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When deciding on the perfect kids rug for your child, most parents know that a bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. Reading, playing, wrestling and other activities take place all day long, so it’s important to have a nice spot for kids to spread out and be kids.

Whether you want the rug to add an element of learning, fun, or just plain cosiness, there are multiple options available that it can be difficult to know which option is the best, and will fit the needs of you and your little one.

Sports Rugs For Kids

No sports themed room is complete without a sports rug. Stage your own mini game of football on one of the rectangle sports pitch rugs. Each pitch rug is available in multiple sizes, so you can choose whatever will look best in your little footballer’s bedroom. If you prefer the round look, there are also round kids rugs that look like a football, and also come in a variety of sizes. Each rug can be purchased with a rubber backing, so you won’t have to worry about it sliding around, and has a good thickness without being overly plush.

Pros: • Football rug • Soft to touch • Vacuum Friendly • Very comfortable • Visually appealing

Price: £34.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Flower Rugs For Kids

These flower rugs would be an adorable addition to a little girl’s bedroom. These kids rugs are inspired by the natural world. Our attractive collection of floral rugs feature delicate floral patterns and prints that add distinction and depth to any floor. These soft rugs will add comfortable warmth to every kid’s room. Thanks to their solid construction, they are able to maintain their robust finish, even when used extensively.

Pros: • Adorable flower pattern • Very comfortable • Soft to touch • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £109.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Disney Rugs For Kids

Walt Disney characters have long been a staple in childhood so integrating a favourite into a room’s decor is simple. Disney kids rugs are an awesome choice for babies and young kids alike. With a choice between your favourite Disney characters, you can choose the perfect one to match your child’s bedroom decor. The fabric is flat, but still soft and cushioned enough that kids crawling and rolling around won’t get injured. If you have a spit-up prone baby, messy kid, or hairy pets, this mat is ideal for keeping things clean as it’s 100% washable and can be wiped down.

Pros: • Disney favourites • Machine washable • Flat pile • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £31.20 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Road Map Rugs For Kids

Get your kiddo’s imagination going with this road map kids rug. Road map rugs have an entire town printed on it including everything from a zoo to an airport, as well as plenty of streets for your kid to test the speed of their Hot Wheels. Whether you want this in a kids bedroom or a larger playroom, there are multiple sizes available. The colours of the rug are bright enough to keep a little one engaged, but not so cartoon looking that an older child also wouldn’t enjoy spending a long time playing on the rug.

Pros: • Multiple sizes • Great for imagination • Low pile • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £25.60 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Educational Rugs For Kids

If you like to work in a little bit of learning with your everyday playtime, these Educational rugs would be a great addition to your kid’s bedroom. A great way to bring physical play inside as well as add bright colours to a playroom decor is through learning and play. With these rugs, not only can you work on letter recognition, you can identify shapes and colours as well. Treated to encourage hours of fun through creative play. These rugs are easy to spot clean, but also machine washable. And, since they’re multicoloured, it will match almost any bedroom decor.

Pros: • Good for letter, colour and shape recognition • Great for imagination • Machine washable • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £32.99 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Stylish Rugs For Kids

These ultra stylish kids bedroom rugs would look adorable in a room that has a softer colour palette. Available in Primary and Calypso, these rugs have a chic polka-dot pattern that is whimsical enough to belong in a kids room without being overly cartoon-y. Made with 100% wool, the rug is made by the well-known designers Harlequin Fabrics. The colours are beautiful, and the 4′6″ by 3’0″ size is ideal for a kids bedroom.

Pros: • Eye-catching design • Suitable for Boys & Girls • 100% Wool pile • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £165.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Animal Rugs For Kids

Whale, panda, elephant, and dinosaur are just a few of the colourful animals available with kids animal rugs. The fun cartoon patterns are bright and adorable, and there is a different pattern for every age group. These animal rugs are a great tool to help children learn about animals in order to develop different areas of knowledge. The mats are soft and comfortable to sit and roll around on, but thin enough that they can be rolled up easily. And, no need to worry about messes, as the rugs are easy to clean.

Pros: • Cute Animal design • Suitable for Boys & Girls • Multiple animals • Vacuum Friendly

Price: £99.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Soft Rugs For Kids

Soft, plush rugs would look beautiful in a nursery or more neutral kids bedroom. Available in baby pink, snow white, baby blue, light brown, and grey. The colours are muted but the texture of the rug adds a pretty decor element to a bedroom or nursery. Kids love rolling around on the soft pile, and because it’s made from 100% wool yarn, it is perfect for little hands, feet and knees. There are multiple sizes available, and because the rugs are mainly one colour, they can easily match another bedroom decor as your kid gets older.

Pros: • Soft to touch • Plush feel • Suitable for Boys & Girls • 100% Wool yarn

Price: £119.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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Cheap Rugs For Kids

Our clearance/cheap kids rugs are perfect for those looking for narrower rugs to place in smaller bedroom spaces. With plenty of space for kids to play on it, but won’t overwhelm the room, these rugs are a great choice. You can choose between multiple colour options, and each rug has a soft material. Comfortable enough for hard floors, so it is perfect for any room of the house. Compared to most kids bedroom rugs, these rugs are pretty inexpensive so it’s a great value.

Pros: • Soft to touch • Inexpensive • Multiple colours available • Ideal shape for smaller bedrooms

Price: £21.00 and up, depending on the size, rug and colour.

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With so many different designs, materials, and option out there, it can be a huge challenge to find the right option for your child, or to give a present that will be well received and well loved.

So, we hope that you take note on how to choose the best kids rugs for your children’s bedrooms.

For more rug information, tips and advice, don’t be shy to leave a comment below!