq brimming with food, drinks and fun. Rain is optional, but in the UK we know a shower or two is more than likely.

We’ve got our top tips to see you throwing a flawless barbecue for your friends and family this season.

Serving Food

First and foremost, what you need at a successful barbecue is food. We’re looking for a medium chargrill, no blackened sausages or incinerated corn on the cob here!

With barbecue food, it’s best to opt for something that is easy to manage. You don’t want to be spending your whole evening cooking over the grill. 

a man girlling sausages and meat on the bbq

The humble sausage is an easy way to impress with minimal effort. A people pleaser, pair with buns for satisfaction all round. Make sure to cater for all and supply some vegetarian sausages for those non-meat lovers!

If you want to be fancier, try marinating chicken or prawns from the night before to really pack in the flavour. Prepping ahead also calls for pasta and potato salads. These dishes are low maintenance, and are filling to ensure no guest goes hungry.

navy pincic blanket on a white floor with white puddle duck motifs repeated on the style

Make it child friendly and use some traditional frankfurter sausages. Go a step further and bring a picnic blanket like this Waddling Duck piece, to create a space for kids to create a family friendly evening.

Don’t Forget The Drinks

The easiest way to be remembered as the party of the summer is to ensure drinks are free and flowing for the evening.

Cater for all tastes and needs, from children to designated drivers and beyond. Elderflower fizz is the perfect non-alcoholic cocktail to serve in champagne flutes for that touch of sophistication.

host a summer bbq with cocktails like these two red glasses of pimms sat on a table in the sun surrounded by fruit

Pimms or a rum cocktail is the perfect tipple to sip on a sunny evening, mixing with the aromas of the charcoal grill.

Add Some Decorations

Whether you’re hosting a summer bbq for a birthday party or simply for celebrating a heatwave, decorations are what can bring your BBQ to the next level.

When it comes to decorating in the garden, less is more – especially if you have a lush garden full of greenery and flowers. Bring in elements that complement this, rather than overshadow.

a cut out image of the mustard yellow and white halsey cushion

If you have outdoor furniture, add a simple cushion or throw for a spot of colour. Try a style like this Halsey Geometric Outdoor Cushion.

Perfect for indoor and outdoors, this cushion has a durable waterproof coating and is constructed from 100% recycled materials.

The geometric design brings shapes and lines into your garden to bring a contemporary feel to the space. While the mustard yellow compliments the green hues of your garden.

If you want any more inspiration, check out our post on how to style your garden for summer.

Rethink Your Garden

Beyond simply decorating, if you wanted to go the extra mile – consider the look of your garden to host a summer bbq.

Creating an outdoor space that is viewed more as an outdoor living space can create comfort and an atmosphere to add to any social occasion.

Use an outdoor rug to bring even more colour and comfort to your garden space. Offering some warmth under feet for when the sun sets, and a cosy space to gather and chat.

Halsey abstract rug in a conservatory lounge space

This Dara Abstract style is a style different to those often seen in gardens, and will elevate the space greatly.

In a worn, shabby chic style – this piece is on trend and will transform your garden instantly. The terracotta, earthy hue will sit nicely in any garden.

Plus, constructed using PET yarns that are made from recycled plastic bottles mean this style is durable and hard-wearing as well as being a sustainable choice.


So what are you waiting for? Now you know the top tips for how to host a summer bbq it’s time to get the invites out there. Head to the shops to buy the meat, beer and decorations in bulk and let us know in the comments how it goes!