Why we should embrace florals all year round….

Fiona Douglas, creator and painter of the inspirational Bluebellgray tells us why colour and bold patterns are here to stay. Her exquisite, hand-painted watercolour designs are symbolic of her approach which is inspired by the beauty of pure nature. It’s difficult to believe that her initial passion and enjoyment for painting came from the popular childhood illustrator, Quentin Blake. From cauldron to a watercolour palette, we eagerly anticipate her new designs for the textile world from this amazing Scottish designer!


  1. What are your 2016 interior design predictions?

Colour! The days of beige and brown dominating home decor are over, home interiors will come more in line with fashion and really embrace colour and pattern, large-scale patterns will be key.

  1. Which collection are you most proud of?

The Abstract design. It was so different to anything else I’d ever designed and I still can’t believe the amazing response it receives from our customers! I guess it was a bit of risk as a designer to put something like that out there at the time. The fact that the design translates onto the rug so beautifully in such a large scale is a dream come true!

  1. What’s the best way for someone to add the ‘Bluebellgray look’ into their home?

By embracing colour and prints! I love mixing both of these in my home. I have an eclectic mix of textiles and colourful knick-knacks from my travels dotted around my living room which creates a lovely homely atmosphere!

  1. Which artists/designers have inspired Bluebellgray most?

I really love the photographer Tim Walker for his sheer beautiful creativity and vision and I love the illustrator Quentin Blake, his watercolour drawing style really appeals to me and he is my all time favourite artist – that big blue watercolour cauldron in George’s Marvellous Medicine really sparked something in me! I grew up loving all the Roald Dahl books and it was Quentin Blake’s illustrations that inspired me as a young girl to paint- they played a big part in influencing my creativity from a young age. I still love them now and dream of owning an original one day.

  1. I apologise for the cliché, but how would you describe herself in three words?

Mama, designer, happy!

Since Bluebellgray’s launch in 2009, striking floral designs have become Fiona’s signature. Whether it be hyacinths, peonies or, of course, bluebells, her painterly designs have helped to create beautiful and happy homes. As William Morris, once famously stated, “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” is certainly a sentiment close to Fiona’s heart and why not? Any product from the Bluebellgray range is guaranteed to add happiness to a home. After all, spring is such a lovely yet short season…why not embrace florals all year round?

Thank you Fiona, for taking the time to answer our questions! We are proud to feature Bluebellgray on our main site, click here to get the look.

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