Activities to keep you and your little ones busy this summer

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Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the British summer, get up off the sofa and get stuck in with these fun staycation at home activities. Now is the perfect time to create some memories and get innovative with things you already have in your home.

If you are looking for some summer fun with the family this staycation, keep reading!

Creative Cooking Ideas The Kids Can Get Involved In

1. Host your own Baking Competition

Have you run out of baking shows to watch on TV? Why not make entertainment for yourself? Break out those dusty mixers and make the family go head to head, the winner can skip washing up. Alternatively, if you are after something less messy, pick up some gingerbread men and go all-out with decorations, the more sprinkles the better.

cooking a baked desert - host your own baking competition

2. Make your favourite takeaway from scratch

We all love the occasional takeaway but there is something particularly appealing about this “fakeaway” trend. From cooking up a spicy Jalfrezi to kneading a doughy pizza – the possibilities are endless! Go all-out making your own sides; homemade garlic bread, samosas, spring rolls, spicy wedges – anything goes. By making your favourite takeaway at home you’ll be sure to pick up on some cooking techniques that you haven’t tried before.

3. Treat yourself to homemade cocktails (and mocktails for the little ones)

Looking to add a twist to your usual Friday night glass of wine? Why not unleash your creativity, mixing different flavours to create your perfect drink. Everyone can get involved with this one, the little ones will love to mix up their own concoctions (without the alcohol of course). Go wild with accessories if you’re looking for that cocktail bar feel – lemon twists are a timeless addition! 

Two glasses cheersing in the garden - make your own cocktails Staycation at home activites

4. Toast marshmallows in you Garden campsite

Why not take a step outside the kitchen and wind down in front of a toasty fire. Grab the blankets and skewers and toast up some marshmallows. It’s hard to go wrong with this childhood favourite, some of the best memories are made on warm summer nights like these.

Marshmellows over a fire Staycation at home activites

Fun at Home Arts and Crafts

5. Each paint a member of the family

One of the hardest things about painting is knowing what to paint next, so why not paint each other? There’s no judgement here, simply paint for the fun of it! But who knows, you may be looking at your next piece of wall art! Throw colour to a canvas, the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner Frida Kahlo.

6. Redecorate your home

If you’re bored of being stuck in the same space perhaps it’s time to add a lease of new life to your home. This doesn’t always have to mean blowing the budget, a can of paint and a crafty hand can go a long way into bringing a whole new feel to any room. Don’t be afraid to take a trip to your local car boot sale or have a root around on a Facebook Marketplace to pick out some unique and affordable pieces.

Before the redecorating begins be sure to check out these tips and tricks for painting a room.

Lady redecorating her home

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7. Make your own slime

Hop on the latest slime trend by making your own. This is the perfect time to unleash your creativity with different colours, glitter and fragrance oils. Making your own slime is much easier than you think, pick up some Borax and PVA glue and simply add in some water to bring it all together. This is a fun activity to mix science and imagination into your little one’s holidays, they’ll be busy for hours mixing and combining new colours and accessories.

Great Outdoor Activities

8. Go on  Family Bike Ride

Now is the perfect time to get active and catch a breath of fresh air. Get on that bike that’s been stuck in the shed for years and explore local parks and hidden country gems. Exercise is the perfect break from being sat in front of the sofa all day, you’ll be surprised at what beautiful views you’ll stumble across. Get the whole family involved with this one.

Bikes ready for a bike ride Staycation at home activites

9. Spend a night camping… in the garden

Beg, borrow or dig out an old tent and pitch it up in the garden. Coat the floor with cushions and blankets, adding instant comfort and warmth. Whip up some hot coco and cosy up in a tent telling ghost stories. Give your kids a night away from their bedrooms without leaving the home by letting them have fun creating a den and spending the night together under the stars. Don’t forget to pick up some batteries for the torch before you start!

10. Gaze up at the stars

Don’t fancy spending a whole night outside? Pick a night with a full moon and clear skies to lay under the stars and admire the constellations. This is the perfect opportunity to go on a late night walk, watch the sun set and wait for the stars to come out. Chill out and appreciate the view.


