Whether it’s a bedroom, a living room or even a kitchen – a touch of luxury through accessories can never go amiss.

If you have a room that you think could do with a facelift, we’re here to show you how. There are a few tweaks and touches you can add to turn any room from everyday to extraordinary.

From premium quality to out of the ordinary prints, we’ve got the luxury accessories that’ll have any guest asking ‘where did you get that?’.


Art Prints

Adding a twist of artistic design to your home is an easy way to add a touch of luxury and a point of difference.

William Morris is a 19th century artist who was heavily involved with textiles, and the Pre Raphaelite brotherhood. Because of this, his designs are tinged with the Romantic, full of antiquated florals and muted tones. The interior designs of Morris & Co make the most of these decadent designs, to transform homes.

strawberry theif morris & co luxury accessories

Incorporating accessories such as the Strawberry Thief bedding set into your interior creates a touch of opulence.

If you’re looking to add the same flourish of design in areas such as the living room or kitchen, cushions are a great way to add a sprinkle of artistic influence.

Le Curieux Cushion cushion in argile with historical people and harlequin patterns on white background luxury accessory

Christian Lacroix’s cushions such as the Le Curieux Argile style has the form of a vintage and Victorian historical art piece. Reminiscent of pieces such as The Girl With The Pearl Earring. The cushion has an eccentric and surreal take on the traditional style, with floral masks and a harlequin print.


Special Designer Pieces

Bringing iconic designer pieces into your home shouldn’t be limited to furniture or clothing. Many fashion designers turn their hand at interior styling, and for good reason.

Orla Kiely is a successful fashion designer, known for her use of colour and print. This characteristic carries over very well into interiors, and her decor pieces are one of our favourites. 

With such an instantly recognisable style, incorporating an Orla Kiely piece into your home adds an instant and luxury feel. The bright, art-deco style of her iconic multicolour stem cushions, or the punchy shades of the modernist kimono floral bedding are pieces to add instant credentials and style to a room.

orla keily brightly coloured bedding luxury accessories

Contrasting Colours

Another way to add a touch of luxury into your decor is to incorporate interior trends, such as Japandi or Mid Century Modern styling. Adding in slight tweaks to stay on top of the fashion is a way to add a premium point of difference to your home.

Don’t want to switch your home accessories seasonally with the trends? Being bold with your colour scheme can be enough to pull this method off.

Use the colour wheel, and pair opposing colours of the wheel with each other. For example you would pair purple with yellow or blue with an orange, for a high contrast style. Typically one would be the dominant colour, the other the accent colour. 

bright orange velvet paddy cushion in cut out background as luxury accessory

For this interior style, it is better to embrace a lot of neutral within the room with splashes of colour. Which is where accessories, like this Paddy cushion in blood orange, comes in. Style this on a teal velvet sofa, or a neutral sofa with a similar shade of blue in a feature wall behind. Available in over fifteen shades, for your perfect luxe accent accessory.

blue indian blossom bedding in white bedroom with natural light and windows 

In a bedroom, you can create these accent shades by bringing in bedding, a blue bedding like this Indian blossom set by Designer’s guild. Bring the opposing orange in with the Paddy cushion, or have a vase with bright orange or yellow chrysanthemums. 


Statement Bedding

When it comes to the bedroom, it can often be a space that is a secondary thought to the living room or kitchens of a home. 

Admittedly, it is a room in the house that is seen the least by outside guests. However, the average person sleeps around 26 years in a lifetime – it’s a room worth attention!

In a bedroom, a bed is quite often the middle and focal point of the room. Therefore, it makes sense to make the most of this piece of furniture as an interior form of art. What’s even better is that it’s easy to switch and change the feel of a room regularly. Merely changing the sheets can give an instant lift to the room.

ted baker phapsody pink bedding in a light pink Mediterranean bedroom

Ted Baker is a designer well known for their bold prints and decadent colours. This Rhapsody Botanical bedding is no different. The oriental flowers with ginkgo leaves and bright orange birds of paradise is a warming and rich addition to your bedroom.

blue dancing swallows bedding close up on a bed with a bedisde table with a mug sat on it

If you’d prefer a darker and moodier take on bedding, the Dancing Swallows set by Sara Miller features a similar theme of birds and tropical flowers in a more modernist style. The luxury in this style comes from the richness of the shades and hues of the set. Perfect for contrasting or adding a touch of elegance.


Premium Feel

There are multiple ways to add luxury to your home through the visual and interior style. However, a sense of decadence that can’t be forgotten about it the touch and feel of a product.

Opting for accessories that are both luxe in style and quality will add an extra lift to your decor. 

eden bedding in grey with pink floral pattern on a bed in a modern styled bedroom

This Eden floral bedding and pillowcase is made from 100% cotton with a 200 thread count and a sateen finish. The luxe print and a decadent finish will give an elegant feel to any bedroom. The sateen texture offering the epitome of luxury accessories.

orla keily cushion in pink and yellow velvet style with a cut out background

Branching out further for premium textures, you can opt for a velvet style. Orla Keily’s Apple Blossom Velvet Cushion offers a striking, modernist design with a deep teal velvet finish. Pairing this in your home with complimentary items will give a noticeable lift to a room’s decor, with a premium feel.



One or two small changes can offer a richness of texture, design and colour for an addition of luxury in your home.

Want some more inspiration? Shop our range of luxury home accessories to breathe some freshness and opulence into your decor.