With roaring fires and a distinctive cosiness, Autumn is the best season to help and transform an interior space. So what better space to rethink than the bedroom? A quick addition of some Autumnal bedding is an easy and suitable change to improve those late morning lie-ins when it’s just that bit too cold to get out of bed. Here are our top styles to bring some of our favourite season indoors. Just five more minutes…

English Heritage

English heritage is a typical interior style that always springs back to popularity as the seasons change. Full of dark shades, mahogany and tweed. This is the interior style that shouts Autumnal decadence.

So how can you bring this style into your bedroom? This autumnal bedding set is a design by William Morris, the 19th century textiles designer that is the cornerstone of this style.

This Morris & Co seaweed print bedding has a dark and moody colour palette, perfect for the shift to colder weather.

​​autumnal bedding by william morris seaweed print on a bed in a bedroom

Snuggle up under this set, which helps to conjure up images of the grey and temperamental British winter sea. The bright pops of red help to contrast, and bring a hint of the Autumnal colour palette.

Dark Autumn Opulence

When it comes to Autumnal colour palettes, there’s a difference between a true Autumn palette, or a dark Autumn palette.

True Autumn colours are the bright reds, oranges and yellows the leaves are transforming to. On the other side, dark Autumn is rich, evocative shades of aubergine and emerald greens.

Dark Autumn palettes sit closer to winter, so are a better choice of interior if you want longevity in style to carry you through the following season, into the Spring.

This fantastical flying birds bedding is a typical example of a dark Autumn component.

autumnal bedding in dark purple and navy room with bird print bedding

The tonal shades of purple offer a moody decadence that can help to transform your room to welcome in the new season.

Pair with dark, rich navy blues or jade greens to work well with this palette. Gold accents work to add an extra level of opulence to contrast against the dark hues, while bringing that added touch of luxury.

Tonal Florals

When it comes to rethinking your seasonal interiors, it doesn’t have to be focussed around the dark and moody for Autumn.

Autumn is a season which transforms the natural world into a kaleidoscope of colours. With so many bright shades, it’s easy to incorporate some of these into your inside space.

Orla Kiely is an Irish born designer who takes inspiration from the 70s in both shape and colour. The 70s was an era that was full of a myriad of earthy tones, from saffron yellow to khaki green. This natural and earthy palette is the perfect starting point for bringing Autumnal shades into your home.

We particularly love this Kimono print bedding set. The differing hues of earthy yellows creates an autumnal canvas of the changing natural world. 

orla kiely autumnal floral bedding in a light and modern bedroom

Incorporate more earthy yellows, browns and greens in complementing accessories to further this feel.

Contrasting these yellows with the feminine pinks and white base lifts this set, giving an autumnal bedding that isn’t overwhelming.

Traditional Countryside Chic

With Autumnal bedding styles, the countryside is the star of the show.

So what if you pair moody colour palettes with iconic British countryside favourites? You get an iconic bedding set, in this Mr Fox bedding set by Scion

a fox print bed set by scion set on a dark blue background in a modern bedroom

The orange of the fox instantly brings Autumn shades into your interior, alongside the countryside motifs of the fox. The teal blue base contrasts beautifully with the orange, and brings a darker hues of the season into the space.

Pair with the matching rug, throw and cushion to go all out to transform your bedroom for the new season.

In 100% brushed cotton, this autumnal bedding set is ultimate comfort and warmth for when you need it.

Decadent Geometric

Autumn signals the end of Summer. Which means the move from long, bright nights in the sunshine to cosy, dark evenings by a roaring fire.

With this shift, the interior should shift from bright and floral to dark and moody. Which is where this Phoebe geometric bedding enters, in a midnight blue.

dark blue bedding and embroidered geometric shapes on a bedding set in a modern bedroom

The dark blue helps to represent the darker nights, with the embroidered geometric shapes conjuring up images of cold, crisp and star filled night skies. Plus, these geometric shapes bring a touch of modernism into a bedroom interior.

The darker shades of the moody outside, brought into the cosy and warming space of a bedroom helps to elevate the feeling of hygge in the winter seasons. 

Autumnal Brights

As mentioned above, Autumn shifts between a dark and true colour palette within interiors. For those wanting to opt for a more classic and warming Autumn colour palette, this one’s for you.

True Autumn is a range of colours that refers to reds, oranges and yellows. Think of all the typical shades that come to mind when you picture the changing of the leaves.

To dive straight into this interior style, opt for this iconic Autumnal bedding. The Zambezi spotted elephant bedding.

zambezi red print bedding in a modern bedroom set up

The bold and warming reds are a vibrant switch up that will bring your bedroom straight into the new season.

If you want something that’s a bit more classic and easier to incorporate into your existing interior, this Seasons Autumnal bedding set is the one for you.

Another heritage style print by William Morris from Morris & Co. With a mustardy saffron yellow, it’s another iconic Autumn shade. The traditional, tapestry style print even includes another typical Autumn motif – the pheasant.


If you want to transform the rest of your home to make it cosy for this season, check out out tips here. Will you be bringing Autumn into your home this season? Let us know in the comments!