11. Create the Garden of your dreams

We’ve all had times where we’ve gotten too distracted with our day to day lives to even think about the garden. A single day weeding and sowing new seeds a great way to relax and feel productive on your time off. You’ll quickly remember how much you enjoy spending time in the garden. Reward yourself at the end of the day by sitting out on the patio with a cocktail and admiring your hard work, you can even add extra style with our selection of outdoor rugs here.

Check out our Outdoor Style Guide for more tips on creating the perfect outdoor space here.

A trowl in the garden

12. Explore your hometown

There’s so much more to your hometown than you’d expect. Wander down unexplored streets and forgotten paths to discover parts you’ve even never noticed before. It’s easy to be a tourist without straying too far from the nest. If you’re lost for places to go you can always take a picnic and a camera to your local national trust or park. Something about eating in a park makes jam sandwiches taste ten times better.

Boy walking along a wooded path Staycation at home activites

At Home Activities for the Whole Family

13. Host your own Olympics

Bring the Olympics to your own back garden with this fun activity. From an egg and spoon race to makeshift hurdles you can truly make some fun for everyone. You could even make your own medals for the winners and put together an opening and closing ceremony. Why watch it from the television when you can get your own front row seats!

14. Teach the Family pet a new trick

Even your dog is getting bored of sit, stay and lay at this point, why not teach them a new trick? We understand that this one will require an unbelievable amount of patience and a pile of treats, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Don’t be afraid to do some research before you start, this way you are sure to speed up the process and get the best results.

Dog with a stick in his mouth

15. Host a mini talent show

Break out the dance moves and magic tricks and put together a performance with your family. If fancy you could go all out and put together a judging panel to decide who goes through to the finals! Spend the day preparing songs and choreographing your routines ready for the show! Throw together some costumes and have an unforgettable evening with your kids.

16. A Night of Boardgames

Go head to head with a night full of board games, break out all of the family favourites, from Cluedo to Jenga, and maybe even monopoly if you’ve got lots (and lots) of time to spare. Now is a great time to spend some quality time together. Board games are ideal for both younger kids and older children, switch up what you play based on who’s involved. This is a great way to get everyone playing together, encouraging people to step away from the screens and become engrossed in something as a family.


At Home Spa Day 

17. At home manicure

Save yourself from an overpriced manicure and wind down by treating yourself to painting your own nail treatment. Lookup a couple tutorials on how to file, buff and polish your nails to unleash the best possible results. Don’t be afraid to go bright and bold, you can always pick out a different colour if you change your mind.

18. Treat yourself to a bubble bath

What better way to take some time to yourself and relax, having a steamy bath is the perfect way to unwind from a long day. Give it that spa feeling on a budget by breaking out the tea lights and bubble bath, you can even make your own salt scrub to exfoliate. These luxurious additions are sure to help you zone out. You could even treat yourself to a glass of wine while you soak up, after all, you deserve it!

Spa essentials on a bath rack Staycation at home activites

19. Kick Back for a Movie night

Sometimes all you need is a big bowl of popcorn and an evening curled up in front of the TV watching your favourite movies. Get the whole family involved in these staycation at home activities and each chooses out a film you want to watch. Pull the curtains shut, turn the lights down low and get plenty of snacks to create a unique cinema atmosphere from the comfort of your own home. Get extra cosy with our range of gorgeous throws letting you chill in style! Check them out here.

20. Wind down with a spot of yoga

Ten minutes of yoga before bed is the perfect way to end the day. Pop on some relaxing music and let your muscles take a break. Yoga is a great way to increase flexibility and strengthen and tone muscles in your body, there are no excuses to stop you from dimming the lights and taking a moment to yourself. There are now so many ways to pick up some yoga moves with YouTube and Instagram tutorials at your fingertips.

If you are looking to take up at home fitness be sure to check out our brand new range of fitness mats here.

Lady doing Yoga on The Rug Seller Maine Rug


Well, that is the rundown of our favourite fun staycation at home activities, let us know if you have had a go at any or any activities we have missed! We hope you are all enjoying your time at home, in these difficult times it can be easy to feel trapped and alone we hope these ideas have helped uplift the time you have spent at home.

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