From season to season, Autumn interior trends have one thing in common – to be warming and cosy.

While this interior rule never changes for, there are trends and fashions that find their way into Autumnal design spaces. 

We’ve got a list of some of the top Autumn interior trends that we are loving this year…

Dark Green Interiors

While the trees are turning from green to red, it may feel counterintuitive to move to green interiors for an Autumnal feel. However, the green in question is a dark, rich evergreen shade.

This shade of green is an opulent and velvet hue, one that complements the move to colder and wintery weather. This is a dark Autumn shade that works well with aubergines and navy to create a moody interior.

a dark green autumnal interior trends living room

Try out a feature wall in a dark olive shade for this trend. It pairs well with gold or neutral accessories to contrast and balance out the striking nature of the dark green.

To try the trend out even further, you can incorporate green furnishings. A velvet green sofa is a classic yet modern touch on this trend. Even pair this with a matching rug, like the interior below.

a neutral room with a dark green wool rug and suede green chair

This Ascot modern bordered wool rug in green is a great way to try this style. The border helps to add texture and interest to the room.

Warm Neutrals

If dark green is a bit too intense for your taste, then warm neutrals might be an autumn interior trend more to your liking.

a cosy neutral room with jute rug, pale pink chairs and brown leather

This is a slight twist on neutrals, incorporating more pale oranges and terracottas to warm up the space. This is perfect for the Autumnal season, as it brings a hint of true Autumn shades like orange into your interior space.

Warm wood such as cherry or mahogany are great accessories to bring into a warm neutral space. The orange and warm undertones brighten the room, while staying with natural elements keeps it truly neutral.

Reading Corners

Not so much an interior style, this is an interior element which is trending on Pinterest for 2021 – and for good reason. Autumn is all about cosy, warm spaces to find yourself tucked into on a cold October evening. A reading corner is the epitome of this notion. 

an autumnal interior trends image of cosy and dark reading corner on a windowsill with candle and red cushion

An easy middle ground if you want to bring an autumn interior trend into your home, but aren’t committed to a full redesign.

A reading corner or nook should be placed in a serene and quiet place of your home. A space where you can truly get lost in your favourite novel.

It might be an unused windowsill, a spare room or just a quiet corner where an armchair would fit perfectly. All you need is comfortable seating and a cosy blanket. 

A reading corner is the hygge that we need to bring into our interiors for Autumn. A space where we can sit and stay in for the remainder of that rainy Saturday when you’d rather not have to leave the house.

Boucle & Texture

For this year, boucle is seeing a re-emergence in interior styles. The name boucle comes from the French word for ‘loop’ ‘curled’ or ‘ringed’. This is because Boucle is a yarn that is looped, which in turn creates a unique textured design.

The looped and textured nature of this fabric creates an instant feel of comfort, giving a softness to interior spaces which incorporate it. It is also a hard wearing fabric, which makes it the perfect style for sofas or chairs.

The trending sofa styles of the moment are full of rounded shapes and curved lines. This is the perfect base to work with boucle, as the fabric shows up well with these rounded designs. On top of this, it helps to complement the soft nature of the interior.

Boucle works particularly well with this shape in the ever popular mid century modern interiors

Dark Wood

Autumn interior trends often include dark wood, and this year it’s no different. A classic style, it’s a hunting-lodge look that is made to feel very heritage.

a dark wood table with eucalyptus leaves and books on top

Dark woods and rich reds and patterns are the cornerstone of this style. It is the polar opposite of neutrals and scandi minimalism. 

This interior style is very rustic, so don’t be worried about clashing with this take. Dark reds complement the dark wood perfectly, so is the preferred accent shade. Brash red florals bring a traditional feel, and continue the heritage theme.

If florals aren’t quite your thing, tartans are the perfect partner to this style.

Jute & Rattan

Autumn is the time that nature turns from green to reds and browns. It’s this turn of nature that means natural fabrics and dried elements are a perfect Autumnal addition. Think dry and crunchy leaves.

a rattan chair in a bright room

Jute and rattan are big this year, as they link well into the popular Japandi style of the moment. They are popular for this season for a similar reason. It’s a move to nature and natural elements, in a muted shade.

Woven styles like this jute braid stitched rug gives a rustic and laid back feel for an interior.

jute rug in a warm, neutral room for autumn interior trends

Checkered Patterns

Tartan is an Autumnal stalwart, but this year we’re seeing it change to a modern checkered style. 

Black and white is the typical way to work this style, which is a perfect statement base that isn’t overpowering. Using black and white checkered style you can easily work in other Autumn colours. 

Red complements this style particularly well, and is a fitting nod to the tartan this trend takes from.

A plaid or checkered style can be used as a statement wallpapered wall. However, it’s best to use neutral shades so not to overpower a room. 

a set of dark wooden spiral stairways taken from above with a checkered floor below


Autumn is a season of change, so will you be bringing any of these interior trends into your home? Let us know in the comments!