One of the biggest takeaways from the new year is to see that the interior world is continuing to reject sharp edges. Embrace the curved lines trend instead.

This can be carried across from furniture being more rounded in circle beds and bubble sofas. Seeing waves and lines enter as a key print style from wallpapers to rugs. 

This trend is connected to the move to the natural world. Curved lines soften a space, and allow our homes to be a calming sanctuary. Curves and soft lines emulate natural movement like with climbing trees and winding rivers.

So here’s our quick recommendations and top picks to introduce this style into your interior. Bringing a soft edge and curve line into your home can see your interior instantly updated with a few simple additions or tweaks.

Rounded Mirrors

When trying out a new trend, a mirror can be a great way to bring this into your space. As long as it helps to embrace the curved lines trend, it also brings in a practical piece to your home.

This is another key trend for 2023, to only bring in items that serve a purpose. That’s not to say practical items can’t also hold artistic integrity. This is all linked in the simplifying of home spaces, decluttering and softening to create a calm and serene oasis.

Gustaf Westman is a Swedish designer who is making waves in the interior world. He is spearheading the rounded trend, with his bubble plates and cloud mirrors. For a touch of his influence, try something like this Round Mirror by William Yeoward.

In a more classic palette than that of Westman’s designs, we adore this unique piece. A contemporary curved edge design makes this beautiful mirror a statement piece that will stand the test of time as a timeless and versatile piece.

Soft Furnishings

The curved lines trend isn’t just something that can be seen across smaller home accessories. The rounded and squishy sofas have a decidedly retro feel, to that of the 70s interiors. 

The iconic egg chair of the 1970s is modernised to see sofas with curved lines and soft edges for ultimate comfort.

It goes beyond simple sofas, footstools and cushions are also included in this trend. Have a try of the trend with this Moselle Pouffe Footstool.

Another trend can be seen with this footstool in a cylinder shape with an earthy boho design. While we move away from harsher edges, we bring interest into the home through texture. Boucle, tweed and linen are trending fabrics that are all over Pinterest for this year.

Bubble Lighting

Softer lines don’t have to simply come from soft furnishings. Rethink common household accessories such as lighting.

This can come in the form of light shades to lamps themselves. Floor lamps with an exaggerated arch are extremely popular and bring a statement to a room more than the standard up and down silhouettes.

For something a little smaller but still has just as much impact, try this Crystal Glass Lamp in midnight blue.

Reminiscent of shiny pebbles with a glorious opaque finish the Aragoa Lamp showcases a contemporary design in a modern midnight blue palette. 

Crafted here in the UK by skilled artisans, this beautiful crystal lamp is made from three mouth-blown globes to create the distinctive silhouette, made by hand ensuring that no two designs are the same. A truly unique one of a kind piece of art for your interior.

Wallpaper With Movement

A key trend is to see waves and lines all over our interiors, specifically ranging across walls in unconventional paint styles and unique wallpapers.

However, this doesn’t have to just take the minimal form that is popular. We love an ornate print, but that’s not to say it’s one or the other. Choose a wallpaper style with print that has soft lines and movement like this Fanfare Flock Wallpaper.

Fanfare Flock wallpaper by Cole & Son is a romantic and decadent contemporary flock paper taken from a 19th century archive design. Its feather-like leaves are enhanced by the coordinating flock overlay.

This wallpaper feeds into another similar trend, one of embracing the neo-classical. This works in tandem with the current move to a more natural and simplified interior. See neutrals move to ornate prints to add some design while we simplify our furnishings.

Circular Rugs 

Our list wouldn’t be complete without telling you how to incorporate a rug into the curved lines trend. 

Simply, rugs are moving to circular and rounded designs. The typical square rugs having too many protruding corners and edges to sit within this style.

That’s not to say your square or rectangular rugs can’t sit alongside other features with soft edges. However, if you want to jump fully into this style, a round rug is the way to go.

Try something like this Folia Round Rug. Perfect for softening a room and to add a feature that helps to bring a key feature into your interior.

​​Folia Round Rugs 38301 by Wedgwood

This Folia Circular Rug in stone by Wedgwood creates a relaxed atmosphere in every home and makes the room appear bigger than it is. Especially with its natural bright colours, it gives every room a light and fresh breeze.

Curved Bedding Prints

As with most trend lists, an easy way to update your bedroom space is to simply purchase a new bedding set.

The curved lines trend is no different. You can quickly breathe a breath of fresh air into your decor by adding a statement bed set to your room. 

Our top pick is this Wild Rose Bedding by Orla Keily in a denim blue for a touch of luxury, artistic flair. 

With a retro feel and art pop classic Keily feel, this will help to transform your bedroom. The curved motif in contrasting white and blue will bring a modern and distinct feeling to the space.


So will you be bringing the curved lines trend into your home this season? If so, let us know in the comments.

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