With all your time taken with present shopping and the bulk-buying quality street tins, it may be that your Christmas interiors are looking a little lack-lustre. 

Or it might be that you just want to add an extra little finishing touch to your home now the big day is getting closer. Whichever it is, we’ve got our top last minute Christmas accessories that are easy and quick to add to your interior for some added festive magic.

Robin Doormat

A quick way to ramp up festive cheer for your home, is right at the doorstep. As the first point people come to and see when visiting your home, it’s important to start the festivities there.

This means that the decoration shouldn’t merely be left to the inside of your home, but at the doorstep too!

Decorating the outside of your house can seem like quite a fuss, and if you’ve left it a little last minute then the thought of stringing out lights can be a little overwhelming. Our suggestion is to get a Christmas themed doormat, like this Red Robin doormat.

an open door in a house with the red robin doormat on the floor as a last minute christmas accessories

Adding a doormat is an instant and easy way to bring Christmas cheer to your home, for yourself and those passing by. You can easily add it to your home decor, then roll it up in January until next year – for minimal effort with maximum impact!

Made from absorbent cotton tufts with an adorably seasonal robin design, this doormat has everything you could need.

Geometric Holly Doormat

If the robin style doormat is a little too loud for you, then fear not. At The Rug Seller, we have many options for doormats – and festive ones too.

If you wanted to opt for something a little less whimsical, we adore the Christmas Holly doormat.

the geometric holly doormat is set in front of a fireplace on concrete flags in a house

Made in a stylishly geometric look, this is charmingly festive while not being too over the top. Made from recycled rubber, this doormat is both consciously made and machine washable. 

Festive Scene Bedding

Living spaces are often the area that dominate the Christmas decorating, with the tree, lights and cards. However, the bedroom is a cosy and festive space that deserves some love and attention too.

If you want to add that extra little something, but aren’t quite committed to doing another tree, then we have the solution. Christmas bedding is a way to bring extra cheer throughout your home, and is another easy addition that takes minutes to implement.

When it comes to last minute Christmas accessories, you can’t find any better than this Cath Kidston Christmas Tree bedding.

a close up of the cath kidston bedding on a bed with red stripes under the duvet and christmas figures on the bedding

It features a charming wintery scene, full of Christmas trees, snow and festive figures. As well as having a charming design, it’s also made with a 200 thread count made from 100% cotton for that extra soft feeling. 

Perfect for sinking into after a day of festive hosting or of Christmas celebrations!

Red Shaggy Rug

If you’ve left the Christmas decorations a little late, then it may be that you want to go a little bigger this year by adding some seasonal cheer. To make the most of the time you have left!

There’s no colour that says Christmas more than the colour red. Incorporating this into your decor instantly gives you home a feel of the festive.

If a tree is less your style, avoid the dropping needles and opt for a red rug instead. We adore the Payton shaggy rug in red.

a red shaggy rug on the floor in a house in front of a beige sofa

With Christmas coinciding with the colder months of winter, a shaggy rug is an easy way to add instant comfort and warmth to your home. Especially if you don’t have carpeted floors.

The Payton rug is one of our bestsellers, with a plush pile weight of 2700g. Making it one of our perfect last minute Christmas accessories when in the cherry red shade.

Pair with other simple, red accessories – or leave the rug to be the star of the show. Bringing this style into your home interior come December will bring instant festive feelings. If it’s too late for a tree? This will be your best bet.

What’s more, you can even leave it past the festive period as it’s not overly Christmassy. This way it can help to keep your home warm in the colder winter months.

Christmas Dogs Cushion

If a rug is a little too much effort for your last minute Christmas accessories needs, then something smaller and simpler will do.

If you want a smaller piece that you and every guest will simply fall in love with, then look no further. The Sophie Allport Christmas Dogs cushion is a stylish and charming festive design.

last minute christmas accessories with the green velvet sophie allport cushion with christmas dogs on a bed with the matching bedding

Perfect for simply adding to your sofa for a subtle and adorable way to bring a bit of festive feeling to your living room decor. Set on a soft-to-the-touch forest green cotton velvet, find a dachshund and cocker spaniel wearing adorable festive accessories. 

This piece adds wonderful character and texture to your festive home decor. Plus it’s effortless to incorporate into your home interior. The only problem will be putting it away come January time until next Christmas!

If you want to go a step further, pair with the matching bedding set with a variety of Christmas dogs to add to the festive cheer.

Gold Sequin Cushion

If you wanted a style that feels a little less Christmas but a bit more broadly festive, we have the option for you.

Opting for something that helps to bring texture and colour into your home is an easy and instant way to bring a Christmas feel without having to put too much effort in. 

When it comes to festive decorating, there’s no escaping either gold or sequins. So why not pair them together and build a style like this Sequin Encrusted cushion into your home.

gold sequin cushion placed on a bed in a home

Available in gold or rose gold, this style is one that is simple yet beautifully effective. Contrast this with deeper shades such as navy blue or dark greens, or work it into a minimal and neutral decor to act as a statement accessory.


We hope we’ve inspired you with our top last minute Christmas accessories. Show us in the comments how you’ll be bringing the festive season indoors this year!

If you want even more inspiration, check out our guide on interior trends for Christmas to see how you can modernise your festive interiors with a touch of the trend-led.