Get your home ready for Valentine’s 2021

Happy Valentines day - Valentine's Day At Home title card

Home is where the heart is…especially this year! Enjoy this Valentine’s Day at home creating a romantic escape from the craziness of the past year. Take a step back to appreciate the wonderful love you and your partner share.

If you are looking to make Valentine’s day extra special this year, keep reading for our top tips to get your home romance ready!

At Home Spa

lady stepping into a rose petal bath Valetine's Day At Home

As dreamy as a Spa break sounds, we guarantee you are going to love your at-home spa just as much!

Whether you are running a soothing bath filled with bubbles to surprise your significant other or planning on hopping in too, add an extra special touch. For instance, fresh rose petals and crack open a bottle of your finest fizz for a real relaxing Spa Day.

A 5-Star Hotel Experience At Home

Peacock Blue Hotel Bedding at The Rug Seller

We may not be able to jet off on a romantic getaway this year, but who’s to say you can’t enjoy that 5-star experience from home!

Transform your bedroom into a luxury hotel with fresh high-quality bed linens. Inspired by some of the world’s most affluent hotels, our Peacock Blue hotel bedding is perfect for a night of luxury in the comfort of your own home.

Valentine’s Day Cushions

If you’re looking to add a subtle touch of romance that will last all year, the Extravagance Cushions are your perfect match!

When we think of Valentine’s Day pinks and reds are immediately what comes to mind. For example, we think of red roses and pink hearts. The fluffy texture of these cushions creates a cosy vibe that will make you want to snuggle up with your loved one.

Sensual Valentines Date At Home

Sheepskin Fur Rug in fancy room Valetine's Day At Home

Picture this…you and that special someone, a night alone in a log cabin, in the picturesque Alpes.

Just because Valentine’s vacations are postponed, it doesn’t mean the romance is dead this year. Crank up the fire, pop open the bubbly and enjoy a night of passion. In addition to this add some fur for an extra sensual feel that is soft to touch and super cosy!

Valentine’s Day Rug

Creating a cosy space where love can blossom outside of Valentines Day is super important for any relationship. Keep the love flowing all year with soft fluffy textures and beautiful florals with our lovely selection of pink and red rugs.

An amazing addition to your home decor as well as a thoughtful present, you significant other is sure to love!

Valentines Day At Home Dinner Date

Valetines Day At Home Candel Lit Dinner Date

Get your gourmet on and cook up a treat for your partner.

Bust out your best cooking skills this Valentine’s Day with a tasty meal for two…or failing that I’m sure a Chinese takeaway will go down a treat! Add some romantic candlelight for the ultimate 5-star feel.

Love From the Bedroom to The Living Room

Valetines Day At Home Heart Light Decorations

Spread the love from the bedroom to the living room with sweet Valentine’s decor.

Heart-shaped lights are a wonderful way to embrace Valentine’s in your home. This will not only add to your decor but most importantly add to the loving ambience.


We hope we have helped inspire you to fill your home with love this Valentine’s Day! How will you be spending your Valentine’s day at home, let us know below…

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